Thursday, 11 October 2007

Slight Trip Up and Other Stuff!

I have no stitching to show today but thought I'd blog just quickly:) I have almost finished Just Nan Spring in the Air and should get the last few stitches and beads done tonight providing I can stay off this darn PC! Once that is done I'll finish off part 10 of Chatelaine Christmas Mystery IV before moving onto Papillon Creations Serendipity. If I finish that before the end of my rotation I'll probably go back to the Christmas ornament as I'll have had a good rest from stitching on the linen then:) Then I'll have to sort out the next round of my rotation but I'm thinking of making it a short one this time and making it mostly small stuff other than the two HAEDs. Speaking of HAEDs I am taking down the poll now and there is a winner! LOL! Putting together the results from the HAED forum and the poll on here the winner is.................... ( drum roll please!) Winter! Yes I know there will be some of you who will be disappointed that it's not Guardian ( waving at ya Paula!) but he will be coming out to play again in a while. I'd like to get a fair bit done, if I can, on Winter as it's nearly a year since I started her and I've not even managed three pages yet which is rather bad! I think I have just had too much on the go which is why it might just be a good idea to have a smaller rotation for a while! I'm certainly not giving up on the rotation as it's worked really well for me:)

Thank you to everybody who has entered the drawing for the pillow in my last post. I'll pick out a winner on Monday:)

I ordered my fabby for Just Nan Queen of the Needle yesterday from Polstitches. I looked at a few before I decided for definite to go with Dusky Rose. It should be OK for the design. God knows how long it'll take to get here with the postal strikes ( I won't get started on that!) but I'm hoping it won't be long:)

Well I have had slight trip up on the chart wagon:( Only slight and I do feel a bit guilty but when I explain I know you lovely stitchers will agree with me! LOL! In my obsession mission to get the Needleprint Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler ( still no luck {sob}) I found myself looking longily at the Needleprint website and fell in love with the Sarah Moon sampler. Well it was sold out so I thought there's no way I'm waiting until December then not being able to find it anywhere so off I went to Needlecraft Corner, found it on there, emailed Drema to see if she still had, which she did, so I have ordered it. Again I don't know how long it'll take to get here with the postal strikes ( can you tell I'm miffed about the strikes?!) So it's only a slight trip up and well within reason I think, don't you? LOL!

I am a wee bit worried about Abigail at the moment. I took her to the doctors last week as she had a really bad throat and had lost her voice ( it's been heaven! LOL!). Anyway she was given an antibiotic and the practice nurse said she should be getting better in a couple of days. Well she has now finished the antibiotic and is no better really so I'm taking her back after school. Those of you who knew me pre-blogger days on MSN Spaces will know that she had glandular fever a few years ago ( she was only just 10 so was rather young to have this) so I am worrying that this could be a recurrance of it, although it is doubtful I guess after nearly three years. Perhaps the infection is just being stubborn but I need to put our minds at rest and rule out the GF rearing it's ugly head again. Please keep your finger's crossed for her.

Well time I went and fetched my washing in I think. It's looking a bit dull out there. Thanks for reading:)


Karen said...

I hope Abi gets on ok tonight and she recovers fast

Mindi said...

I really hope Abigail gets better soon. Congrats on finding Sarah Moon and hopefully you'll be able to get BP some way or another.

Stitcher said...

I have my fingers crossed, and can't wait to see your JN
Hugs to you and yours

Ranae said...

I do hope Abi gets feeling better.
Thanks for the Needleprint link, dont think I've seen that one.
Take care!

Julie said...

Hope the visit to the Dr's went OK for Abi. LOL your new purchase, but i'll keep quiet about the postal strikes otherwise this post will be about as long as yours on the blog LOL

Kajsa said...

Can't wait to see Spring is in the air! I got Sarah Moon recently too, it's such a pretty sampler.

I think it's easier to find chickens teeth then the Beatrix Potter. Good luck!

chiloe said...

I hope your daughter will feel better.

I guess all (obsessed) stitchers hate postal strikes! lol I hope you can get your mail quickly to stop agonizing !!! ;-)

Claire said...

Looking forward to seeing your next rotation and Winter being stitched.

Hope Abigail soon gets on the road to recovery.


Paula said...

Sally what do you mean Guardian didn't could he not win???? *****sob sob***** lol

Aw poor Abi, hopefully it's nothing and she's ok. How did you get on at the docs last night? Keeping everything crossed for her that she's fine and it's nothing too serious.

Hugs and happy stitching...oh and happy voting...don't forget to keep voting Sally!!! lol