Wednesday, 17 October 2007

The You Make Me Smile Award

I have just received the "you make me smile award" from Teejay at The Passion of My Needle and the rules are I have to pass it on to 10 people who make me smile. It certainly isn't going to be easy to pick just 10 but I will do my best:) Thanks Teejay for thinking of me:) You are so sweet:)

Lizzy at A Stitcher's Ramblings From Under The Willow Tree

Becky at Beckybee's Stitching Hive

Julie at Julie's Stitching Journal

Karen at Little Cat Blogs

Juls at A Fairy Princess Dreams

Gill at Chewed Away

Su at Contemplating My Needle and Thread

Karen at Karen's Place in Webspace

Ranae at The Needle and I

Andrea at The Craft Room

There are so many lovely blogs out there it was difficult to pick and I apologise that I had to miss so many {{{{hugs}}}}


Julie said...

awwww do i really, except when i'm moaning LOL ..... thanks

Ranae said...

Hi! sally, Thanks so much for the award. You make me smile too.
I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the great stitching you do.

Gill said...

Oh gosh, I'm really flattered! :) Thanks so much!

Susimac said...

Oh Heavens - I am so sorry I missed your award I am so chuffed too that you thought of me thankyou so very much!