Tuesday, 5 October 2010

A Little More Halloween Stitching!

I am determined to have a good few ornaments on my little black tree so that I have a decent display so here's another little cutie that I started last Thursday. I decided to stitch it on a scrap of 18 count linen I had leftover but I used 2 strands of thread and it's come out a bit bulkier than I would have liked. I also made a huge boo boo when I cut this. This wasn't the intended finish but I cut it too close and couldn't make a stuffed ornament! So the felt came to the rescue!

Waxing Moon Designs The Spooks Are Out

18 count linen


Started 30th September 2010

Finished 3rd October 2010

As this has pumpkins on it this will count towards my finishes in Becky's Great Pumpkin Challenge 2010 :)

I have my fabric and threads ready for my next Halloween ornament but I must do some other stitching first before I start that!

My two evenings on Shores went rather well. Block 9 was duly started amidst threats from Lisa to kick to my butt and this is what I got done. I did come across a teeny mistake I'd made with the birds, well two actually, but I am not about to frog so the mistakes will stay!

More stitching was done on BBD Their Song on Sunday evening. I would really love to have this finished soon as my plan is to start Shepherd's Bush Emmanuel's Song and have it on my wall in time for Christmas but the weeks are flying by and I'm not holding out much hope of making that goal!

Last but by no means least is last night's progress. As always Mondays are Jane days with Barb and TSG Jane Austen Sampler Stocking. I had to do a teeny bit of frogging on this so didn't get quite as much done as I would have liked but never mind :)

As I finished Chatelaine Spring Morning the other week I need to pick another UFO for UFO night with the girls from Stitch and Stash. As promised I'm going to finish Chatelaine Mystery IV which I started ( wait for it) Christmas Day 2006!!! Those who read my blog back then will know that I fell out with this maybe about half way through the year and it totally put me off ever doing another Chatelaine mystery :( If I am honest I am not really looking forward to picking this up but it needs finishing and what better way to do it than with the threat of a bashing from Mr Stick and Julie! So for those who have never seen my UFO before here's a piccie for you. I only have another cherub to stitch so it's really bad that I've never finished it! I don't know what I'm going to do with it when it is finished.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments on my last post. It really makes my day when I see that someone has left me a comment :)

I have added some threads to my For Sale page is you'd like to have a look. If you are interested please email me ( email in my profile)

I have so much that I really want to stitch I hardly know where to start! I was saying to Lisa when we were chatting the other day that I don't have time to go out to work or do housework with the stitching I want to do! Of course that h word has to be done or we'd be knee deep in dust!

Speaking of working I had a look at the local outlet shopping village this morning to see if there were any jobs going and was surprised to see a few but nothing I really fancied. I know a lot of people might say why be so choosy but if I'm going to have to do this I'm going to do something I want to do! There was a job at Thornton's but it was only 9 hours a week and you would eventually be trained up to be senior assistant manager and I don't want that sort of responsability or to end up being full time.

Right I'd better see if I can my pictures to uploa properly now. It seems to take Blogger ages to fix stuff but I find it so easy to use that I don't want to move elsewhere!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Take care




Barb said...

Lovely Sally,Good luck with mystery. I had a blinding headache last night so did not get as much stitched on Jane as I would have liked.I was hopeing to finish the row and next week I could perhaps do a sheep, oh well good things come to those that wait lol.

Beth said...

It is amazing at how much stitching you get done in a week - congratulations! I looked really hard at your bird on the shore piece, and I couldn't see a mistake,so no problems!!

Good luck at getting that cherub stitched so that you can go on to something you do like!

jane said...

Lovely ornament Sally and well done on the progress on Shores - I like the look of block 9.
JA is looking good too and good luck with the mystery. it will be nice to have it finished.
I don't blame you for looking around for a job that suits you - hopefully something will turn up. DD2 has been going round the local shopping centres dropping her CV off this week. She has an interview on Sunday so fingers crossed.

Vonna said...

My goodness! You get so much stitching done, I could just weep wishing I could get the same amount done myself :)))
everything looks just divine!

Christina said...

'The Spooks are out' is a cute finish. I nearly made a HUGE boo boo when I was finishing off a circular ornament. I've never done one before and I cut the fabric way too short, I really don't know what I was thinking, I had loads of fabric spare too!
A job in Thorntons??? Oh my, no good for me as I'd eat my body weight in chocolate each week! Oh, their viennese truffles are to die for!

KarenV said...

Your Halloween ornament is so cute Sally! Your WIPs are looking great too, you're making excellent progress.

Catherine said...

Lovely stitches! If you had not written about them, I would not have known there were mistakes!

Kajsa said...

Cute Halloween finish! Your wip's look great, you are so good pulling out another Chatelaine UFO just after finishing one.

Claire said...

I soooo remember the Chatelaine Mystery!! LOL Loving your stitching as always and makes me feel inspired to stitch something different x

Carol said...

I, too, am amazed at how much stitching you accomplish every week, Sally! I dearly love the little Halloween piece--the ghost peeking out from behind the cornstalk is so cute. I've done that one myself and it is one of my favorites.

I'm so glad you've pulled out the Christmas mystery piece to finish--it is so pretty. I look forward to seeing it done--as I'm sure you do as well :)

Berit said...

You really are pretty close on that UFO! I do hope you'll finish it up quickly so you can do something you enjoy more.

As always, your other wips are looking lovely. :)

Lisa said...

Love your new ornament.
Yay, you got the mystery out again, you really are on a roll.
All your other wips are looking lovely as well.

Lesleyanne said...

Another lovely ornament. Your tree is going to look great. Lovely progress on your WIPs. I wish I could get as much done.

Missy said...

Beautiful stitching. Finding any job in my area is particularly hard. Such a bad economy and with my are being mostly tourists it is slow this year.

Michelle said...

Lovely pictures Sally. Like you I have a little black tree and decided to try and stitch as many ornament as I can. Stick with the Chatelaine one - you will feel wonderful once you have completed it. BBD Their Song is lovely - on my list to do - might even make it my Christmas project! Michelle x

Tina said...

Such a lot of progress in one week,well done Sally
Love how the stocking is coming on,might just have to order it.A job in Thorntons wouldn't be good for me,i would eat all the profits lol.It's a shame there's no craft shops around with vacancies,but would you have any wages left??
Look forward to seeing your wip's at UFO night,i'm just going to have a dig around all mine and see which one i fancy doing,really need to start again to get rid of my 50 plus Ufo's(don't tell Mr Stick)
Tina x

Tina said...

Forgot to say love the ornie,eventually i would like to have a Halloween tree,valentine tree,Christmas tree and Valentine tree all with stitched ornies(i can dream)
Tina x

BeckySC said...

Your stitching is always amazing, Sally :) You did a GREAT job on the Halloween ornie :)

Christine said...

Lovely stitching as always, your halloween ornament is adorable.
I wouldn't be able to work in thorntons either, I gain weight just walking past it!

valerie said...

Wonderful stitching! Good for you for tackling those UFOs!

Jules said...

The Halloween ornie is adorable! And you have some lovely WIPs going on. I love that last one the most...

hazel said...

Hi Sally, thanks for replying to me email and info you gave me.
I love your halloween ornament and what a success you made of a mistake. The chatelaine is looking beautiful and I do hope you finish it. You certainly do a lot of stitching in a week.
Good luck with the job hunting, I am glad I am pass the age of looking for a paid job.
Hazel (UK)

pat said...

Great job!
ciao Pat

Mylene said...

You are doing great with all your WIP's. all are looking gorgeous. Cute halloween finish.

Julie said...

You'll have Chatelain Christmas finished in no time Sally, it would make a lovely cushion that was out just at Christmastime, maybe Jess would like it at the student house for the festive season?

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sally as usual everything is looking fantastic. Great oranament finish again.

Sorry to hear you fell out of love with your Chatelaine! I hope you get this UFO wrapped up and out of the way soon!

Siobhan said...

Lovely progress, Sally! Everything looks good. Did you see Plum Street Paulette's blog post about her Halloween decorating? I love it and it's inspired me to do a bit more seasonal stitching.

Good luck with the job stuff. I would love to get part time at a book store but there's nothing going here in this small town.

Isadarena said...

Hello Saly, your Christmas Mystery from Martinais just gorgeous and all your stitchings so beautiful :-)
Have a great day,

Cindy F. said...

Wow Sally!! Beautiful progress on your wips!!
I'm cheering for you to finish your Mystery piece! It's gorgeous!!

Heather said...

I love your halloween finish Sally, it's lovely the way you've finished it.

Chatelaine Christmas is amazing. Once halloween is over, you'll get it finished in no time.

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