Thursday, 15 September 2011

Pansy Roll Finished :) & The Blessings of Stitching Friends.

On Monday evening I finished all the stitching on SB Pansy Roll and added the beads. I decided I wanted it all made up and done before next Monday so that I could have a new SB start ( not sure what it will be yet). So yesterday I added the lace, more beads and sewed it up and ended up with this! It is so pretty and I love the over one verse on it.

Shepherd's Bush Pansy Roll

32 count white fabric

DMC and Mill Hill Beads

Started 29th August 2011

Finished 14th September 2011

So which SB shall I start next? Rosey Egg? Feed My Sheep? I'm trying to think of what I have everything for! The Journey maybe if I have suitable fabric. Our Hearts Pincushion? Elizabethan Pincushion? Sophie's Pincushion?

I started stitching the trees on Drawn Thread The Sanctuary on Tuesday evening. I am hoping that these stitch up quite quickly as I am now on a mission to get this piece finished ASAP ( more about that later in this post!). There is still so much to stitch but I love how this is looking. How I'd love to sit in a garden like this stitching away!

As usual on a Tuesday morning I went to craft club. There wasn't so many of us this week so it was easier to join in conversations etc so my stitching was feeble! It didn't help either when I started doing the back stitch that I realised I would have to frog some of the stitching I'd done there last week! I'd had bother with the moon too with the thread for that being close! So we'll see if I can do better next week and actually finish it.

Last night was SAL night with Lisa on LHN Travelling Stitcher so I stitched on it until 10 pm then picked something else for half an hour. I finished stitching the house then did a bit on the verse.

I had a lovely surprise from Lesleyanne the other day. She recently stitched the sheep from Tra La La Duo Noel which I love and have on my wish list after seeing it on June's blog. Lesleyanne very kindly sent me the chart so I am looking forward to stitching that. I think I shall pop it into my rotation when I've finished Blackbird Designs Peacock Pin Keep. Thank you so much Lesleyanne {{{hugs}}}

I am really excited about the next SAL Lisa and I will be doing which is going to be Lizzie*Kate's 6 Fat Men. We've both received our invoices from JJ's so looking forward to receiving the first 3 charts. We're starting when we've both finished Travelling Stitcher. I need to see what fabric I have and decide what to stitch them on but I am thinking of getting the Amber that the model is stitched on as Sew and So have it.

Another SAL I'm super excited about is one Barb and I are going to be doing later on in the year. Barb is such a terrible enabler ( love you though Barb:) ) so I should have known better than to look at The Primitive Hare Christmas Carol Sock chart when she mentioned it in an email. Jess and I have a Christmas Eve tradition of getting into our PJs and into her bed and watching A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart in it so I had to look at it. I fell in love with it straight away but wanted to see how many pennies I had left when I'd paid my JJ's invoice. So yesterday I emailed Isabella of The Primitive Hare to see how much the chart and shipping was and it'll be on the way to me tomorrow morning:) Barb has also put an order in for the chart so our SAL is a go ( once I finish The Sanctuary) Isabella is a sweetheart to deal with:)

I'll be stitching on HAED Guardian tonight and hoping I can keep up with it while we watch Torchwood as it's the season finale.

I was chatting to Lisa yesterday and she asked about the iStitch mystery as she had more branches and leaves on part 3 than I did. Well guess who had missed some of it off???? Yep me!! So I sat down for a few minutes this morning after I'd done some housework and finished it properly!

Poor Jess is not having a good time of it of late. You may remember she had two urine infections lately as well as having two lots of blood tests for "womens problems". Well the last time she had her urine checked the doctor thought there were still slight signs on infection but said to leave it a couple of days then take another sample in and they'd send it away. Anyway she's been back today but the results weren't back so the doctor rang through for them. Thankfully there were no signs of infection but ketones were present. He said that that could be sign of diabetes ( which my Mum had) or starvation so he asked if she eats breakfast which she doesn't. So just to be on the safe side she has to go have a blood test for blood sugar! So now that means she won't be moving this weekend as she had planned. Good job there's another couple of weeks to the start of the new semester.

Well I had better go now. Not sure what I'm going to do; maybe do some finishing or stitching.

Take care everyone.

Love & hugs



Margaret said...

All of your stitching is wonderful! Congrats on finishing the needleroll -- so pretty! And the Drawn Thread piece is so close to being finished!

Sorry to hear Jess is still having health problems. Hope things clear up for her and she doesn't have diabetes.

Siobhan said...

Congratulations on the finish, Sally! I just love the needle roll. Looks like you'll be happy dancing soon on your Sanctuary, too! I LOVE the Christmas sock--how beautiful!

I hope things clear up for Jess, crossing my fingers that she doesn't have to deal with diabetes. Big hugs to her and to you as I'm sure you're worrying.

Tricia said...

Look at you go!! I love your finish and can't wait to see which SB chart you choose to stitch next. Your Garden is coming along beautifully, and your new SAL's-to-be sound wonderful. I love your updates!

Hope you'll be able to pinpoint Jess' struggles soon!

Mouse said...

ooo lovely finish :) way to go on the sal pieces ,,, and can't wait to see your new start :0 hope they sort Jess out soon too .. no fun with all these tests .. but she better start eating something in the morning :) take care :) love mouse xxxx

Michele said...

love your finished needleroll :) and all your wips look great!

butterfly said...

Your needle roll is just beautiful, are they easy to put together. i have never made one may be its time i had a go.

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

very beautiful

have a good day

Lesleyanne said...

Congrats on your finish Sally. Lovely progress on your wips. Hope Jess' results come back okay and she is not diabetic.

Hazel said...

Beautiful needleroll finish and fab gift from Leslieanne too. So much stitching again!!! How many pairs of hands do you actually own???

Catherine said...

Beautiful finishes and stitches! Sending good thoughts to Jess!

Blu said...

So much lovely stitching!
Congrats on a gorgeous needleroll finish!

Michelle said...

Congratulations on your finishing Sally. Lovely progress on your WIPS. Hope Jess's results come back and she is ok. Sending you much love xx

Anne said...

Gorgeous finishes Sally and loads of progress! I really love that LHN design. It was very sweet of Lissanne to send you the pattern.

I hope that Jess is just hypoglycemic and not diabetic. For awhile there that happened to me and it was because my blood sugar levels were really low so now I HAVE to eat breakfast. Praying that things turn out for her.

Barb said...

Sally Pansy roll is lovely and everything is coming along so quickly. I got my two pdf this morning from Isabella and the sock and other thing are coming by post.
When I got a new stitching newsletter this morning I was half afraid to look as the last one had the sock in it. However nothing I want this time phew.
Stitch happy girl and big hug for Jess.

Jane said...

Lovely work Sally and I don't envy you having to choose one of those gorgeous SB designs for your next WIP.
Glad to hear you've heard from JJ's, I still haven't heard a thing and am very frustrated with them as they don't respond to any of my emails either?
Sorry to hear Jess is still poorly.
I've had insulin-dependant diabetes for over 35 years now so know it's something no-one wants to hear they've got & although it does alter day-to-day life things have really improved now treatment wise and once under control it can mean a healthy life, the same as everyone else.
If I can help anymore you know you can always send me an email.
Big hugs to the both of you xxx

Elisa said...

Beautiful needle roll Sally and your WIPs are looking fabulous as always.Poor Jess I hope things get better soon xx

Carol said...

Your needleroll finish is so pretty, Sally! And how wonderful to be so close to a finish on Sanctuary. I just love that one and hope to stitch it next year...

Such a thoughtful surprise from Lesleyanne--I know you'll love stitching that one.

Keeping my fingers crossed that Jess can get some answers soon regarding her medical issues. I know how scary that is when your child is dealing with health problems...

Angela P said...

Congrats on the lovely needleroll finish! I love them but have never tried to finish one yet.

As usual love all your projects and I have 6 fat men put aside to start stitching soon too!

Lois said...

Such a pretty needleroll. You're so close to finishing Sanctuary and it's such a beauty. Nice progress on all your WIP's and what a nice surprise from Lesleyanne. Hope things get sorted out for Jess soon.

Andrea said...

Fabulous finish. Love all of your WIPs.
I hope Jess' health issues are sorted out soon.

Kajsa said...

How pretty everything looks! Saw that you are finishing up Sanctuary, I only have to finish up the 2 lower garden sections and the pulled thread so go ahead.

Hope Jess feels better soon.

Ranae said...

I love your needlerolls, congrats on another finished one.
The WIP's are looking so good.
Hugs for Jess

Mylene said...

Such a gorgeous needleroll, Sally. Great job!!
Sending best wishes to Jess.

Lisa said...

Well done on your needleroll finish, it looks wonderful. I'm afraid I can't help you deciding what to stitch next, I love them all lol!
Nice progress on The Sanctuary.
Sorry you had to frog at craft club, it's so annoying isn't it finding frogs from your last stitching session on a project.
Your TS is looking gorgeous. I am so loving this SAL and I think for the first time ever I'm just about keeping up with you lol!
What a wonderful gift you received from Lesleyanne, those are such cute charts, especially the sheep one of course hehe. I'm trying to start back on my rotation tonight and so it's my SB Merry Be Pincushion and those little sheep are calling to be stitched already.
I can't wait for our JJ's orders to arrive, they'd better be on a fast plane...
I hope Jess can get herself sorted out and feeling better for when she goes back to uni.

KarenV said...

Congratulations on finishing your needleroll Sally, it's very pretty.

Sorry to hear about Jess' problems; hope that it's nothing serious and quickly sorted out.

mdgtjulie said...

Poor Jess. It seems as if it's not one thing, it's another. I hope they get it all figured out soon. Grats on all your progress. The Sanctuary is looking good. You've gotten a lot done on that. Grats on the finish too. It's lovely. I especially love the color of the ribbon you used. It's gorgeous!!