Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Gifts For Friends & A Finish

It was my friend Elisa's birthday on Monday so I stitched up a little pincushion for her from the Blackbird Designs Joyeaux Noel book. I've been itching to stitch something from this since I bought it months ago and I thought Elisa might like this and I'm happy to say that she not only likes it- she loves it! I changed the year to her birth year ( yes she is 40). Happy Belated Birthday Elisa!

Blackbird Designs Vintage Pincushion

25 count fabric

DMC 4210

Started 27th September 2011

Finished 2nd October 2011

Birthday gift for Elisa.

I was being nosy the other day and looking at Lesleyanne's list of things that she wanted to stitch and saw this so stitched it up for her and sent it along with the travelling pattern.

Lizzie*Kate Peace Joy Love freebie

Silkweaver 28 count Sparkling Cider lugana

Carrie's Creations Hollyberry & Mistletoe

DMC B5200

Started & Finished 6th October 2011

Just because gift for Lesleyanne
I added the year to the back and finished it with a beaded edge using red and green beads. Lesleyanne said I was a very naughty girl lol but she loves it:)

Monday evening was SAL night for Barb and I on The Primitive Hare Christmas Carol Sock. I finished the roof of Scrooge's house and made a start on the "brick laying"! I am sure he'll appreciate me building his house to keep him warm lol!

At craft club yesterday I had a finish and a new start! I knew I didn't have much to stitch on Tra La La Duo Noel so I took a couple of other things with me so that I wouldn't be sat there with nothing to do. So here's my Duo Noel finish :)

Tra La Duo Noel ( Mouton)

28 count own tea dyed evenweave


Started 20th September 2011

Finished 11th October 2011

Thank you so much Lesleyanne for sending the chart onto me when you'd finished stitching yours:) I have now sent it onto Barb:)

So what did I start after that? Well I took LHN Summer Splendor with me and the next SB ornament from the JCS ornament mags and decided on the ornament. As Lesleyanne and I are going to be starting Winter Band Sampler soon I decided to leave Summer Splendor until after that :) What I didn't realise was the fabric cut I'd taken with me was 25 count so here's a very teeny shepherd!

Finally my progress on DT The Sanctuary from last night. I'll be stitching on this again on Thursday as I really want to get it finished. I'm in two minds at the moment whether to finish it once I've got the words done or whether to carry on and do the removing threads, border and hemstitching. I'm thinking that if I only do the words I'll finish it sooner and I'm very nervous about removing and reweaving threads!

I have been so lucky of late winning a few giveaways so I couldn't believe it when I saw that I'd won Rowyn's giveaway for Shakespeare's Peddler Weeds Make Haste:) I'm looking forward to seeing Rowyn's finish of it and receiving the chart. Thank you so much Rowyn:) I keep thinking that my lottery numbers might come up but noooooooo!!!!

Tonight is SAL night Lisa and those cute 6 Fat Men! Can't wait!

I seriously need to get some making up done as I have several things waiting in the wings. Some I would really like to get framed but they will be have to wait a bit. I started making the "roll" for the BBD Peacock Pin Keep but got bored with it so must get back to that! I also have the pouch for LHN Travelling Stitcher to make but I haven't managed to find any fabric online as yet. Can anyone suggest any good online stores in the UK where I might find some? 'd like something similar to what was used in the picture on the chart. I have 4 SB ornaments sewn, stuffed and waiting for the holes to be sewn up! I should be ashamed of myself for leaving them like that lol! Oh and I also have SB Rosy Egg to make up but still on the fence about how to finish it and if my skills are up to an egg shape!!!

Thank you for visiting me and reading my ramblings today and for leaving me lovely comments:)

Take care everyone.

Love & hugs



Catherine said...

Lovely gifts and stitches!

Diane (di) said...

Sally, your needles are truly on fire. :) Everything looks beautiful and I love your finishes, too. The Sanctuary has always been one of my favorites and yours is gorgeous. Great job!! ((hugs))

Lesleyanne said...

Two gorgeous finishes for Elisa and myself. Love it, thank you again Sally. Your Duo Noel looks beautiful - how are you going to finish it? Lovely progress on your wips and new start.

Barb said...

Hi Sally, I have started at the top of my stocking (just had to watch for suspenders!) Will get to posting a blog post soon. Love the Blackbird you did for Elisa. You are so talented and kind. I know it will take time to do the "drawn thread"work but it would look pretty,if not then it will still look pretty!
OOh look out for postie then and thankyou . Take care.

Margaret said...

Your stitching is wonderful as always! I love it all!

Mouse said...

gosh ... I've had to take a breather after reading all that hehehe... lovely gifts you have stitched for Elisa and Lesleyanne...great progress on your other wips and well done on the finishes too ... withdrawing threads and reweaving is fun honest .. if you make a mistake cutting you can always reweave back ..:) I get my fabric from Helens houses she has a little shop near me but also does on line she may have something you want to use ??? hope that helps :) love mouse xxxx

Carolyn said...

What a cute pincushion and a great idea for a dear friend.

I love your version of the LK PJL freebie and Lesleyanne is very lucky she has a wonderful friend like you.

All of your WIP are coming along.

You always inspire me to want to do more. Thing is I think more than I do. lol.

Have a wonderful week.

valerie said...

Great gifties and stitching. I am in love with your Duo Noel. That sheep is just the cutest thing ever! Congrats on winning Rowyn's chart giveaway!

cucki said...

wow..everything is looking so lovely and i love your finishes so much..i really love them:)
hugs for you xx

Michelle said...

What a pretty design for Elisa. All you stitching is just lovely and you are so so kind. If you let me know the sort of fabric you are after I would be more than happy to have a look at Harrogate for you. There is a stall there called Lymington Fabrics and they are so reasonable. I think they have a website also xxx

sammyjo said...

i love your Tra La La Duo, wish there was a stitch club around here!

Christine said...

Great stitching and finishing Sally, I love the sheepie noel sampler

Christina said...

Your pin cushion for Elisa is just adorable and so lovely that you stitched the year of her birth.
I love Tralala designs - I just wish they were easily available for us here in the UK!

Tricia said...

Another week of beautiful stitching! Have fun with your Fat Men SAL. Can't wait to see your progress!! I love the little finishes you created for friends. What special gifts! And your DT piece is getting so close to being finished. Not long now!! Happy stitching!

Mrs. Know Nothing said...

I just love your Lizie Kate ornament. It is too cute. I have never used beads before when it comes to trimwork, but I always get the itch to try it when I see finishes like yours.

Siobhan said...

Beautiful finishes, Sally! I love what you made for Elisa. Nice progress on your WIPs, too! Everything looks lovely.

Sharon said...

Beautiful finish and gifts! Sally, your fingers are always flying!

Ellen said...

Beautiful gifts! Love Duo Noel and The Sanctuary!

You are great with your rotations!


Jeanne said...

You're making great progress on everything Sally. What a cute birthday stitchy gift for your friend. I'm a little amazed to admit I was in *high school* in 1971 - yikes!

Sanctuary is just about there. If it were me I would go ahead and do the hemstitching and be done with it so you don't have to go back to it again. It's always a thrill to put something in the 'finished' column.

Deborah/LavenderRoseRamblings said...

Wow, Sally! You've been stitching your heart out! I love your things especially the DT piece. Lots of hard work there.

Julie said...

A lovey gift for Elisa and Lesleyanne.

The Drawn Thread is looking so beautiful

Lois said...

What nice stitching gifts and as ever, I love to see how your WIP's are coming along.

Elisa said...

Wow as always the Sally stitching production line has been going at full
I adore my birthday gift and your finish for Lesleyanne is perfect too.

Veronica said...

Congrats on winning the chart. It sure is a very pretty design. You've been busy. Cute pillow and ornament finishes. I still love your Drawn Thread piece. It's gorgeous!

Lisa S said...

What beautiful gifts and stitching you have done Sally!!!
I am sending you an email about the fabric for the LHN Travelling stitcher pouch.

Brigitte said...

Such lovely gifts for your stitching freinds. They will be thrilled. And so much progress on all your WIPs will thrill you, lol.

Ranae said...

The gifties are sure to please.
Dou Noel is so sweet