Sunday, 29 August 2010

A Sweet View

I had a very enjoyable week stitching and a very enjoyable visit to Chris on Friday :) First of all the piece I stitched on Monday through Thursday and have just had the sewing machine out this afternoon to finish it up into a simple hanging pillow. As I said in my last post Barb and I decided to stitch a small Sampler Girl piece until we start the Jane Austen Sampler Stocking tomorrow and she lent me A Sweet View to stitch. This was such an enjoyable piece so I had to keep going until I finished it. It was a real joy so big thanks to Tanya for such a beautiful design.  The flowers and word sweet should have been stitched in DMC 400 but I wanted something a little more pinky/ red so I chose GAST Antique Rose which came out perfectly:)

The Sampler Girl A Sweet View

Sassy's Fabbys 28 count Khaki


Started 23rd August 2010

Finished 26th August 2010.

Thank you so much Barb for lending me the chart :) I will be returning it to you shortly. I am very much looking forward to our new start tomorrow:)

On Friday I finally got through to visit Chris. We had planned it twice before and I ended up having to cancel both times because I was under the weather. This time I decided that no matter what I was going as I'm sick of whatever this thing is ruining my day to day life. Silly me panicked on the bus though and got off a stop earlier than I should have done. Chris was waiting in her car near the next stop, saw my bus go past and not stop and was wondering where I was!!!! I could see her car as I walking along so starting rushing as I thought she might drive off without me!!! Anyway we had a brilliant day. We'd decided to have a go at making fabric covered boxes as Chris had some box kits that she'd been given but we couldn't work out if they were complete or not so sort of made it up as went along! She had a lovely book that we could refer to to make things a bit easier for us but I was amazed at just how easy it was to do. I had taken some fabric with me but Chris had some fabric samples so we used those instead seen as this was our first attempt. Neither of us got our boxes finished before I had to leave to catch my bus home so I finished mine yesterday. The lid does not fit too well as when I was trying to get the fabric hinge inbetween the lid pieces I must have got it slightly off square but I am very happy with it for a first attempt. I have had a look through my charts and have decided to stitch something to add to the lid but that won't get done just yet as I have other things that need stitching first. Chris was very cruel though and wouldn't let me have my lunch until I'd stuck the fabric to the sides of my box!!!! Lol! Thank you so much for your hospitality, Chris, I had a brilliant time and hope we can do it again soon. It has given me a bit  more confidence to make up my casket so you may see that soon but in the meantime here's my box:)

Last Sunday I stitched on Blackbird Designs Their Song. I love this piece so much and look forward to stitching it on each week. Maybe I can lots more done tonight!

I don't stitch on Chatelaine Spring Morning on a Tuesday evening now as I'm onto the beading so I started that on Tuesday afternoon instead then I can sit at the table. I know full well if I sit on the sofa I will have beads everywhere and never find them again! So this picture if three afternoon's beading ( Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!) Please remind me next time I stitch a piece with lots of beads on to bead as I go along!! I am sick of the sight of them but I think after a few days break I will be happy to get back to it!

Finally Shores. Block 8 is still going well and I have actually managed not to make any mistakes on this one! Lots of filling in now so that should go fairly quick.

Yesterday I had a comment on my blog from Laura letting me know that I had won her giveaway:) Laura had picked up the LHN Falala ornament chart at the House of Stitches garage sale to offer up on her blog. I am so happy to have won this chart so thank you so much Laura. I look forward to stitching it in time to put it on my tree this Christmas:)

Abi picked up her two early GSCE results on Tuesday and was so happy that she got an A in Spanish and a C in RE. She is going to continue doing Spanish and has also decided to do another year in RE rather than use the time for other work. She takes her Maths GCSE in November then all the others in May/ June next year. We are so proud of her for doing so well.

Finally Jess is moving into her student house so there's stuff everywhere! I just hope no one gets up in the night to use the bathroom and forgets her cases are on the landing!!! Abi has had a good cry this afternoon as she doesn't want her to go. I have to admit that I'm not looking forward to it either but we have to let go sooner or later and we should be used to it when she's had a year away already. We are lucky in that she's not that far away and if she wants to come home she's only about an hour and a half away on the bus.

I can't believe it's 1st September on Wednesday. My stitching plans for September are an SB needleroll ( of course!), LHN Holly and Berries and a Halloween ornament at least, as well as the WIP I have. Hopefully Chatelaine Spring Morning will get finished early September then I'll move onto my other long term UFO which is the Chatelaine Christmas mystery from way back when! This is the last picture I can find of it on my blog.

Time for me to go now and do some veg for Sunday dinner:) It's a nasty, blustery day up here today and we keep getting some heavy showers so a nice Sunday lunch is definitely the order of the day!

I am a bit behind on blogs but I promise to catch up and see what you've all been up to soon. Take care and thank you all for your friendship.




staci said...

Darling ornament Sally! So glad that you had a wonderful time with your friend!

Jackie said...

It sounds like you had a great day and your box is beautiful!

Lesleyanne said...

Glad you had a good day with Chris. Congratulations on your box. Love your little ornament and your progress on your WIPs.

jane said...

Love the ornament and your box is great! I had to smile when you were describing your bus journey - that is exactly the kind of thing I do, I thought it was just me!!
Love your BD piece too and Shores is coming on really well.

Barb said...

OH WOW!!!! LOVE the Sweet View, I am way behind you with a turn around the garden so still searching for my view lol.. Just got my fabby out for the stocking argh its not big enough, will look in the fabric box tomorrow and fingers crossed for me finding some,or it may have to wait until I can order some from Sew and So.
Sounds as if you had a fab day with Chris and the box for your first attempt looks good to me. How on earth do you manage to stitch so quickly ,you get so much achieved in a week!! Will be in touch soon sweetie

Hazel said...

Gorgeous finish. Great you finally managed to get to see Chris. Sometimes you got to do these things - afraid if needbe. xx

Carol said...

What a nice day with Chris! It is always fun to have a friend along to give you confidence when trying something new. Your box looks great, Sally, as do all your other WIPs and that darling Sampler Girl ornament. I like the antique rose color that you ended up using on it--very pretty :)

Ellen said...

Wow, lovely pillow! You always have so much accomplished. I love stitching but not so much the finishing.

Love your fabric box. I also love boxes and still taking lessons from a Japanese teacher.

Love your wips, great progress!


mbroider said...

Good luck to Jess!! and to Abi too to be able to live 'away' from Jess!!

Today, was my son's first day in school, and boy was he upset and crying and bawling when it was time to leave him with the kids...

Claire said...

Lovely ornament Sally x

Claire x

pat said...

very good works !!
ciao Pat

Christina said...

Oh I'd love to have a stitching day with a friend, but I only have my mam who stitches! And she's more into card making these days.
I totally understand how upset you are at seeing your DD go off to Uni. I had a near panic attack the other day at the thought of my own daughter wanting to go to Uni...she's only just turned two! I guess the feelings never change, they're always your baby. I attended Uni myself and absolutely loved it, but I can't bare the thought of Iris being that independent and grown up!
Your box is looking great. I look forward to seeing it completed.

Solstitches said...

What a lovely post Sally!
I hardly know where to begin but I love the little pillow you made from Tanya's design.
Loved hearing about your cartonnage day with Chris. The box turned out great. I would love to be able to do this.
Beautiful WIPS as always and well done to your daughter on her results!

Brigitte said...

Oh, another Sampler Girl finish, and it's so sweet. And beautifully finished.
Congratulations on finishing that box. That's what has been on my mind for quite a while but I haven't had the courage to just start making such a box. So far. Yours looks so great, very motivating.
It's always a big step when one of the kids leaves the house. But you will get used to it rather soon.

Christine said...

Sweet View is beautiful. I've never tried making a box, but having seen how well yours has come out I might have to give it a go

Elaine said...

Sweet View is such a pretty finish Sally and your box looks fab.
Lovely progress on your wips.
Congrats to Abi on her results and good luck to Jess on her next year.

Siobhan said...

I'm glad to hear that your daughter got such great results! I hope that your other daughter has a smooth transition. Mine leaves in a few weeks and is still trying to sort out accomodation--much drama and tears happening here. I will miss her but it will be nice when she takes ALL her stuff with her--and I can get into the hall closet again!!

Love the ornament, and your WIPs! The box that you made looks great. I'm glad you had a good time!

Kajsa said...

Cute ornament and the box is darling too! Sounds like your DD's are doing great.

Rachael said...

Got you got to meet up with Chris eventually, great box!!
Well done Abi on her early gcse marks.
It was a miserable day on Sunday wasn't it. But it's lovely atm!

Sharon said...

Love your pillow, it's lovely. Congrats to Abi for doing so well. Your box looks great. I am sure I would not have done that well.

Cindy F. said...

Your blog is like a treasure chest!!
Beautiful stitching...beautiful heart:) (((HUGS)))

Heather said...

What a lovely box Sally and your ornament is beautiful.

Suzanne said...

Nice finish, I love this design! I think you did an excellent job with the box, it looks great.