Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Travelling Pattern Arrived......

At my humble abode from the Mouse House on Tuesday ( thank you Mouse:) ) so of course I had to do some immediate stash diving so I could make a start on it :) I had some SIlkweaver fabric I'd bought off a fellow blogger/ stitcher a long time ago so I decided to stitch it on that! It's 28 count Tutti Fruitti linen so a bit different and I'm using 2 GAST and the rest DMC. I have to admit that I really fell out with the Grape Arbour GAST as it kept knotting then breaking so it was very nearly a scrapped piece! Anyway I persevered and finished the wording so now I don't have to stitch with that any more! I popped my first few stitches in it on Tuesday evening and stitched more yesterday. Guardian will not be coming out tonight as I want to get a good go on Count Your Blessings so I can pass it on as soon as possible. Watch out for a post sometime soon.

Tuesday was a very nice post day as postie also brought some Shepherd's Bush charts from kits from Barb that I knew she was sending me. They are the two she has stitched recently, My Mom's Garden and French Heart, and they are so pretty! Thank you so much Barb:)

There was another package that totally threw me as I wasn't expecting anything else. When I opened it there was something wrapped in pink tissue paper and on opening that I just stood there in shock with my hand over my mouth and tears welling up in my eyes. It was the new Blackbird Designs book A Schoolgirl's Work via Fobbles from dear Barb. Barb I cannot thank you enough and wish I could come and give you a big hug. I was going to put it on my Christmas list but Barb has beaten Father Christmas to it. I am blessed by our friendship and treasure it so much. {{{{hugs}}}} For any of you thinking of investing in this book I would say go for it. There are pages of beautiful old samplers sewn by the most talented young girls plus lovely things to stitch inspired by those samplers. 

While I was taking photos I thought I'd show you my stash from JJ's that I mentioned in my last post. As you can see there are the new L*K 6 Fat Men charts which Lisa and I are going to be stitching very soon and the Shepherd's Bush 2011 Fob kit. I love the fabric in the kit!

Monday evening and a little bit on Tuesday evening I stitched on Drawn Thread The Sanctuary. A few more trees were stitched and another arch. I am hoping to get on well again with this next Tuesday as as soon as it's finished Barb and I can start TSG Glad Tidings with Jane Austen:)

Last night I finished up Little House Needleworks Travelling Stitcher, my SAL with Lisa, but I do still have the part for the needle book to stitch which I shall probably do next week. I've loved stitching this with Lisa and am looking forward to our next SAL:) I stitched both of our initials over one on this as I thought it would be nice seen as we started this when we had our stitching day together last month:)

Little House Needleworks Travelling Stitcher

32 count white evenweave

Crescent Colours

Started 10th August 2011

Finished 28th September 2011

SAL with Lisa.

I'll be on the look out for some suitable fabric at half term probably to make a pouch unless I can find some on-line in the meantime. Thank you so much Katrina for the instructions you sent me :)

I still haven't got part 5 of the iStitch mystery SAL stitched yet. It's a good job we have 2 weeks this time. I've been busy getting a birthday gift stitched and I can't show what I stitched at craft club this week either! One thing I will say is we had a very yummy chocolate cake made by the one of the ladies this week :)

I've been thinking a lot about my stitching lately and the fact that I buy charts when I have lots in my stash already ( like so many other stitchers I know!). It's really hard to stick to a no chart buying rule when there are so many gorgeous charts out there but I'm getting to the stage now where if I want to stitch something new ( like for starting a SAL or a gift) I'm having a real hard time finding fabric in my stash as I sorted a lot of it and cut it to put with charts in my stash so that I had to stitch those!!! So now I really need to stop myself buying charts and just buy fabric if I can be a good girl! I am on auto for the new BBD Loose Feathers so have to have those and of course I need the next 3 L*K 6 Fat Men charts when they're released then I really have to behave myself! 

Also next year I'm planning on only one biggie which will be Guardian although I know I won't have finished my AotH piece by the end of the year. It'll take a miracle for me to finish that by then. So it's going to be **mostly** stitching from stash ( ha-ha I feel a fail coming on already but notice I did say **mostly**!) and no more biggies! Wonder if I can stick to that!!!

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my Snow finish for Lainey. I found my chart so will be stitching it again for myself sometime lol! I've searched to see if I can find it on-line anywhere but I can't. I got it in an order from Needlecraft Corner ages ago.

That's all my stitching news today so I'll catch up on your blogs now then go get some exercise done on the Wii Fit Plus. I hadn't been on it for well over a month until yesterday and I really need to get back to that and walking plenty. I totally lost my enthusiasm.

Take care everyone.

Love & hugs



Deborah said...

Lots of stitching and lots of great stash! Your DT piece is beautiful. I tried stitching from my stash this year. I was pretty goo until May and then it went bad for me. Hope you have better will power than I did.

Margaret said...

What lovely mail you've been getting recently! Love the stash too! Your stitching is wonderful as always too. You've reminded me to check out the SB 2011 fob. I'd forgotten about that!

Hazel said...

Gorgeous wips Sally. I love that travelling pattern. I will try and not miss that post if I can help it! I know what you mean about buying charts. Eeeeek there are just so many nice ones! x

Kathy A. said...

What lovely, lovely stitches you have done!
Some great new stash too.
Did Katrina send you instructions to put the Stitcher pattern that you and your friend are SALing into fact?
There are indeed so many wonderful new patterns out there. It is hard to pass them by.

Tricia said...

What a fun post! I really like how the Traveling Pattern is turning out for you. Don't you just hate it when your thread keeps shredding or knotting??? It's so pretty, though, and I'm glad you kept it up!

I love your SB charts! I have My Mom's Garden, too. I started it... well, I stitched one bunch of cherries just so I could say I did a little. : ) I need to buy some more q-snaps to finish it, though, cuz I can't stand to touch the linen. LOL!

Your DT piece is just getting prettier and prettier and I was drooling over your Fat Men series!!!! They are on my Christmas list along with a pair of the new Gingher scissors. : )

Vonna said...

What lovely surprises in the mail! GOODNESS you have kind and most generous friends :)
And your travelling stitcher is gorgeous! I'll be looking forward to your pocket.

Michelle said...

What a lovely gift from Barb - I have ordered this to collect at the Harrogate show. Your stitching is lovely xx

Anne said...

Wow Sally, you are blessed with such lovely friends! That BBD book is something I am putting on my xmas list too. I can't wait to read it! I love the fabby you chose for the traveling pattern. Have fun stitching those new Shepherd's Bush designs!!

Anonymous said...


You have a great start to the Traveling Pattern. I am loving those colors.

What an awesome friend you have. I have been back and forth with regards to buying the book and now I have made my decision. Thanks for the input.

I am loving all of your WIPS. You always have nice stitching.

Have a wonderful weekend.

p.s. don't feel to bad about not getting any exercise done. I haven't either. It comes and goes for me. :)

Shari said...

oh, I love the travelling pattern!!!!! I will have to keep my eyes open, as to when you finish so I can enter to be the next stitcher...
so sorry about the gast mishaps.....been there, done that....
you had a great mail day, didn't you??!?! Wow!!!!
all of your work is amazing! WOW!!!
I am going to be doing the LK 6 fat men too!!!! I THINK I know what fabric I am going to use!!!

butterfly said...

What lovely gifts Sally, and your stitching is so beautiful.

Oh i want to put the B/B book on my list to for Christmas.

I bet you don't know what to sew first.

Have fun.

cucki said...

wow..very lovely stitching and lots of cute stash too..
i really love your progress on traveling pattern..looking so sweet..
keep well dear and happy stitching xx

Lesleyanne said...

Great post week you had this week Sally. What lovely gift from Barb. Lovely new start on the travelling stitcher will be keeping a beady eye for when it is ready to move on. Have a lovely week.

Christine said...

What a wonderful surprise from Barb!
Great start on the travelling pattern

Ranae said...

What great packages coming in the mail.
Barb is a good friend indeed
I love The traveling Stitcher finish, I bet the pouch will be so pretty
Those Fat Men are so darn adorable
Have fun!!!

Beth said...

Lovely stitching done, and great new projects for the future. I keep saying my ever growing stash piles are my retirement fund. It works for me - LOL!!

Carol said...

You must love seeing your postman show up at your door each day, Sally, with all those stitching gifts in his bag :)

Lovely work on everything, but I love The Sanctuary the most--really enjoy seeing all the little motifs within each section.

Siobhan said...

What fantastic mail days you've had, Sally! Lucky you! I love the progress on all your WIPs, and your LHN is adorable. Good luck on your quest to stitch from stash. I've been able to stick to that for the most part this year and hope to do the same next year, if I can. As you said, though, it's always the linen that runs out quickly!

Have a great weekend!

Veronica said...

Lovely start on the Count Your Blessings. Tutti Fruitti is a beautiful colour. I'll be interested to see the finish piece. The Sanctuary is looking great as usual. Good progress too. Stitching both your initials on Traveling Stitcher is a nice touch :)


staci said...

Enjoy your lovely new stash and gifts Sally! Your stitching is always so pretty!

Solstitches said...

Great progress on your Sanctuary.
Seeing yours did motivate me to do a little more on mine. However, there are so many other things I need to do that I think yours will be finished years before mine LOL.
Lovely new stash and what a fabulous gift you received from Barb.


KarenV said...

Lovely mail you've received Sally. You've made a nice start on your travelling pattern and Sanctuary is looking fabulous! Congratulations on finishing Travelling Stitcher too, I really love the colours in this piece :)

Julie said...

I'm so way behind on blog reading, had a lovely catch up on here, you've been so busy. lots of lovely Wip's and amazing finishes. Leo looks a little sweetie. Hope Jess's rcesults come back ok.

Lois said...

What lovely things have been popping through your front door lately Sally. Enjoy stitching the travelling pattern. Lovely progress as ever on your WIP's.

Catherine said...

Oh my goodness! What a great post of goodies! I know you will enjoy it all and will be making some great things to show us! I think there are many of us that have a hard time staying away form buying new charts! ;)

Suzanne said...

What pretty things have been arriving in your mail! Nice work on your stitching.