Sunday, 31 October 2010

It's A Happy Pumpkin!

Just in time for Halloween and the end of the month I've finished my Shepherd's Bush roll for October which now means I am back on track with them! This one was such a fun stitch! Those pumpkins are so cute and there is also a witch and a ghost which you can't see in the photo as I only took this one. It's getting dark here now as it's been rather a dull day and the clocks went back last night too.

Shepherd's Bush Happy Pumpkin Roll

28 count Polstitches Nature's Grace Opalescent


Started 20th October 2010

Finished 30th October 2010

Thank you Barb for sending me the chart. {{hugs}}

Last Tuesday I was a good girl and picked up Chatelaine Christmas Mystery IV for the Stitch and Stash UFO night/ week. I was only going to do an hour but I ended up doing more as I can see the end now so that is spurring me on! Once it's finished I plan on concentrating on some smalls/ Christmas ornaments or whatever until after Christmas.

Final photo is block 9 of Shores finished!!!! It's amazing just how much I can get done on this if I stay off the PC and concentrate! The last 3 blocks look as though they might be quite quick to do so I'm still hoping for that end of year finish to enable me to start the Blackbird Designs AotH piece.

I'm going to make a start on an LHN Christmas ornament tonight. I wasn't sure which one but after seeing Lesleyanne's Frosty Flakes finish that's the one I've chosen. After looking in my stash I've decided to stitch these on 36 count Sand linen so have my fabby ready and just need to sort my threads.

Thank you for all your welcome comments on my Their Song finish. I'm saving up to have it framed and hope to get it done before Christmas. I'm now passing the chart onto Chris.

Tomorrow is Lisa and I's official start on the wagon lol! We both think we can do it and we'll be keeping each other right!

We had a quiet but very enjoyable halfterm. We bought what Abi needed for her final textiles project ( £34 we spent in Boyes- ouch!) so I guess they'll be making a start on that soon.We saw Jess the same day and we took her for some lunch and she wanted to do some grocery shopping too. She seemed really happy and settled and it was so good to see her and give her a hug or two! I'm not really looking forward to DH going back to work and Abi going back to school but I'll get over it! Lol!

My smear results arrived through the post yesterday and I am happy to say that everything was normal so that's that for another 3 years :) Yay!

Right I'm going to sort my threads now for Frosty Flakes. Enjoy the rest of yoir Sunday whatever you are doing!




BeckySC said...

You have been busy again Sally :) everything looks great! Wonderful projects on the go and your NR is AWESOME!
Thanks for sharing :)

Beth said...

Your Needleroll is just as cute as it can be - great job!

I really like the 9th square - love the colors.

Enjoy your Christmas ornament stitching. I am doing one for my DGD this week too!

Missy said...

Beautiful stitching and your NR looks FAB!!

Happy Halloween!! :)

Christine said...

Great needleroll, and I love this block on HRH

Christina said...

A lovely needle roll from SB. I too am thinking about starting with Christmas stitching. LHN Frosty Flakes would be a good design to start with, I had a peek at Lesleyanne's blog and it's lovely!
Good luck on the wagon!

Lesleyanne said...

Have fun stitching Frosty. Lovely SB roll Sally. I love this one. Shores is looking great I'm sure you will be able to finish it by the year end. Think I might be joining you on the stash wagon lol.

KarenV said...

Great finish Sally! Enjoy your new Frosty start :)

Cindy's Stitching said...

How pretty. Really like the pumpkins.

Jane said...

Love the Happy Pumpkin finish, I'm still not brave enough to attempt one of these but you're making it so, so tempting!
Frosty is a lovely design and it's on my birthday list for DH to find - goodness only knows what I'll end up with.
Half-Term over, it's horrible when everyone in the house suddenly disappears again but I see some more stitchy time coming up so think I'll cope!!!!!

Colleen said...

SB Halloween Roll is wonderful. Super news about your test result. I'm on the stash wagon with you & Lisa. Have a great stitching week.

Ellen said...

Love the pumpkin needleroll! Block 9 looks great, only three more blocks to go. Your wips progress well, mine got sidetracked along the way all the times.

Happy stitching for Christmas!


Carol said...

What a darling needleroll, Sally! The LHN Frosty Flakes is my favorite of the year, so I'll look forward to seeing yours progress. I need to put that on my "must stitch" list very soon...

Hope you had a lovely Halloween :)

Jackie said...

Congrats on the Needleroll and Bock 9 of Shores!

Remind me again what fabric and thread you're using on Shores?

jane said...

lovely stitching Sally, I really like that needleroll and the latest block of Shores is looking fantastic!
Glad you enjoyed half term, it'll soon be the Christmas holidays lol.

mbroider said...

There is something about the Chatelaine mystery that draws me to it completely!!

Can we pls have the pic of the entire WIP in your next post... Just curious me

Julie said...

Lots of stitcht progress piccies as usual, a lovely needleroll finish

Good news about the smear, good luck staying on the wagon! LOL

TeresaB said...

Sally I'm so glad your results came back clean! That's the best news.

Your needleroll is adorable and the rest of your stitching is wonderful as usual. I have been contemplating some Christmas ornament stitching and haven't decided what to start, enjoy working on yours.

KathyEllen said...

Your SB pumpkin needleroll is wonderful!

pat said...

Congratulations four you work !!

Lisa said...

Your pumpkin needleroll is fab, well done.
Congrats as well on finishing block 9 on Shores, at this rate you really will get it finished this year.
I hope you're getting on with the mystery tonight, remember, one hour concentrated stitching as promised! hehe

Andrea said...

A wonderful finish. Great progress on your WIPs too.

Ranae said...

I love your needleroll, my favorite one so far, lol
Congrats on block 9

shakatak66 said...

Your SB needleroll finish is superb - great fabric choice :)