Sunday, 2 October 2011

Tricia's Prize, A Birthday Gift & The Travelling Pattern is Ready to Go!

When my surrogate sis Lisa and I had our stitching day way back on August 10th you may remember she gifted me with the cutest sheep who now sits on my mantlepiece in my living room. I asked for suggestions for names and Lisa and I chose Cecil which was Tricia's suggestion. So I stitched a little something up as a prize for her. As it was a sheep naming thing what better than stitching something sheepy so this is what I stitched!

Shepherd's Bush ABC Sheep ( freebie)

28 count Pink Dahlia Fabric


Started 2nd September 2011

Finished 20th September 2011

Prize for Tricia

I am so pleased to say that Tricia loves it:) 

Friday was Heather's birthday so I stitched up a little gift for her. Happy Birthday Heather :) I decided on something from the Blackbird Designs A Stitchers Journey book and this is what I chose.

Blackbird Designs Summer Sachet

Unknown fabric


Started 23rd September 2011

Finished 24th September 2011

Birthday gift for Heather. 

Last but by no means least the Travelling Pattern is ready to continue on its journey around stitchers of the world:) 

I feel very honoured to have been part of the Stitcherhood so now it's time for one of you to become a member.

The rules of the TP are as follows:
1. Comment on this post, saying you would like to be part of the Stitcherhood.

2. By leaving this comment, you agree (if you are chosen) to stitch the design and send it along to the next person in a timely manner. If this means dropping everything in your rotation to concentrate on this be it. If you can't bring yourself to do this ~ don't sign up.

3. You must have an active blog to participate. If you have a blog but never post to it ~ you won't be chosen to be the next stitcher.

4. This is a giveaway-type Traveling Pattern. That means you must follow it from blogger to blogger to enter each time it is ready to send along. Commenting on this post doesn't make you a guaranteed part of the Stitcherhood.

The Traveling Pattern has been stitched by:
1. Sharon of It's DaffycatOklahoma, USA
2. Karen of Karen's Handiwork, South Carolina, USA
3. Patty of Hanging On By A Thread, Florida, USA
4. Terri of Chocolates for Breakfast, Stitching for Lunch, USA
5. Lynda of A Cozy Little Place for Stitching, Oregon, USA
6. Nataly of Nataly's Needle Creations, Massachusetts, USA
7. Erin of Fairy Tales & French Knots, NY, USA
8. Jo of Serendipititous Stitching, Suffolk, UK
9. Mouse of talesofastitchingmouse South Yorkshire uk
 10. Sally of Stitchyangel's Treasures, East Yorkshire UK

11. ????????? Could it be YOU?

The  above are all the blogs where the TP appears in all it's glory so you don't have to rummage through the blogs to find them.

I'll chose the next stitcher next Sunday 9th October. Good luck everyone!      

Now here's my finish:) Not sure how I will finish finish it lol as yet!       

Shakespeare's Peddler Count Your Blessings

28 count Silkweaver Tutti Fruiti linen


Started 27th September 2011

Finished 1st October 2011

Plans for October are birthday gifts, new SAL with Barb, new SAL with Lisa, continue stitching my other pieces, get part 5 of the iStitch mystery SAL stitched before next weekend plus anything else that I may fancy!

I plan on having a stitching afternoon unless my DH and Abi have any other plans but I reckon Abi will be doing work  for her photography A level. She seems to be settling well now after some upsets the other week ( general studies again- same thing we had with Jess) and is getting into quite a good routine. Her courses are heavily coursework based so it has been quite a shock to the system for her with the amount of work. Jess starts her course at university tomorrow and I have to admit I am feeling extremely unsettled and just hoping that she will stick this one out. Oh and she has to have yet another blood test! This time a fasting one as they found a slight abnormality but why the hell they couldn't do the fasting one in the first place is beyond me! Of course she'll have to get registered with a GP there and get it done.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend and for those of us in the UK who are enjoying an "Indian Summer" at present make the most of it! Normal temperatures are coming back soon ( thank God!) and I, for one, am looking forward to the cooler temps and Autumnal days.

Take care everyone.

Love & hugs



Gillie said...

Oh yes please, Sally, would love to have my name in the hat for the TP. Love the little pieces, so beautifully finished and the name is perfect!

Rachael xxx said...

Please don't add me to the draw, as I have lost my mojo.
Cute sheep!!Beautiful stitching as always

Margaret said...

You don't need to add me to the draw. Just wanted to say you made such sweet gifts for your friends! Love the travelling pattern finish too! Good luck to Jess with all her coursework and bummer about another bloodwork coming up. Hope it comes out well.

Lesleyanne said...

Gorgeous gifts Sally. All are really beautiful but especially the sheep. I would love to be entered for the Travelling Pattern. Good luck with your plans for October.

Carol said...

Love your gifts for Tricia and Heather, Sally.

Just read about those warm temperatures you've been having over there and have to say I'm envious--it has been horribly cold and rainy here for days!

I'd love to be added to the list for the Traveling Pattern, as well. Finally seem to have a break in my schedule that would allow me to stitch it quickly :)

cucki said...

hello dear,i love your stitching..really very beautiful..
please count me in for the traveling pattern ..i so much wanted to stitch it..
keep well and have a lovely sunday..hugs cucki xx

Mouse said...

awww lovely stitching gifts you have done there :) great finish on the TP .. have still got to finish finish mine yet .. good luck to the girls on their studying and looking forward to seeing where the pattern goes next :) love mouse xxxx

Myra said...

Your gifts are just lovely Sally. That little sheep on the pink linen is just perfect.

You stitched up the traveling pattern in no time. I would love to be added to the list.

Sending good wishes for your daughter - school can be so stressful.

Kathy A. said...

Please include my name in the drawing for the Travelling Pattern. I would so love to be part of this.

Cindy said...

I love your stitching and the little sheep on the pink is just darling....i am amazed at how quickly you get things done....good luck to your children with their studies...i so remember those days :D

gracie said...

I would love to be in the sisterhood of the TP....the SB sheep is adorable.

Hazel said...

Oh go on and count me in for the Travelling Pattern. Lovely wips and gifts. Beautiful. x

Fiona said...

please add me into the hat for the tp :) Love your finishes as well :)

sammyjo said...

Love the gifts you made sally, and i like the travelling pattern idea, might join next, sadly not this time as i've so much christmas stitching to get done! but cant wait to see how far this pattern goes! hope jess is ok and abi is enjoying sixth form (i loved it)

Michelle said...

Oh Sally I would love to have my name in the hat for the travelling pattern and be part of the Stitcherhood - lovely finishes and so beautifully stitched xx

Tricia said...

Lovely stitching!! : ) and I would love to be added to the draw for the Traveling Pattern!!!!!!

My little sheep pin pillow is sitting on my desk where I can see it and smile. : )

Christine said...

Lovely gifts for Tricia and Heather and a great finish on the travelling pattern.
Please can you put my name in the hat to join the stitcherhood.

Catherine said...

No need to place me on the list. I just wanted to say what nice choices you made for your friends!

mdgtjulie said...

Wow, Sally, you always have so much going on. Glad you have some plans for the next while. I'm still working my way through my rotation, as per usual. (I still love it!!) As I'm not willing to quit my rotation, don't enter me in for the traveling pattern. Grats on your finish of it though. Love the color you used for the house!! It's so bold!

Ellen said...

Beautiful gifts for Tricia and Heather!

Yes please, I would love to be considered for the Travelling Pattern! Love this simple design!


Shari said...

dead tired, so I will read this better tomorrow, but wanted to be sure to comment now, so I didn't forget..
I would love to be entered for the travelling pattern!!! It is just perfect!

Barb said...

Sally the gift for Tricia is so pretty but I absolutely love the Blackbird one the colours are gorgeous.
Travelling stitcher pattern was done in a whhooossshh, but I dont think I should ask to be part of it as I have enough to do at present!
Speak later

Elisa said...

Some lovely finishes sally as always. The TO looks great, but please don't enter me, I am just to stacked up with stitching at the moment....xx

Brigitte said...

Hi Sally,
I'm just catching up on blog reading. It's always a pleasure to visit your blog and to admire your excellent stitching. You are making such great progress on The Sanctuary that I envy you a bit, as mine is still lying in its drawer, untouched. But I also joined Measi's WIPocalypse and I think it will be great for finishing some of my WIPs (and maybe blog more regularly, lol).

Solstitches said...

I love the sheepie pillow for Lisa and the BD finish is lovely also.
Yes, I'd like my name to go in the draw for the travelling pattern please.


Charlene ♥ SC said...

Your finished gifts are precious!

Patty C. said...

Congrats on finishing the traveling pattern -
Lovely gifts you put together Sally ;)

Lindsay said...

Love your finishes Sally and I would be happy to have the travelling pattern come visit me in Sunny Cheshire for a little while

Dani - tkdchick said...

Ooh please enter me in the travelling pattern draw!

What Beatuiful gifts you have stitched up but then everything you have stitched is so lovely!

Loretta said...

Your stitched gifts are beautiful. Your friends are very lucky.

Please add me to the list of those wanting to be part of TP stitcherhood.

Cindy's Stitching said...

The pieces are so pretty. The shepherds Bush piece is really adorable.

Kate said...

I'd love the opportunity to stitch the TP.
Lovely update on your work Sally.

Jessica @Blessings in the Country said...

Please add me to the drawing! I would love to join the Stitcherhood!

Blessings, Jessica

Susan said...

I'd love for the TP to come back across the pond! Please enter me into the drawing.

Am following your progress on Sanctuary. It's in my stash and I may even get to it someday.

Julie said...

Lovely gift for Tricia and Heather, you always choose such nice designs for your small gifts

Hope all goes well for the girls in their studies and blood test is ok for Jess