Thursday, 15 July 2010

Petite Lettres Rouge Revisited

You may ( or may not!) remember a while ago I stitched up the Blackbird Designs freebie Petite Lettres Rouge? Well let's say I made a bit of a mess of it after I'd started to make it into a pinkeep. I made the mistake of attempting to tea dye it ( using cold water) and the threads ran. At this point I threw it to one side in disgust and left it. After a while I thought well I've nothing to lose I'll take it to bits and try rinsing it in cold water. Although this didn't remove the runs all together it did seem to help a bit so I then put it back together and it's been waiting for me to add ric rac to it since! Abi says it doesn't look too bad as it makes it look old and even though I'm older and supposedly wiser than her I do trust her judgment! I am not happy with the ric rac so I might take it off and put something else on! This has my paternal grandma's name and year of birth on it and that is her in the picture:)

This week's finish is the SB roll I showed as a WIP last Friday. I loved stitching this one ( well I've loved stitching them all so far!). It is Americana roll. I just love the colours in it. I think the ribbon I've used is a bit wide but I thought it looked nice!

I have made more progress on Shores but I appear to be a bit out somewhere as the compass is a couple of stitches too close to the border but I have no idea where I've made the mistake so it's staying! Jane and Nicki how are you both getting on?

I finished the needleroll for the JAT Sampler Garden Casket on Sunday so will move onto the next bit this coming Sunday. I'm trying to pluck up the courage to start making the casket up but I'm still chicken!

Monday evening saw more progress on TSG Return to the Sea with Jane Austen which is my SAL piece with Barb:) Barb and I are planning another SAL on a smaller piece ( I think we'll be doing a different piece each) before we start the JA stocking! I do enjoy SALs!

I'm not sure if Julie and Mr Stick will too pleased with me this week!!! Lol! Don't panic I did stitch on Chatelaine Spring BUT it wasn't much. I had problems with the jessica stitch flower on the right hand side. No matter how hard I tried I just could not get it to go right so had to frog it several times before I realised what I was doing wrong and then when I did get it right I had to frog it again because I'd used too many strands!!!! Duh!!!!! So by the time I put it away all I'd done was finished the vines, two flowers and started the hummingbird! Still at least it is something:)

Last night I was not in the mood for HAED Guardian as I'd felt unwell ( won't go into detail but I've had this several times before) and I just wanted something simple. I had decided to join in the monthly SAL challenge over at Stitch and Stash and this month it's The Workbasket Mr Penguinee so I started that. He has been out again tonight but I've found a mistake and as I'm stitching over one on 25 count I won't be frogging it but will be binning it and starting again :( I can't show it until reveal day anyway which is 25th July and I'm hoping to have it restarted and finished by then!

I had some lovely post yesterday. Barb very kindly replied to my plea about SB roll charts and sent me Happy Pumpkin but not only that she also sent me the BBD Loose Feathers chart Hedgerow Birds:) Thank you so much Barb, I appreciate your friendship and kindness very much xx Andrea also kindly replied to my plea and is lending me the Antique Hearts roll so not many more to go now:) Thank you so much for your kindness and friendship Andrea :) Stitchers really are the best. I just wish I could meet you all in person. Woudn't we have a fantastic party!

I think, thanks to Siobhan, I have decided on my biggie project for next year! It had become a bit of a tradition for me to have a new start on New Years Day each year and each time it has been a biggie that has lasted me almost all year ( this year it's Shores). Well Siobhan is stitching the Blackbird Designs Anniversaries of the Heart series on one piece of fabric and personalising it with details of her family so this got me thinking about doing the same. It's a wonderful idea and I hope you won't mind me borrowing it Siobhan!

Unfortunately my box making day at Chris' had to be abandoned because of me feeling ill. The way I feel a bus ride was out of the question so I was very upset and just wanted to sit and cry. So Chris came here for a couple of hours, we had a chat and a natter and showed each other our stitchy projects. She cheered me no end. Thanks Chris {{{hugs}}}

I almost forgot I have some San Man Originals pieces that I have stitched and had on display that I no longer like so will be putting them up for sale. I'll add them to my For Sale page tomorrow but in the meantime if you think you might be interested please feel free to email me for details. They are nearly all snowmen!!!! Edited to add I've now put them up on my For Sale or Trade page.

Well it's time I was in bed. Hope you enjoyed my finish and my WIPs:) Thank you for all your comments, I love reading them:)

Take care everyone!




Vonna said...

Well look at all your gorgeous finishes and WIPs...Sally, I just can't keep up with your smoking needles! I saw Siobhan's BBD anniversary of the heart. I started this myself on one piece of fabric back when the first one came out...but I sort of putter'd out on it....but I hope to pick it up again sometime soon!

Deb said...

You always seem to get so much done! I love your finish and I think it looks great even with colors running (I can't see it).

Lesleyanne said...

What a lovely post. I hope you are feeling better. Your WIPs and finishes are all sooo gorgeous.

Christine said...

Abi is right, it does make it look sort of antique.
All your WIPs are looking fabulous.
I'm doing Mr Penguin over 1 too, so we must both be gluttons for punishment ;)

Barb said...

Love the roll Sally, crikey have you been having 3 shredded wheat for breakfast lately,do you remember that lol.You are getting some lovely pieces stitched the Ship with the sails on Shores is lovely. I Like THAT idea of doing the Blackbird designs on one piece and adding names etc. However I am not really a lover of houses so would have to think of something else. Hmm SB one would be good.
Take care sweetie and keep smiling.
Hugs as always

jane said...

Wow Sally you have been doing well with your stitching. I am getting back to Shores this weekend - yours is looking great as is your SAL with Barb. I like your idea about the anniversaries of the heart charts - I have been looking at them and wondering if I should treat myself. Shame about your BBD piece but I think you have finished it very nicely - the effect is quite antique, you wouldn't know it wasn't meant to be that way. Hope you are feeling more like yourself very soon (((hugs)))

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow Sally you have been so busy stitchy wise! I wish I could work on several different projects like that but it just stresses me out! Our leisure pursuits shouldn't stress us out right?

Your fixed sampler looks great, it has this wonderful aged and worn look with the rick rack the way it is. Another lovely needleroll too!

All of your WIPs are coming along beautifully!

ohiofarmgirl said...

Sally, I am sorry you were under the weather...I do hope you are much improved.
The Shores looks wonderful. I wouldl like to get my C@hrh done asap so I can start something else...I am impatient.
Have a blessed day. Dianntha

Julie said...

Lots of progress pics, even a little is progress on a UFO, so you do get an attendance mark for this week LOL
I like the antiquey piece, looks like it was meant to be like that.

Olenka's Stitches said...

Love your finishes, both pinkeep and the roll look great! I am looking ward to seeing your Chatelaine Spring finished.

Angela said...

As ever your stitching is coming along wonderfully and looks great.

I don't know how you manage to keep so many projects constantly on the go, I guess your just much more self-disciplined than me.

Ranae said...

I am so gladyou finished the BBD even though the colors ran, Mine ran too. It looks great.
Everything looks great.
You are the needlroll queen

Ellen said...

You are doing great with your stitching, you always get so much done. Love your SB rolls! Can't wait to see your complete collection.

Hope you are feeling better.


Babs said...

Lovely stitching.

Mylene said...

You sure been busy stitching and finishing, Sally. All are looking gorgeous!

Happy weekend!!

Elaine said...

Sally your BBD is lovely, I just can;t see where the colours have ran. Another beautiful needleroll finish and all your wips are looking fab.
Hope you are feeling much better. Hugs.

stitcherw said...

So many lovely pieces to look at. I love the variety of colors and styles of design. Hope you're feeling better by now, how nice that Chris was able to come to your place so you could still have your get together.

Brigitte said...

Oh Sally, your WIPs are gorgeous. And so are your finishes. I love the two mattress finishes you are showing in your last posts. And I alos love the little pillow you made with the BBD alphabet. The run colours give it a very special touch, a touch of old and delicate. Just my opinion.
I hope you will get rid of feeling ill very soon.

Michelle said...

I hope you are feeling better Sally. Your WIPs and finishes are all just lovely. Love Michelle x

Carol said...

Hi Sally! I think your BBD piece looks wonderful and that the bit of dye running gives it a nice antique look. Love the photo of your dear Grandmother beside it...

Your needleroll is so pretty, too, as are all of your other WIPs :)

Suzanne said...

Beautiful finish with the BBD piece and the needleroll. Love the progress on your other projects.

I hope that you are feeling better.