Thursday, 5 August 2010

More Winter Wingding and Stuff!

I decided yesterday to do some finishing up. Blue Ribbon Designs Winter Wingding had been wallowing in my finishing pile since I finished the stitching a while ago as I couldn't decide how to finish it. Anyway I decided on a simple pillow finish so out came my sewing machine. For all it's a simple finish I am rather pleased with this. Please excuse my photos in this post as it's been rather dull and I've struggled with the photo editing program I'm using.

Another one that has been waiting to be finished is Just Nan 4 Wishes. Like my other JN finishes I've used a simple bell pull finish. I have run out of space on my JN wall so this one will have to go on another wall!

Finally I stitched this little fob up when I stitched the LHN Needle and Thread Scissor Bed a while ago but never got around to adding the cording so that was another job for yesterday and is now complete :)

I've had two more finishes this week so I'm rather happy! I think I have missed having a good few finishes and now that I'm getting quite a few it makes stitching on the bigger pieces easier! If that makes sense. Anyway first finish is Just A Thought Sampler Garden Casket and Accessories. Obviously this now needs making up but it might be a good idea for me to wait until I am on my own to do it. I have loved stitching this and I just hope I can do the piece justice when it comes to making it up.

Just A Thought Sampler Garden Casket

32 count Belfast linen

DMC and Threadworx

Started 28th March 2010

Finished 1st August 2010

My final finish for today is...... wait for it........ a Halloween ornament! Yes I will have at least one ornament on that black tree! Not made up yet but that will happen soon lol. I would like to try and get some nice bright ribbon for it.

Raise The Roof Boo Whoo ( JCS Halloween issue 2008)

Possibly a Jayne's Attic fabric

DMC thread & JABC Buttons

Started sometime in 2009!

Finished 4th August 2010.

Onto my WIPs now :) I didn't quite get blocks 6 & 7 finished on CHS Shores of Hawk Run Hollow but it was close so I should get it finished this weekend then I can move onto block 8. I am not so bothered if I don't get a block a month done on this. It was my plan but I am just wanting to enjoy it rather than think that I must finish it :) If it's not finished by the end of the year I shall just hold off starting my big piece for next year then it'll give me more time to save up and collect the charts!

Monday evening was my  Jane Austen SAL with Barb which I look forward to every week. I had the DMC that I'd run out of so the verse is now finished as is the ship and I have sea too!!! So now you can linger and gaze at the sea lol! I just love Tanya's Jane inspired designs.

Lastly and a little closer to a finish is Chatelaine Spring Morning. Once I've finished all the stitching there are a lot of beads to sew on so that'll probably be a good afternoon's work. I prefer to sit at the dining table when I sew beads on incase I spill them!

So what's next? Well I have decided to replace the casket with Blackbird Designs Their Song which Nicola kindly sent me last year when she had stitched it. It was a bit of a toss up between that and Shepherd's Bush Emmanuel's Song, which Barb kindly sent me, but I decided on Their Song because I've had it the longest then once that is done I'll make a start on Emmanuel's Song. Last night I made a small start on my SB roll for this month and I chose Violet which is really pretty. I'll continue to stitch on that tonight then once it's done I'll be starting LHN Holly and Berries I think.

I have added The Cat's Whiskers For My Friend Scissor Case chart ( gently used) to my for sale page so it's there with Just Nan 4 Wishes and M Designs Reindeer Needleroll and Sampler. Please email me ( in my profile) if you are interested:)

It looks very much as though my days of being a SAHM are numbered but I have to admit that going back out to work after nearly 16 years is scaring the hell out of me and also I am scared that I won't be able to find a job and wondering what hell we'll do if I can't. We need another wage coming in as we can no longer manage on DH's wage alone. So when DH goes back to work after his holiday I'll be job hunting. I can't say that I'm too happy about it as I wanted to do this on my terms not being forced because everything is going sky high beyond what so many of us can afford, but I know we're not the only ones in this situation. So no stashing for me unless I have pennies in my PP account! Good job I have plenty to stitch but I'll be putting some bits on my Christmas list lol!!!!

Well it's time I stopped waffling on and got caught up on blogs.

Take care everyone!




KarenV said...

Sally, you've been so busy! I love your Winter pillow finish, it turned out so well and the JN bellpull looks lovely too!

Congratulations on getting the casket stitching done, that will be really beautiful when it's all made up. Love the cute little fob - that bird is so sweet and you're making great progress on your WIPs, as always.

Good luck with the job hunting - I need to find something to replace my school hours and I'm not looking forward to getting down to it either.

Heather said...

Loving all of your finishes Sally, well done.

I love that hummingbird on your Chatelaine, it's beautiful.

You should get yourself a little market stall and make and sell some wonderful handmade goodies and I want commission for coming up with the idea!!!

Lesleyanne said...

Congratulations on your finishes. They are all beautiful as are your WIPs. Good luck with the job hunting.

WendyCarole said...

great fineshes.

good luck with the job hunt

Tracy J said...

All of your pieces are gorgeous, as always!

I always keep my beads in a little case such as a tiny altoids tin with double sided tape on the bottom and sides.

Gillie said...

Crikey, lady, the post went on and on! Everything is lovely as always. Loved the little cut and snip fob. Is it an LHN, wasn't sure?

Good luck with the job market, look them straight in the eye and smile, they will love you!

Hazel said...

Stunning finishes and wips sally. I love the little scissor fob - so cute. Sorry to hear you're having to go look for work. :( Hopefully you will find something you feel comfortable doing. x

valerie said...

Wow, you've been very busy! Great finishes. I especially love your Winter Wingding pillow...those corner bows are so cute!

Good luck with the job hunting!

Elisa said...

Wow you have been busy, some fab finishes and great WIP's there Sally....

Mylene said...

Great job on the finishes Sally. All looks gorgeous!!

Angela said...

Love the finishes. Your stitching is coming along so well that I reckon that finishing pile will soon be growing again.

Good luck with the job search.

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness you have been busy. Your stitching always inspires me - well done. Good luck with the job hunting. Michelle x

Elaine said...

Wonderful finishes Sally, I just love that cute owl! Great progress on all your wips.
Good luck on the job hunting.

Terri said...

Beautiful finishes and stitching as always Sally. I love them all.

jane said...

lovely finishes Sally, I think the pillow finish for Winter Wingding looks stunning!
If you are slowing down a little with Shores I might catch up a bit, I am enjoying stitching it again now and I think that is because I am taking my time with it.
Good luck with the job hunting - it must be daunting after so long out of the job market but you have lots to offer.

Michele B. said...

Wow - the pillow is picture perfect! All of your finishes look wonderful (I adore that little fob)- I don't know how you get it all done. You will make someone a terrific employee - just don't settle for a job unless it's something you really want to do. I'm sending you lots of positive thoughts about your situation - it hits very close to home.

Jackie said...

Wow! You've been so very busy and getting a LOT accomplished. Congratulations!

Good luck on the job hunt. I'm sorry you aren't able to re-enter the work force on your own terms. Look for something that you'll enjoy!

Carol said...

You are such a prolific stitcher, Sally! Each piece is so pretty. I especially like 4 Wishes...

Best of luck job hunting. I returned to work 14 years ago after being off for 10 years and it was the best decision I made. I love my job and co-workers so much :)

Dovilė said...

I like your Winter pillow in blue :)

Barb said...

Well good morning my friend, I just love the pillow you finished wingding into. Four wishes looks great on the hanger hmmm perhaps that could be my ufo.I WANT cut n snip its lovely , oh just so cute.
Your casket knowing your finishing will be adorable,and I did linger and gaze at JA piece, both at same sort of stage me thinks.
The humming bird in spring morning is just perfection- trying to use as many superlatives as i can here lol.Look forward to seeing the roll I am hoping to start In my Garden one next.
Loved the post Sally, but I was sorry to hear about the going back to work thing, it seems as if just ordinary day living seems to go up every week now. I hope you dont have to do full time , shame you cannot use your needlework skills but then maybe it would be a chore and not a joy.
What will be will be sweetie ,try not to worry .
Hugs as always

An itch to cross stitch.. said...

Well done on all your lovely WIP's Sally, they are great. The pillow is gorgeous, well done on such a great finish.
The little owl made me smile. :-)

Cindy's Stitching said...

Love the pillow. You have been busy. All of the pieces are so pretty.

Berit said...

Beautiful stitching! :o I love the bell-pull finish for this piece. :D

staci said...

As always your update is full of gorgeous stitching and finishing, but my absolute favorite is that fob!

Best of luck with the job hunting. I know exactly what you mean about the need for a second income and the fear of going back to the workplace!

Christine said...

Great finishes Sally, the Winter Wingdings cushion is gorgeous!

Good luck with your job search

Rachael said...

How about I send my pile to you to finish for me as well LOL
Good luck on the job hunting, I have to look as well soon, that's why I started volunteering for the Cats protection at the local adoption centre, also in the onsite shop, to get my confidence back.Plus it'll look good on my CV.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sally, congrats on finding your "finishative" and getting a number of projects wrapped up and hanging!!! Beautiful job on all of them!

Congrats on finishing your casket and accessories, and that over one humming bird on your Chatelaine is devine!

Sorry to hear you have to go back to work! You're going to loose so much stitching time, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

Carol said...

You've been a busy bee again Sally, your finishes are lovely, the LHN fob is so sweet! I think it's time I should delve into my finishing box again!

Lots of luck with finding a job, the thought of it would scare me too!

Ellen said...

Beautiful pillow, love it. The Just Nan bellpull is just as lovely! Congrats on finishing the Casket(my favourite).

Good luck with your job hunting. Yes, it scary after not working for so many years. I have not worked for 8 years and it scares me thinking about work. Think positive and you will be fine, take care.


Laura said...

Hi Sally! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am glad you did as now I have found your blog and like it very much!!!!! Have a great weekend!!!

Brigitte said...

Wow, Sally, you were on a finishing spree. The results are just gorgeous, both of the finishes and the finish-finishes, lol.
Good luck with your job-hunting.

Suzanne said...

Congratulations on all your wonderful finishes. I love the little scissor fob, it's very cute.