Monday, 26 September 2011

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Nope not really! Not yet anyway, although according to the forecasters there's a strong chance that some of the country may see a considerable amount of snow as early as October and more of the country will have it from November through to February. Looks like we're in for another harsh winter but it wouldn't surprise me as there are a lot of berries on the trees and bushes.

Anyway I am digressing here! The Let It Snow is for a finish I have recently had. It was dear Lainey's birthday on Saturday and as many of you know she is rather partial to snowmen ( and sheep!). So I was debating what to stitch for her and I came across this freebie that I'd had for ages. I really want to stitch this one again for myself as I'm so pleased with how this looks. I've been trying to find the chart again this morning but don't know where I've put it!! Duh!

Little River Snow ( freebie)

Jayne's Attic COM Sweet Pea


No idea when I started it but finished 18th September 2011

Birthday gift for Lainey.

I am very happy to say that Lainey loved it:) Happy Birthday Lainey xx

I had another finish on Friday and that was this.

Blackbird Designs AotH Pumpkin Farm

36 count Rosewood Linen


Started 19th August 2011

Finished 23rd September 2011

I dedicated this block to my DH. I added his birth year as well as the initials on his parents and brother. The bonus block is next:)

I posted Tricia's wee prize for naming Cecil the Sheep on Friday so hoping to be able to show that as soon as it arrives over the pond:) 

I haven't had chance to stitch part 5 of the iStitch mystery SAL yet as we had a bit of a busy weekend but hoping to get it done before the next part comes out.

My other bit of stitching is Tra La La's Duo Noel Mouton. The mouton lol just has legs at the moment but hopefully will have a body next time! I'm loving stitching this!

I think I'll be stitching on Drawn Thread The Sanctuary tonight and tomorrow night so I can get more done. Barb and I are having a wee break from our Monday night SB SAL to stitch The Primitive Hare Christmas Carol Sock and I think we are starting next Monday. I had to dye some fabric as the only piece I had big enough was white so I'm hoping it'll look OK. I used Lady Grey teabags lol. We were going to start it when I'd finished The Sanctuary but Barb suggested the break from our SB SAL so we can have a better chance of having it finished ready to hang for Christmas and I'm all for that! I hope Colleen won't mind. I have emailed her :) Also we can then start The Sampler Girl Glad Tidings with Jane Austen which we had also planned to do sometime this year! 

Lisa and I will soon be starting our L*K 6 Fat Men SAL. I finally got my charts on Saturday so now just need to buy some fabric which I will do this week. We are going to finish Little House Needleworks Travelling Stitcher first. 

I had a lovely surprise when Mouse emailed me the other day as I have now become part of the Stitcherhood by winning Shakespeare's Peddler Count Your Blessings chart:) This chart is so apt for the way I've felt this year. I am so pleased as I've been following this on blogs I read for a while now so as soon as I receive it I'll be stash diving. Look out for a post in the next week or two if you'd like to be part of this although rules do apply:)

Jess is now in her new student digs. She rang me this morning and sounded quite settled so I feel a little easier. I will feel much better when she starts her new course next week and I know she's settled on that. However we thought she was settled on her chemistry course! She does seem much more excited about English and Creative Writing and was so chuffed to find nearly all of her reading list in a second hand book shop on Saturday. She even started reading one of them straight away!

Well I think I'd better get myself sorted and get my sewing machine out again! Must get caught up on blogs tomorrow after craft club and see what you've all been up to.

Take care everyone.

Love & hugs



Barb said...

Hi there friend of mine. Love the Snow pillow you did for Lainey, and your Pumpkin house is lovely. How you get your head round all these houses is beyond me!!
My fabric for the sock is Antique White but now I am wondering should I tea dye it, decisons!
Good luck to Jess on her new course sounds as if it is more suited.
Will no doubt speak soon!!

cucki said...

hello dear, its me cucki..i love your snow pillow so much..very sweet..and pumpkin house is very lovely too..great finishes..
good luck to jess on her new course:)
and good luck for the traveling chart stitching..i am so much looking forward for it..cant wait to see your progress on it..i wish i can stitch it one day too..
cucki xx

Siobhan said...

I'm so glad to hear that Jess is well settled in her new digs! I just read on my daughter's FB page that one of her roommates found a mouse in their house. I am sure I'll be getting some hysterical phone calls soon. LOL

Your stitching is always amazing! Love the pillow for Lainey, and the BBD that you did for your DH is wonderfl. Congrats on winning the traveling stitcher chart!

Interesting about the lots of berries on the trees = a heavy/cold winter. We've been hearing the same thing over here, that October through the winter will be very cold. I'm dreading it already, though it's a nice excuse to hunker down and stitch. ;)

Mouse said...

oooo lovely present for Lainey :)love your pumpkin finish :) chart should be with you tomorrow fingers crossed .. glad to hear Jess is settled in and looking forward to seeing more of your progress pics :) love mouse xxxx

Michele said...

Love the snowman pillow, very sweet :) and Pumpkin House looks great!

Glad to hear Jess is settling in good :)

Gillie said...

What lovely finishes and especially like the AoH one, I am a pushover for pumpkins! Glad Jess is getting on well and finding all her books like that. Books are a terrible price at uni!

WendyCarole said...

Love the snowman and how you made it up.

Margaret said...

I bet Lainey loved her present -- so cute! Love your BBD finish. And your Tra La La piece is looking good too!

Alberta said...

Cute snowman!

butterfly said...

Hi there, lovely snowman pillow Lainey must love it.
Great finish. love the Pumpkin house what a lovely chart.

Maggie said...

I love the pillow you stitched for Elaine, so cute!

Yes, been hearing the same thing about it being another very cold one this winter, although it's been lovely and sunny here in my part of the UK today,and what's better is that it we are supposed to have a mini heatwave for the rest of the week!! After that apparently it's all down hill weather wise, better make the most of it eh?

Congratulations on winning the travelling chart :-)

Have a good week x

Anonymous said...

Lainey will love your finish for her birthday! Cute!

What a great idea with a block for your husband. Love your finish.

Congratulations on being part of the Stitcherhood. I can't wait to see it finished.

Have a wonderful week!

Jane said...

Lot of lovely yummy finishes Sally especially Pumpkin House ~ drooling!!!
Oh how do you cope when one of the nest leaves home? ~ I still have a year to go before DD leaves us and it's on my mind everyday even now.
So glad she's happy with her new digs, it must be a great relief to you xxx

jane said...

A lovely gift for Lainey and lots more beautiful stitching too! I like Pumpkin Farm - lovely colours - did I mention that I had finished Evergreen Lane? I'm ready now to stitch on Remember Me and the bonus chart but silly me can't remember whether she has bought the threads for them or
I am very tempted by those LK Fat Friends but trying to resist! I would like a new Christmas start though!

Bienvenue... said...

All your stitching is great ! love your snow pillow and your BBD finish...
Take care and keep stitching.

Christine said...

The snow pillow is lovely!
Congratulations on winning the travelling pattern

♥ Nia said...

That snow pillow is so cute!!! Adorable gift =)
Please, let us know if you find the link to the freebie, I would love to have that chart too :)
Congrats on your finishes!! :)

Tricia said...

Really, really?? I wonder how long it will take to get here... maybe I'll have to "count down"... how's a candy bar a day until it comes sound??? No! I have it, I should buy a pattern a day until it gets here. I'll bet I could have the whole Fat Men series! If only they didn't cost money!! LOL!!

I look forward to seeing all your new projects!

Lesleyanne said...

Gorgeous finishes Sally especially the pillow for Lainey. Glad Jess has settled well. Lovely new start on Tra La La.

Ellen said...

Love the Snow Pillow and the Pumpkin Farm, they are gorgeous!

Enjoy following your new start and wips' progresses!


Catherine said...

Perfect gift for Lainey!! Congrats on your BBD finish - it's beautiful!!! It's always good to have a plate full of stitching!!

Beth said...

Wow! I think your Snow is just darling, I love the way you finished it! Pumpkin Farm turned out really lovely. I really like the colors in it. And speaking of beautiful colors, the Mouton is going to be Gorgeous!! You are such an inspiration to get more stitching done - wow!

Michele B. said...

Pumpkin Farm is my favorite of all the AOTH designs and you did it proud. I love the linen you used. That snow freebie is adorable!

Carol said...

I absolutely love your Pumpkin House finish, Sally!! Beautiful work... And I know Lainey is thrilled with a new addition to her snowman collection :)

Wishing Jess a wonderful year at University!!

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

oh your stitching very beautiful

have a good time

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sally, you always are so productive it makes me positively jealous! What beautiful stiching and gifts as usual!!

Michelle said...

Lovely stitching as always Sally - such a sweet pillow xx

Shari said...

wow! Everything looks great....
all of you in the UK are so blessed to be able to get the Tra La La patterns.....they are SO CUTE...
love the BBD piece you did...
Keep up the great work

BrendaS said...

Love your gift for Lainey! Let's hope it doesn't bring any snow anytime soon:)

Pumpkin House looks wonderful! Perfect time of the year for it:)

Anne said...

I commented on Lainey's blog about your snowman. He's my favourite!! I think I really love that sweet pea fabric and how you finished it. Great pillow Sally!

Congrats on your BBD AOTH finish! It's really beautiful. And more congrats to you for winning the Traveling Sisterhood pattern! Can't wait to see how you make it!!



Lois said...

What a cute gift for Lainey! Yes, I've been hearing all this doom and gloom about what our winter is going to be like. I'm just hoping that, as can happen when they predict a roasting hot summer, it won't happen! I've had enough of snow and ice these last two winters to do me a while. Great progress on your other pieces and your AoTH is lovely! Glad Jess is settling in well. Hope her classes go well too.

Myra said...

Beautiful finishes Sally and a great start too! I saw the little pillow on Lainey's blog and admired it there too.

Here's hoping the winter isn't as bad as the forecast.

sammyjo said...

oh that snow mam is so cute!

Mylene said...

Just admired your new finishes at FB, all lovely. Good to hear Jess settled well.

Veronica said...

Very cute snowman and pillow. Lucky Lainey.

Congrats on Pumpkin Farm finish. Love how the orange pop on that purple fabric.

CrazyStitcher said...

I absolutely adore the Let It Snow pillow. It looks absolutely divine! x

Solstitches said...

Two lovely finishes Sally.
I love Pumpkin Farm and that little snowman is so cute.

Suzanne said...

Love the pillow and your AoTH finish. Good to hear your daughter is settling in.