Saturday, 31 July 2010

Petit Chat For Julie

Yesterday was Julie's birthday and a while ago I saw a wee design stitched up on Moreen's blog which I thought would be ideal for Julie. It is a freebie by Tralala and can be found here As Julie likes purple I picked DMC 95 to stitch it with. I made it into a pinkeep and stitched our initials to stick to the back of it. I heard from Julie yesterday and am delighted that she liked it :)

Tralala Petit Chat

Unknown fabric

DMC 95

Finished as a pinkeep

For Julie for her birthday.

As I said in my last post I did pick up the Halloween ornament I started way back when. I got a few rows of stitching in before I realised I'd miscounted almost back at where I started my afternoon's stitching so had to frog!!! Lol!!! Sometimes I do wonder about the state of my brain :) Anyway I did manage to get it all restitched before I went to bed and here is where I finally left it on Thursday evening. This one is from the JCS Halloween issue 2008 and is Raise the Roof Boo Whoo? So at least when I get this finished I will have one ornament for my black tree! I have a few others in the pipeline including more from this JCS issue.

In the piccie below you can see two charts that have come to live with me this week :) Barb kindly sent me the Plum Street Sampler Love Notes chart as she knows I like hearts and also that it is mine and DH's 25th wedding anniversary next year. I told Barb that I had looked at this chart many times and love it so will be stitching it as soon as I can :) A while ago I lent Claire Little House Needleworks Holly and Berries, which you may remember I stitched for Chris' birthday last year, and have recently had the urge to stitch it for myself. I asked Claire if I could please borrow it back but she couldn't find it or some of her other LHN charts so, bless her, she ordered it for me and it arrived yesterday. I felt bad that I had asked then she'd ordered one for me. I think once I finish the Halloween ornament and do the SB roll for August I will start it. I feel the need for some wintery stitching in this muggy weather :) Thank you so much Barb and Claire xxxx

Stitching on Shores went quite well last night so I am still hoping to be on track to finish block 6 & 7 tonight. Keep your fingers crossed for me please ( obviously not while you are stitching!) Tomorrow I'm hoping to finish all the stitching on the Sampler Garden Casket seen as I remembered to get the DMC 3051 I had run out of which also means I can finish the verse on Return to the Sea With Jane Austen on Monday.

Once again thank you for all your kind comments. I am feeling a little better now but am also feeling a bit frustrated as one day I don't feel so bad then the next day I feel yuck. Don't know what to think!!! Lol! I spent a little time at my Dad's this morning. With not feeling well I haven't been going as much so I watered his cucumber and tomato plants while I was there. I'm not happy with his weight loss so I am hoping to be there next time his dietician visits as either whatever she is suggesting is not working or he isn't taking notice!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! My DH has now finished work for 2 weeks so we can all chill :)




doris said...

You have some great projects finished, ongoing and planned. I especially love your SB 2010 fob. I've been trying to stop myself from buying it!

WendyCarole said...

love the freebie chart and the purple you stiched it in

Barb said...

Oh Sally that is just so nice , I bet Julie really was thrilled and I love the colour. You seem to find the perfect thing for whoever you are stitching for.
Enjoy stitching the hearts, I finished Thisbe today so hopefully next time I update my blog there will be a pic.
I know what you feel like one day up and the next day suffering, I tend to do too much when I am feeling betterish and then regret it.
Enjoy your time with the girls and DH and just relax .
Try not to worry too much about Dad, unfortunately you cannot force them to eat if they dont want to or even the right thing. They think we fuss but its only because we care.
Take care sweetie, and we will speak soon, it will soon be Monday!!
Hugs Barb.x

jane said...

Lovely gift for Julie - i'm sure she loves it. Sounds like you have lots of nice stitching lined up and I am looking forward to seeing your finish of blocks 6 and 7 of Shores. Enjoy your 2 weeks with DH and the family.

Jules said...

Petite Chat is very pretty! I wonder what it would look like in shades of blue?! LOL...

Farm Girl said...

Love that little kitty cat - hope you enjoy your break and get lots of stitching done!

Mylene said...

The purple pinkeep for Julie is so lovely, so neatly finished!

I hope you have a happy weekend too.

Solstitches said...

What a sweet little pinkeep and a lovely gift for Julie.
Hope you feel better soon.

Christine said...

Great pinkeep, no wonder Julie loved it.
Sorry to hear you are still under the weather, hope you feel better soon

Catherine said...

Love the pinkeep and all the other goodies!!

Elaine said...

The pink-keep for Julie is beautiful Sally and I love the halloween owl. Look forward to seeing all those new charts stitched up.
Hope you start to feel much better soon and are able to enjoy your time with hubby and the girls. Hugs!

Brigitte said...

Such a ice little birthday gift.

Julie said...

Have a nice fortnight with DH at home with you and the girls.

Thank you so much for the lovely pinkeep, its gorgeous, i loved the card too, very me.

Olenka's Stitches said...

This s a darling pinkeep for Julie's birthday.
Hope you feel better soon.

Elisa said...

Lovely gift for she was thrilled

Carol said...

Hi Sally! I just got back from my vacation at the beach and am trying to catch up on all of my favorite blogs :)

You were so kind to stitch the pretty pinkeep for Julie--stitched gifts are the best :) And Boo Whoo is looking so sweet--I can't wait to start stitching for Halloween...

Enjoy your two weeks vacation!

Michelle said...

Enjoy your time with DH - I love it when we are all home together. Lovely stitching once again. Michelle xx

Berit said...

Holly and Berries is absolutely my favorite LHN design--I will get it on my tree one of these years, lol!

That was really nice of her, I'd feel guilty, too, though you totally shouldn't!

Hallowe'en!! I can't wait to see your tree.

Have a great Holiday with DH. :)

Carol said...

Love your pinkeep done in purple Sally - must stitch this one day too, not sure what colour yet though!

Enjoy your time with DH. I heard yesterday that Colin will be home on the 20th, I can't wait, he's been away for two months already!

Rachael said...

What a lovely ornament that is!!

Suzanne said...

I love the cat pinkeep. That's a lovely shade of purple.

I hear you with the frogging. I have a piece I had to restart three times before I got it right. I haven't put a stitch in since.