Sunday, 2 June 2019

A Teeny Weeny Mouse!

Hello! I seem to be getting better better at this blogging malarkey as long as I have finishes of course! I may not be visiting and commenting but at least I'm recording my stitching which is why I started a blog in the first place all those years ago. 

So what I have I been up to? A few weeks ago my DH, Abi and I went to York so I said if it's not too far out can we please go the Viking Loom so that I can get some Peacemaker needles. They are my favourite needles and I was down to my last two. While we were there we had a quick look at the cross stitch charts and Abi saw Just Nan Frosty Chillingsworth Mouse and asked if I'd stitch it for her. So I bought the chart and this week I got all the stitching and beading done. Yesterday I got it made up. He's not perfect as it was fiddly to put together but Abi is very happy with him! She's even taken him to work today to show one of her colleagues.

Just Nan Frosty Chillingsworth Mouse

Unknown fabric


Started 29th May 2019

Finished 30th May 2019

Last Sunday would have been dear Gaynor of Stitchers Anon's birthday so I decided to start something of hers. It stitched up very quickly and I plan on starting another of the primitive hearts soon.

Stitchers Anon Designs Season of Love Primitive Heart

Unknown fabric

DMC threads

Started 26th May 2019

Finished 27th May 2019

As you may know there are a few of us doing a JCS ornament SAL. My plan is to stitch one design out of each of the mags I have so that's over a year! I'm starting my one for June tonight and this one was May's.

Brightneedle To Thee Peace

28 count evenweave


Started 5th May 2019

Finished 19th May 2019.

Finally I said in my last post that I wanted to show my WIP on a Saviour's Praise each time so here it is. I'm still taking it steady and I've changed a couple of colours up to now. 

I've had some new stash. Yep I've done it again. Gone for a few months and been very good then splurged a little! I did have pennies from stash sales to pay for it so I don't feel too guilty. Another good thing is I'm getting plenty stitched from my stash too :) So what have you been buying I hear you ask! Well I pre ordered the collaboration between Summer Stitch Workes, Hand on Designs and Ink Circles and I had asked my ONS if they could get me The Scarlett House In The Berry Beginning and they arrived the other week. Then I had asked my ONS to save me The Scarlett House A Perfect World when they got it back in stock and, of course, I had to have the 2019 PS Santa as it has a sheep! They arrived this last week. Oh and I also had to get the BBD booklet The Bells on Christmas Day. I have one more to come once my ONS gets it in for me and that is With Thy Needle and Thread Pink Sparrow Sampler which I fell in love with after seeing WIPs on Instagram. I'll be saving up to get the threads for that one as the colours are gorgeous! I need to have more self control and hide away from the internet! Lol! 

That's it from me for now. See you again when I have another finish!

Until then take care everyone.

Sally xx


Linda said...

Congrats on all of the pretty finishes Sally. You did then really quickly.


butterfly said...

Love the sweet mouse Sally so cute .
The rest of your stitching is beautiful to .
Keep stitching sweet friend.

Kay said...

Lovely stitching, the mouse is very sweet. We had a visit to York last year and I was disappointed that the Viking Loom is no longer in central York, I always used to go there and stock up on my visit. x

Purple Pixie Dust said...

I like your mouse. Good job big hugs

deb said...

Your little mousie is adorable! Lovely Brightneedle ornament also - I miss those designs.

Your new stash sounds delightful - the Pink Sparrow sampler is so tempting. (and I've heard self control is overrated, LOL).

Shelly said...

The mouse is too cute. Nice job putting him/her together. I have not heard of this collaboration! Now I'll have to go check into this. Hmm, interesting. Saviour's Praise is working up pretty. Love your new stash!

Vickie said...

I absolutely LOVE Abi's mouse!!

Christine said...

That mouse is absolutely gorgeous!

Julie said...

Cute mouse! Great finish!

Katie said...

Congrats on the fantastic finishes. I just love those mice. So cute!!

Astrids dragon said...

That mouse is adorable, I love his little top hat!
Sweet heart to remember Gaynor.
To Thee Peace looks so lovely and petite! Saviour's Praise looks great so far.

Mary said...

I'm so impressed with the finishing on your adorable mouse!!! There is no self control when it comes to purchasing patterns!!! The border of A Saviors praise is stunning!! I'll be looking forward to your progress on this stitch.Mary

RJ said...

Lovely work as always. Your mouse is quite wonderful. I've been out of town the past five weeks and just checking up on my blogging friends. Have a wonderful week. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever