Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A Little Snow!

That doesn't mean we've already had snow here on the east coast of England! Lol! It's snow on my latest little finish! I actually started this a few weeks ago but it fell by the wayside while I've been trying to get some Halloween ornaments stitched and as I still only have 5 of those stitched with the said day fast approaching I'm quite disappointed in that fact! I am hoping to get a couple more done if I can. Anyway back to my finish!

Little House Needleworks Holly and Berries

36 count Flax linen


Started 1st September 2010

Finished 12th October 2010

I haven't decided how I'm going to finish yet but I want to finish it as soon as I can.

If anyone would like this chart please leave a comment saying so on this post and I'll pick a name at the weekend :)

Onto my WIPs now and proof that I actually did stitch on Chatelaine Christmas Mystery IV last Tuesday! I have to admit that when I took the photo this morning I thought no I have to stitch on this tonight! I want to get it finished but I so don't want to stitch on it BUT I will! Just incase you're wondering what that is I've stitched it's a cherub's wing!!!

I can't show what else I stitched on in between this and Shores so we'll move onto Shores! I had a good two evenings stitching on this especially on Saturday evening as I got new reading glasses that day so even though my eyesight has only changed very slightly it did make a difference getting new specs! This block is going really well and I am enjoying it which makes all the difference doesn't it? Lisa I hope you had a good two evenings on Spooky!

Sunday I really wanted to get Blackbird Designs Their Song finished but it didn't happen so maybe next Sunday? Lol! Not that I'm really in any hurry but it would be nice to start ot get started on SB Emmanuel's Song. I really LOVE Their Song. Love the colours, the saying, the birds, everything! This piece will be framed when it's done and hung with my other BRD pieces. I haven't had anything framed in ages so I think I deserve it! Lol!

Last night was my Jane evening with Barb! I was determined to get onto the sheep and I did just that! Not quite a complete sheep but nearly! I just need to fill in the Wisper thread next week then I can start on another. I know Barb started the sheep as well so we are about at the same place :)

I had a couple of trades again with Michelle :) We have so very similar tastes in designs it's spooky! She sent me Renato Parolin Peace Joy Love and The Sampler Girl My Everything ( which is to stitch for my DH) so thank you so much Michelle. I'm still stitching on your trade piece and it'll be with you as soon as :) I also had another RAK from Lesleyanne of LHN Merry Skater :) I really need to get my finger out and get some of these LHN ornaments stitched. Thank you so much Lesleyanne :)

Right that's all from me today :) Hopefully I might just be back with another finish in a few days if I can stay off this PC and get on with things!

Take care everyone.




Hazel said...

Beautiful finish and lovely wips as ever. I would love that chart. I did buy it and gifted it to someone once but I don't have it myself! x

Nicola said...

Lovely LHN finish Sally, and I would love the chance of winning the chart please. Great work on the WIP's too. You're stitching up Their Song a lot faster than I did!

Julie said...

Lots of lovely WIP progress pics.

The Chatelains mystery will be finished in no time.

Lesleyanne said...

Holly & Berries is gorgeous. I have this to stitch next. Lovely progress on all your WIPs. They are stunning.

Christina said...

I'm with you Sally, haven't had anything framed for MYSELF in a long time. I've been put off framing really, I used to have a superb, reliable framer, but he retired. Since then I've had a birth sampler framed for a friend's baby, that had to be re-done because it wasn't centralised. Then I recently had a wedding sampler framed for a friend and they framed it with the wrong frame! Luckily it looked OK as there wasn't enough time to get it re-framed! AND, it's so blooming expensive! Rant over...
I'd love to win your Holly & Berries chart, it's a must-stitch for Christmas!

Heather said...

Beautiful finish Sally.

I'm looking forward to seeing your Chatelaine finished, I don't live that far that I wouldn't come up and stand over you to get it completed ;)

Just because I never seem to finish anything, doesn't mean that you can start doing the same!!!

Ranae said...

Pretty finish!!!
All your WIP's are looking great. I think you just inspired me to put the computer down and pick up my needle this afternoon. The snow will be falling before we are ready for it I love the first snowfall.
Take care!!!!

Christine said...

Great finish Sally. Please throw my name in the hat for the chart as well.
Great progress on HRH. Looking forward to seeing the BBD finished very soon

Cath said...

Gorgeous stitching , I'd love to be entered in your draw for the chart . Thanks . x

Sheila said...

Your finish and Wip's are lovely. I would love the opportunity to win the chart. I just love their designs.

Jackie said...

Your needle is truly flying! All of your WIPs look fantastic!

Lindsay said...

Lovely finish Sally and I'd love a chance to own it.

Great progress on your WIPs as well, I love watching your projects come to life

Srinity said...

That finished piece is just beutiful! I'd love to have the chart. :)

Your WIP's are so lovely. Great projects!

Barb said...

Hi Sally, Holly and Berries is such a pretty design , I stitched it last year , and I too loved Their Song and have it hanging on my birdie wall. The ufo is nearing its end well done. You are certainly giving your needles work to do.Take care sweetie.

Patty C. said...

Thanks for stopping by
I Like the LHN finish :)

I always like to acquire LHN charts - they are my favorite - count me in for the giveaway

Have a great day :)

PegC said...

When ever I think I'm stitching too much all I have to do is read through the blogs and find I'm actually pretty temperate! I'd love to have finished as much as you've done...but will keep plugging (or stitching) away> Living in North Carolina where the Cardinal is King--I'd love to stitch your give away, given the chance..thanks.

Carol said...

I just love your LHN finish, Sally--did that one myself back in January and it is one of my favorites.

Your WIPs always amaze me! I don't know how you juggle so many so beautifully and easily!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sally what wonderful progress on all of your WIPs so glad to see youd did give your Chatelaine some needle time!

Nice little ornie finish.

Michelle said...

Lovely stitching Sally. I need to start on the BBD one myself now as seeing it here has inspired me. It really looks lovely. The LHN one is so nice - well done. Michelle x

Ellen said...

Lovely finish, would love a chance to stitch "Holly and Berries".

Great progress on your wips. I have not progressed much with mine, busy making pincushions.


Olenka's Stitches said...

You did a great progress on all your WIPs, congrats on the lovely LHN finish!

Isadarena said...

Hello Sally, a cute finsih and very nice projects in progress : My !!I can't wait to seeing more on your Martina's Christmas Mystery : that one will be a beauty :-)

Lisa said...

You've made some wonderful progress this week on your wips Sally, especially proud of you for working on the mystery, and this block on Shores seems to be coming on quickly.
Congrats on your finish, I'd love to be entered for a chance to win Holly & Berries if that's ok, this design is so nice.

CalamityJr said...

That's a beautiful piece. I'm sure your finish will be perfect! If you don't mind the postage to the US, I'd love to be considered for your drawing. Thanks for sharing!

Maureen said...

Lovely little finish. Could you pop my name in the hat for the charter please.

jane said...

Lovely work Sally - Holly and Berries is one of my favourite designs. Good progress on the WIPs too!