Sunday, 16 October 2011

A Teeny Finish

I made the mistake of not double checking the fabric I'd taken to craft club with me on Tuesday to start my latest Shepherd's Bush ornament so it's turned out rather teeny but it looks so cute! I'll have fun making this one up- not!

Shepherd's Bush Shepherds Watched

25 count fabric


Started 11th October 2011

Finished 15th October 2011

I also finally stitched up the holes in the SB ornaments that I made up the other day. I have to say that I am ashamed at the way these look. I wanted to finish them simply like the others I've stitched and finished so far but I don't think they look very good. Well I guess you learn by your mistakes lol! I think I'm having a crisis of finishing confidence!

Wednesday was SAL night with Lisa on our L*K 6 Fat Men. Poor Lisa has been ill so has not been stitching much. Hope you are feeling much better soon Lisa {{{{hugs}}}}. Here's my progress. I'm loving stitching this. I'd forgotten how much fun L*Ks were to stitch.

Friday I did a little on Blackbird Designs AotH Bonus block. This is such a pretty block and so easy to stitch with it just being an alphabet and some flowers.

Lesleyanne, Angela and I are, hopefully, starting Little House Needleworks Winter Band Sampler on Tuesday. I've dyed some fabric today and sorted my threads so I am all ready to go:) 

I stitched up part 6 of Carol R's iStitch mystery yesterday. I am still hoping that will look OK for my DMC box:)

We have been without hot water and heating since Wednesday evening. We probably wouldn't have been using our heating anyway but I sure do miss the hot water. Thankfully we have an electric shower so at least we can showered! I really feared our boiler had died a death when the plumber rang on Friday morning to ask what make and model it was and when I told him he said the parts weren't easy to get. We have an insurance to cover parts and labour and that does pay a small amount if it is unrepairable but that wouldn't go anywhere near to the cost of a new one. Anyway he came out to have a look, rang his office to tell them what parts to order and hopefully they should be available Monday or Tuesday. However I am not holding my breath! 

Yesterday I had a bit of a mishap whilst getting out of the car when we got back from grocery shopping! I caught my foot in the strap of my bag taking a bit of a stumble and I hit my chin on the top of the car door. Ouch! The air was blue, my eyes were watering and, boy, did it hurt!!!!! I am now sporting a rather fetching bruise on my chin which I am very conscious of!!! I may have to see if I can find some concealer in my make-up bag! 

Well that's it from me for today. I'll be back in a few days with progress on other bits.

Take care everyone.

Love & hugs




Margaret said...

Oh dear on your chin! Not fun! And no hot water or heat! Definitely not fun! I need a hot shower in the morning to feel human. I sure hope the parts are available and you're back with hot water soon!

Love your SB finish! Your other stitching looks great too. I think your SB ornies look fine! Very pretty all together for sure!

butterfly said...

Hi Sally lovely work again.

Poor you not having a good day.

Hope tomorrow will be better.

cucki said...

oh no hot water or heating..not nice..i hope you find the parts soon and they fix it for you..finger crossed.
i love your stitching so much..very your sweet finish..and i love all your ornies..they are fine and looking so lovely.
your mystery sal is growing so lovely..well done..
hugs for you.cucki xxx

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Your finishes are darling - SB can't be beat. Oh, no. Hope the parts are available. My water heater went out and had to be replaced - after pouring gallons and gallons of water into the kitchen, dining room, and on into the living room. Thank goodness I was home or it would have been more damaging.

BeckySC said...

I hope your chin is ok dear Sally!
Your SB finish is great as are your wips :)

Tricia said...

Sally, you poor thing! That must have knocked the breath out of you!!!! Hope your bruise will fade soon! I just love all of your SB finishes. This new itty bitty one will be adorable! I love miniatures!

To console myself for not joining your Fat Men sal, I decided to stitch the 2010 LK Snowman. He should be done today!! : ) Yippee!

Hope your water is fixed soon!

Julie said...

The SB ornies look great, I really must do the others I never got done.

Hope the bruise is soon gone, you could always tel folks you are taking up boxing as a hobby and forgot to duck lol

Mouse said...

oooouuuccchhh that must of hurt :( .. lovely stitching though and I hope your sal fits your dmc box to.... take care and hope your boiler gets fixed soon :) love mouse xxxxx

Hazel said...

Love your SB ornies and I think they do look good but you need to mix them with all the other ornies and lights and tinsel etc on your tree. Ouch at your stumble. Hope you feel better soon. xx

Christina said...

I love the thread you're using for Carol's mystery stitch - so pretty.

Ouch, a bumped chin, that's got to hurt. Hope you're bruise heals quickly. Apparently taking arnica can speed up the healing process.

Good luck with the boiler situ - we had to replace the boiler in one of the flats we own this year. We didn't get much change out of £3,000. I could have cried!

valerie said...

Your finishes are darling Sally! Beautiful ornies! Love the wips too. Sorry to hear about the heater and your knock on the chin. Hang in there! A little concealer can work wonders! *hugs*

Myra said...

That teeny shepherd is soooo cute! Hope your chin feels better soon and your water woes are taken care of. My washing machine stopped working yesterday so I have a repairman to call tomorrow.

Nancy said...

Your stitching looks great!!! Especially the finished ornaments. Build that confidence. I am working on that myself, too. Sorry about your heat and hot water. As for the stumble....Ouch!!! Get to a health food store that carries supplements and etc. Get a tube of Arnica Gel. Put that on the bruise a few times a day. That bruise will be gone in very short order. The stuff is great. And natural!! Take care!!

Lesleyanne said...

Hope your chin is feeling better Sally. We could make our own group up - Wounded Stitcers lol. Can't wait for Tuesday. Your ornies look great to me. Love your finish and your progress on your WIPs.

staci said...

Your ornaments have turned out so cute! I love the way they look on your tree :)

Jackie said...

Your chin getting smacked by the car door must have hurt terribly. I hope you're healed and the bruising is gone soon. No hot water must not be fun at all either. Though I do like cool showers, I don't like cold ones!

Your stitching is just as lovely as always.

Ellen said...

Love your SB ornies, they are so beautiful!

Hope your chin is better now!

Hugs n take care,

Ranae said...

Ouch! I hope your chin gets better
Well at least a hot shower is better then nothing. Cute SB finishes as is the other ornies

Catherine said...

Hope your chin is doing better! Ugh on not having hot water!!
Cute SB finish!

Christine said...

Ouch, that sounds painful!
Your SB ornaments are adorable, and all your WIPs look great

Rachael xxx said...

Cute little finish.
Hope your bruise disappears quickly

Angela said...

Ouch, I hope your chin is feeling better! The SB finishes look great. I'm looking forward to starting the SAL, just trying to pick a fabric out.

Take care :)

Mrs. Know Nothing said...

Ouch. I hope your chin is feeling better.

I love you latest finish. It is adorable. And your ornaments are soooo cute. Hope your week is a good one. Sounds like you have lots going on. Take care.


sammyjo said...

Bless you i hope your ok after the fall and i hope the bruise doesnt last long :) i love the little finish very cute!

Anne said...

I'm sorry to hear about your chine and your boiler troubles! I hope things get sorted out soon and your chin heals fast! Being without hot water is frustrating!

I think your ornaments are darling and look really good to me. I have a hard time sewing straight..could be me or the machine, or both. Yours seem very straight filled nicely. Your other WIPS look great!!

Diane (di) said...

Sally I LOVE your ornies and your finishing of them. They look wonderful hanging on the tree. Hope your chin is feeling better, too. ((hugs))

Vonna said...

Cold showers and cold....yuck! Hope the days go better from here on out! Love your SB ornaments...and your Fat Men :) CUTE!!

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Oh I love your stitching,

marylin from France

CrazyStitcher said...

I love the look of the SB ornaments. :-D x

Lois said...

I do hope you've got your heating and hot water back now Sally. Ouch on your chin, hope the bruise has started to fade. What a sweet SB finish! As always, what nice progress on your WIP's.

Lynn B said...

Having no hot water must be awful, poor you!
Love the finishes Sally, your stitching is lovely as always!

Carol said...

Sounds like you're having a time of it between your heating problems and your aching chin, hope things get better very soon...

Your SB ornaments are adorable :)

Kathy Ellen said...

Oh Sally! We have been without hot water or heat, and I know just how you must have felt! Not fun at all. Sorry that you had a little mishap and bruised your chin. Glad that you didn't break something:)

Your stitching is beautiful! I especially love Carol's Mystery Sampler, and it has been fun seeing the different colors that everyone has chosen. Yours is so pretty.

Hope that you have lots of happy moments today to cheer you!