Friday, 1 October 2010

Little Floral Needlebook and Tricks or Treats!

It is a horrible day up here today after the gorgeous sunshine we had yesterday so thought I'd do a blog update then maybe sit and stitch once I've polished the living room floor :) Please excuse the state of this post. I am having terrible problems with blogger today. It seems they have a problem with their new blog editor and uploading photos so suggest reverting back to the old editor to upload photos, which I did, but now my writing is all over the place!!! I hope they fix it soon as it's a right pain! It was working fine when I did my last post!

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my last post. Louise and Ousman loved their gift and Louise said they would treasure it :)

I've had a couple of finishes this week. That is the beauty of stitching smalls and it's something I really want to do more of next year if I can. The first one is a gift for Heather as it was her birthday yesterday. I wasn't sure she'd receive it in time as I was still making it up late-ish on Wednesday afternoon but DH popped it to the PO for me and, low and behold, it did arrive on the day :) I heard from Heather and she loves it :)

Cherished Stitches Little Floral Needlebook ( Gift of Stitching magazine)

32 count linen
Started 22nd September 2010
Finished 29th September 2010

Stitched for Heather.
I did not have the linen threads for this so stitched it in normal DMC and I love the way it turned out. It was a little fiddly to make up but I would definitely do another:)

Next finish is another Halloween ornament from this years JCS Halloween ornament issue. I absolutely love the colours in this one. This is also my first finish for Becky's Pumpkin Challenge 2010! I'm hoping it'll be the first of a few as I have really got a bee in my bonnet about having plenty of ornaments on my black tree and also having a nice Autumnal display :) It seems now the more I stitch the more I want to stitch!

Val's Stuff Tricks or Treats

WDW 30 count fabric


Started 28th September 2010

Finished 29th September 2010
I went to my local arts and crafts shop to get some purple ribbon to edge this with but saw this brilliant orange and purple cording so had to have some of that as well!! I love how it goes so well with this ornament :)

I did make a small start on my SB needleroll for September but it's not worth showing. I'll finish it this month and hopefully make a start on another! I chose the Schoolhouse Roll for September and will, hopefully, do the Happy Pumpkin one for this month!

My only other stitching to show is my progress on my SAL with Barb from Monday evening. Of course it's The Sampler Girl Jane Austen Sampler Stocking. I LOVE how this is coming along. There is still loads to stitch yet as it's huge but I'll soon be at those gorgeous sheep!


And speaking of JA and The Sampler here is a piccie of the start of my JA/ The Sampler Girl wall :) This is at the side of my staircase and I hope to have more up there as I stitch each piece I have :)

I had a lovely trade with Elisa this week. She wanted to buy or trade my EEF Love Letters and she had one of the LHN ornament charts on her for sale/ trade list so we traded and it arrived on Wednesday. Thank you for trading Elisa and I hope you enjoy stitching the EEF :)

I also had these lovelies from Lesleyanne :) She emailed me to say she'd been looking at my wish list and had some charts that she'd stitched that she wanted to send me and these arrived yesterday:) Thank you so much Lesleyanne; I love them and hope to stitch them soon. I think Lisa and I are going to do a SAL of Travelling Stitcher after the LHN December SAL so I'm looking forward to that. Does anyone know of a DMC conversion for this? has anyone stitched it in DMC if they've had the chart passed onto them? As I promised I will stitch a little something up for you:)

Finally a piccie for Ellen of where I have my Chatelaine pieces hung. As you can see there is a space for Autumn Dusk when I eventually get that one stitched lol!

Thank you to the 5 ladies who have signed up for my PIF. I will be emailing you if I need your address :) I need one more; any takers???? If not I will pick someone at random to receive the 6th one :) ETA Thank you Barb for being my 6th victim lol!

And if you've stuck with me this far thank you :) As always I truly appreciate your comments so do please leave me one if you have the time :)

Take care everyone.





Gillie said...

Was interested to see your blogger comments, there is just no photo icon on a new post, grrr! Will try the old editor.

Barb said...

Hey I am first to comment Sally ,how are you doing girl . Great progress with the stitching and love your spring morning . The walls are wonderful ,specially like the JANE one lol.
Well go on I will be the other one you need , but you will have to e mail me destructions lol.
That is if my needlework is up to standard, and also dont ask me to do an easel thing!!!
Raining cats and dogs here too ,just got back with ollie ,change of clothes needed yuk.
Oh I love the needlebook your finishes are always just so well fabulous is the only word.
I am looking forward to the sheep bit too.
I have stitched LHN travelling stitcher and it has been on two holidays now.
Well sweetie we will speak soon no doubt
Hugs as always

BeckySC said...

EVERYTHING looks amazing Sally and I just LOVE your choice for the pumpkin challenge :)
Enjoy the weekend!

Melanie said...

I'd be willing to join in the PIF if that would be ok. Great stitching, I love the Halloween ornament, the cording really does just finish it off nicely. What a lovely display of your stitching around the house. Don't work too hard today, it's definately stitching and a cup of coffee weather this afternoon.

Hazel said...

Beautiful finish for Heather. Lovely progress on your wips. Lots of rain here too. I don't mind it though ;-) x

Lynn B said...

Lovely finishes Sally!

Christine said...

Its persisting down here too.
The needlebook you made for Heather is lovely.
Another great ornie there, I hope we are going to get a picture of the black tree when its up

Lesleyanne said...

The needlebook you made for Heather is lovely. Another great ornie too. Lovely progress on your JA piece. I love your walls - do you back the stitching with anything before you hang them. Can't wait to see a picture of the black tree when its up. I think I stitched the travelling stitcher with DMC threads but am not absolutely certain.

TeresaB said...

Trying to get all caught up on reading blogs and have been looking through all your finishes and WIPs. As usually some beautiful pieces. I'm a bit envious of your Jane pillow, how adorable. Have to get that pattern and make one for my bed!

Vonna said...

Such pretties always await us on your blog have great finishes, fabulous displays of all your pretties already finishes and super friends to share charts with you! I do believe you've got it all girl! :)

Lisa said...

Gorgeous pics as always Sally, I love your stitching walls, someday I hope to have some of my own lol.

KarenV said...

Love the CS needlebook Sally, the colours are really pretty and you did a beautiful job of the stitching and finishing!

Your WIPs are looking great and it's nice to see your stitching on display :)

Beth said...

Wish you could send me some of that rain. Here in Kentucky we are in a drought with record dry and hot days. This is supposed to be fall, but it isn't happening here.

I love the needlebook you made for Heather - pretty colors and nifty finish. I also like your Halloween pillow. I have got a couple of pumpkins stitched for Becky's Challenge, but I just can't post them until I get back from a retreat where I am giving them away. I hope to stitch some for me before Nov 25, but we will see.

Your stitching walls are fantastic. Most of my finishes are spread out around the house. May need to reconsider that.

valerie said...

Wonderful finishes Sally! The needlebook is just darling! Great Sampler Girl wall and Chatelaine too!

I was hoping I could help you with the conversion but I am using the CC called for. Online, the conversions aren't complete at all!

Ellen said...

Thanks for the pic of your bellpulls. They are gorgeous on your wall. Love your JA's wall too.

Beautiful needlebook, may I know from which issue of TGOS the design comes from?


Carol said...

More wonderful stitching Sally! I love your needlebook for Heather, it's beautiful, and the cording for your Halloween ornament is just perfect! :o)

Jackie said...

Your stitching is just as beautiful as always! LOVE, love, love the needle book!

CalamityJr said...

I love seeing your finishes. The needlework keeper and the Halloween ornament are great! Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

Sally your photos are all stunning - well done. The needlebook is - well wow! Michelle x

Andrea said...

What lovely stitching you've been doing! All of it is just wonderful!
I like your new stash too :)

Farm Girl said...

Beautiful needlebook and ornament Sally, as always your finishing is perfect! Love your new charts too. I'm sure the stitching time made the floor polishing worth it!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful Little Floral Needlebook. You did a wonderful stitching job.

I love your Halloween Ornament. I agree the orange and purple cording goes well with it. Very Cute.

The Sampler Stocking is coming along nicely. I love your Jane Austen/Samper Girl wall. How creative!

Keep me in mind for next year when you guys start the Traveling Stitcher SAL I have mine all kitted up and ready to stitch.

The Chatelaine pieces on the wall go so well together. I really like how you have used these spaced to show your work.

I sent you an email with my address. You may have to check your spam. I use gmail.

Mylene said...

Love the needlebook you made for Heather, gorgeous!
Halloween piece is so cute and thanks for sharing pics of your wall hangings. Wish have like that too one day.

Julie said...

The cord for the halloween ornament is perfect.

Love the needlebook, that really is beautiful

Jane wall looks lovely, but i do like the Chatelaines, autumn will finish that off perfectly

Sorry can't help with the travelling stitcher, i was sent the correct threads to stitch it, i really must make it as it must be neqrly a yeqar since i finished it!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sally what beautiful smalls you have stitched up espiecally that needlebook is gorgeous. Which issue of Gift of stitching is it from?

Nice little ornament as well I'm sure youre black tree will be adorable!

Wow that Chatelaine wall is going to be spectaular when you get all those seasons up???

vEr0n!c@ said...

Wonderful needlebook finishing! It looks great. Love your pictures too. Thanx for sharing.

Christina said...

It's still raining here too Sally, 5 days and counting...
I love the purple and orange cording on the Tricks or Treats ornament. My local haberdashery is a bit limited in what they have, so I'm fast running out of ideas for finishing!

Siobhan said...

Umm, wow!! What a great job on your finishes. I love what you made for Heather! Nice job on your wall, too.

Elisa said...

A lovely needlecase Sally....must have a look for that design in my GOSMs.
Glad we could trade...helps our pockets as well as our