Sunday, 25 July 2010

A Little Penguin

Today is supposed to be reveal day for the Stitch and Stash Monthly SAL challenge so I hope I am OK to reveal my finish now:) I must say I am rather pleased with my finish. It took me quite a while on Friday to get it nearly done then I finished it yesterday.

The Workbasket Mr Penguinee

25 count lugana

DMC 310

Finished as a scissor keeper thing lol

It was a bit touch and go as to whether I'd get it finished in time as I mentioned before that I'd made a mistake and had to start it again!

Just a couple of WIP pictures now. Hopefully Julie and Mr Stick will be pleased with me again this week as I did stitch on Chatelaine Spring Morning. I finished the hummingbird, which looks absolutely gorgeous, and made a start on the next and final part. Fingers crossed I might just have a happy dance before the end of August :)

A huge thank you to Susan for emailing me and pointing out where I was wrong on Shores! She saved me hours of trying to work out where so I am very grateful. I feel so stupid at the mistake I've made as I've missed the gap inbetween the blocks so that is why block 6 and 7 will not go right. I must admit this big block has become the bane of my stitching life lol and I can't wait to finish it!!! I did get quite a bit stitched on it these past two nights so, hopefully, I might just get it finished for the end of July!

I'm afraid I have no progress again on HAED Guardian (sorry Lisa). I just could not face picking it up and think I may have to leave it alone for a while again. I feel really bad but this hobby is supposed to be ours to enjoy and everytime I think about Guardian I just think it'll never get finished unless I stitch on it every night and I just can't do that! I love stitching my smalls and I love stitching on bigger pieces that I know I can finish in a year even if I only stitch on them a couple of nights a week ( like Shores). I may go back to it after the summer or when I get other UFOs done, I don't really know.

So instead of stitching on Guardian I finished off Mr Penguinee then I decided that I really needed a small new start so I picked out Shepherd's Bush 2010 Fob which is abolutely gorgeous. I have finished the stitching on it so just need to make it up which I will do soon then be back to show it. I may have to have another new start this coming week!

This evening I'll be stitching on Just a Thought Sampler Garden Casket and, if I get a good evening on it, I might just get all the stitching finished then I can move onto the making up. I think I might just have to sweetheart my DH to help me cut the card for the casket so make sure I get it all correctly measured and cut:)

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my finish for Karan and also for all the good wishes. It hasn't been the best of weeks I must admit and I am still not fully fighting fit as yet. I do feel better than I did so I am hoping that whatever it is is finally going away as I am very fed-up and feeling quite tearful. The most I have done is grocery shopping at Morrisons yesterday with my DH and Abi and by the time we got to the checkouts I thought I was going to pass out :( I was so glad to get sat in the car with a cold drink.

Abi is now on Summer holiday from school and is so happy to finally be off! We are very proud of her as she has been chosen to become a school ambassador from September:) Those who have been chosen are on trial until Christmas and if they do a good enough job they continue.

Well that's all my ramblings for today lol! I have just listed the bits I had up for sale on my blog on Ebay so hoping they will sell!

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend.

Take care everyone!




Jackie said...

Great projects!

I'm a new stitcher and have a big for me project in the works and have finished one ornie. I can see how big projects get a bit daunting. I enjoy the process so much but still enjoy a finish every now and then. I might start another ornie soon. I can't imagine the time a HAED takes.

Susan said...

I was glad to be of assistance with Shores - it's funny how I just had an epiphany about yours while I was working on mine last week :)

Your scissor keep finish is really cute! Love the penguin!

Lelia said...

wonderful finish --- excellent progress on your other projects

jane said...

Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better Sally, hope you continue to improve. I love your liitle penguin needlebook and Shores is looking good.

Lesleyanne said...

Great progress on your WIPS. Your scissor keep penquin is gorgeous. Hope you continue improve healthwise.

Christine said...

Your Mr penguinee finish is beautiful Sally

Barb said...

Woohoo Sally another finish,He is rather cute but I am just not into penguins, so sorry Christine if you are reading this ,I did not do it.
Looking forward to your finish of the fob Sally I finished mine this week and tonight I have decided I am going to the bottom of the class as I started Thisbe fob and did step 2 where step 1 should be so I am leaving it so it wont look like anyone elses!

Tomorrow its Janes night ohhh goody, as I like that one.Well I like them all but some more than others . Did you know tsg has another new Janeite design being launched tomorrow. OOPS!this is now a note not a comment. Hugs sweetie hope you have still got that smile.x

Christina said...

I LOVE Mr Penguinee, I simply have to stitch him for a friend of mine who is mad about penguins! I've never made a scissor keep before, another finish I must push myself to try, I'm getting into a rut with my finishes!
I can see where you're coming from with the HAED. Luckily, I've never been tempted by one of their designs, I don't think my temperament would cope well with stitching one!

Mylene said...

Congrats on finishing the monthly SAL, it looks beautiful and both progress are coming along great.

Congratulations to Abi!!

Elaine said...

Your penguin is so adorable Sally, I just love it! Your wips are coming along beautifully as well.
Glad to hear you are feeling a little better.
Good luck on ebay. Hugs!

An itch to cross stitch.. said...

The little penguin is very cute! well done on the finish.
The hummingbird is so beautiful, I love that piece.
I hope you are feeling better.

WendyCarole said...

love the penguin.
Agree that you should enjoy your stitching. I am sure you will go back to Guardian.

Michelle said...

Sally - love work on your WIPs. The penquin is just so cute. Your stitching inspires me. Love Michelle x

staci said...

Love your penguin scissor holder, it's a wonderful finish! As always, you always get so much stitching done~~I'm in awe!

Happy Summer Abi!!!

Hazel said...

Wow great job on the quaker penguin!! Loving your wips. Congrats to your dd. xx

pat said...

the little penquin is wonderful !!!
very very nice
ciao Pat

doris said...

Very cute penguin, and your progress on other projects is great.

Hope you're feeling 100% soon!

Always smiling said...

Lovely stitching, well done and I know what its like to have a WIP that has to become a UFO!!

Chris x

Kajsa said...

Beautiful stitching! Mr Penguin is so cute!

Olenka's Stitches said...

Your Chatelaine Spring Morning is so pretty and congrats on the lovely scissor keep finish.

Berit said...

OMG such lovely work--love that smart finish on the Penguin!

I'm keeping you in my thoughts that you'll be feeling much better soon. ;)

Julie said...

Mr Penguinee is great, nice finish - i never even got mine started this month.

Why is it another stitcher can just look as a project and spot a mistake when the person stitching it can have looked and looked forever and not spotted it, i always ask Cindy to look at mine, she spots it immediately LOL

Heather said...

Oh wow Sally, I love that penguin and I absolutely love how you have finished it. Congratulations.

Suzanne said...

This is a beautiful finish, nice progress on the other pieces.