Thursday, 23 February 2012

A Finish, IHSW Update and Other Stuff!

This post may be a little picture heavy seen as I haven't updated in a week. Our phone line is working fine ( fingers crossed it stays that way as we got two days out of it last time before it went again!) so I should be able to update more often. It's been half term this week too and although we haven't really done much we've been busy every day with opticians for Abi, dentist for us both, hospital appointment for me and a retail therapy day yesterday as I had birthday money left to spend.

First stitchy photo has to be my finish! I started this before Christmas on a whim as I just wanted a new start. I really shouldn't have done as I had enough on at the time and in recent weeks I've been pretty desperate to get it finished. I took it to craft club with me a few weeks ago and one of the ladies said I had plenty of time to get it finished for next Christmas!

Country Cottage Needleworks Snowflake Serenade

32 count cobblestone linen


Started 18th November 2011

Finished 16th February 2012

I nearly forgot my second sort of finish! I finished my block on L*K 6 Fat Men, my SAL with Lisa. Only two more to go now including the long one at the bottom!

Lizzie*Kate 6 Fat Men Snow House

32 count Permin Amber Linen


Started 17th January 2012

Finished 21st February 2012

Last weekend I took part in my first IHSW and also incorporated my first WIP night on The Superstar Serial Starters and Divine Disciplined Divas page on Facebook. I stitched on about 4 things over the IHSW weekend although I can only show 3. Friday out came HAED Guardian and I managed about 120 stitches. Not much to show really but progress nevertheless:)

Saturday I finished the house on BBD AotH Swan Lake and almost got the swan stitched when I realised I'd made a mistake and had to frog it! 

Sunday I made good progress on Heartstring Samplery I Sew'd My Heart. This photo really does not do this justice. I couldn't get a good one and the fabric colour is definitely not true to life as it's vintage country mocha which is my absolute favourite fabric.

Hmmm what else I have been stitching on? Oh yes Monday night was SB SAL night with Barb and Colleen. I almost had a happy dance but it didn't quite happen so hopefully next Monday :) This one is Simple Joys and it is turning out so simple but pretty.

So that's all I can show you. I did start and almost finish The Primitive Hare May Love but I can't show that until after 1st March as it's a contest piece. Also started a gift last night which I'll continue with tonight. I didn't go to craft club this week so no progress on my tree for the Christmas All Year Round SAL. I think I might be a bit late finishing this one this month but I'll give it a good go when I'm there next week! 

I treated myself last week to one of Nancy of Victorian Motto's grab bags of hand dyed trims. Let me tell you I was highly delighted with it and would recommend them to anyone. I always struggle, living in a rural area, to find nice coloured trims etc so these are wonderful for me. Nancy is a sweetheart to deal with too.

As I said earlier I was at the hospital on Tuesday for my gynae appointment. I have a small bladder prolapse which causes me quite a lot of discomfort and after being prodded and poked it was decided that I would have surgery. I go in on 9th May and hopefully will only be in a day or two. As far as I know recovery is 4 to 6 weeks so I see plenty of stitching time during the day with no guilt! I know come the time I will be so nervous but it needs doing. 

I think that's all from me for now. Until next time keep stitching!

With much love



Vickie Niggemann said...

Wow Sally, that was a lot of stitching to share. It looks beautiful. I have prayed that you will be comfortable until your surgery date. :)

cucki said...

wowwwwww i love all your finishes so much,,they all so sweet..and your wip are so lovely too..
sending you big are in my prayers..
love cucki xx

Margaret said...

Good luck with that surgery. You have to wait quite a while for it. I hope you're not in too much pain or discomfort in the meantime.

What a lot of stitching! Beautiful work as usual! Congratulations on the finish too.

Paula said...

Woohooooo Sally love your stitchy updates and I LOVE finish love it, and congrats on the finish it's gorgeous. Did you stitch over 2??

Well done on joining us on our WIP night with MY Guardian :-) He is fabulous. I will remind you when the next WIP night is coming up in March. It's a great way of pulling something from the stash out.

Congrats on all your stitchy progress it's all gorgeous as always, you do such lovely stitching
Hugs to you.....

Patty C. said...

Awesome - love the first ccn finish !!!!!!So beautiful ;)

Best wishes for a successful surgery!

Catherine said...

Wishing you all the best with your surgery. Hopefully you will not bein too much discomfort until then and have a speedy recovery.
Wow! All of your stitchy projects look wonderful! Congratulations on the finish as well!

♥ Nia said...

lovely stitching :) congrats on your finish!! :D

Christina said...

Snowflake Serenade is a lovely finish - I really like the fabric you've chosen to stitch it on.
I think it's totally normal to get nervous before a hospital visit - just try to focus on how well you'll feel after the op, and an excellent excuse for more stitching while you recover! :0)

CJ in OK ;-) said...

Wow so much stitching going on and it's all great. Love a post with lots of photos. Happy Stitching CJ in OK ;-)

Ruth said...

Well done on all your finishes Sally they are lovely, I think the Snowflake Serenade is my favourite.
Best of luck with your surgery and I hope your not in to much main or discomfort until then.

Shirlee said...

Wonderful projects Sally! I have that Snowflake Serenade in my to-do file but will be avoiding it for some time because of all that white. I had enough stress doing Frosty to last me a while : ) Blessings, Shirlee

Anonymous said...

I could never, ever have more taht one project in hand at the time. I do admire you and others like, that are able to do that. :-)
Hope all goes smoothly until the surgery. Now that you know for sure, it may be easier to deal with!
Best regards

Hazel said...

Gorgeous finish on your Snowflake. Lovely progress made - you have done the six fat men very quickly. Hope the op goes well. x

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

More gorgeous stitching and finishing, Sally! I really like how Winter Wonderland turned out. All ready for next Christmas. :) Good for you!


Julie said...

Super finis,. Fat men are looking great too.
Hope all goes well for the surgery, not too long to wait which is good news considering some waiting lists.
Nice to see Guardian again.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Beautiful finish, Sally! All your other projects look great, too!
Good luck with the surgery; I'm sure you'll do great and feel so much better after.

Autumn said...

Love your finishes. I too recently stitched the snowflake serenade. Loved it!

Ellen said...

Snowflake Serenade is gorgeous! Love the progress on your wips too!

All the best with your surgery!


jane said...

Lovely stitching Sally, you have been busy! I got one of Nancy;'s grab bags after you recommended her and I love it, she was so helpful too.
Hope all goes well with the surgery and that the waiting time passes quickly. (((hugs)))

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Love all your WIPs and Snowflake Serenade is absolutely stunning! Good luck on your surgery--I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Angela said...

First, congrats on your lovely finish! I love all of your projects :) I hope everything goes well leading up to your surgery.

Barb said...

Okay Sally one word for your post -

Deborah said...

Lots of wonderful stitching! Your CCN finish is beautiful.

Christine said...

Great snowmen finishes, and its nice to see Guardian rejoining the rota.
Good luck with your surgery

Kate said...

You have been extra busy with the needles Sally - snowflake serenade is fabulous and your fat men are looking great.
Good result getting the surgery agreed, and not too long to wait.

valerie said...

Congrats on your snowmen finishes. They both look fantastic. I love it when you pull out Guardian. It looks stunning! Wonderful stitching Sally! I hope everything goes well up to the surgery date and to think of all the stitching time with no guilt!

Are you stitching Simple Joys with 1 or 2 strands? I am doing Merry Be with two and already running out of floss for some colors. 1 strand on 30 count isn't enough coverage for me!

Elisa said...

Great finish Sally, well done on that. Your WIPs are looking fab too.

All the best for your op!

Michelle said...

I will be thinking of you with your Op Sally but envious of all the lovely stitching time you will have. Swan Lake is looking stunning and I adore the Heartstring Samplery design xx

Ranae said...

I just love your finish, the cobblestone linen is beautiful
The WIP's are all looking great.
I hope you dont have too much discomfort until the surgery
Take care!!!

Blu said...

Snowflake Serenade looks amazing. Love the cobblestone linen.

Good luck with the surgery.

Jennifer M. said...

You made lots of progress didn't you? That was me this past weekend too. I love that CCN design you finished. That one is on my list of want to do's too.

Good Luck with your surgery. :)


Carol said...

So many lovely finishes and WIPs, Sally--especially love your first one on that wonderful grey linen. Just gorgeous.

Oh, I hope you aren't too uncomfortable in the remaining months until you have your operation... Will be thinking of you!

Joysze said...

Sally, you were a busy hermitters!!! Gorgeous stitching. :D

Congrats on the finish, and I hope you'll be comfy till the surgery.

Lesleyanne said...

Snowflake Serenade is gorgeous Sally. Congrats on the finish. Love your Six Fat Men. Your wips are looking great. Good luck with the op.

Beth Pearce said...

I not really for sure, but I think that Snowflake Serenade is my all time favorite of your pieces. Of course, next time I see another I will change my mind! - LOL

Please take care of yourself before and especially after your surgery. I am glad that you are taking care of it, and I know you will be after it is done!

WendyCarole said...

Great stitching, snowflake serenade is wonderful.

Lynn said...

Wow, you've done some wonderful stitching! Congrats on your CCN finish, it's lovely!
I hope your upcoming surgery goes well. I know you'll be much more comfortable following it.

Kathy Ellen said...

Wonderful photos of all your stitching! 'Winter Wonderland' is really beautiful, and I love 'Snowflake Serenade' too.

Hope that you can manage to be comfortable until your upcoming surgery in May. Having been through something similar a few years ago, I can definitely empathize with you.

Blessings for you!

Anne said...

Lovely finish Sally! It will look so beautiful framed up and ready for Christmas! You really have been stitching up a storm!!

Sending prayers for you when you have surgery. I hope that you will be okay.


Veronica said...

Whoa! Your needles sure have been smoking. I absolutely love, love, love your Snowflake Serenade. Gorgeous finish!

Wonderful progress on 6 Fat Man too. I'm starting this in April... so looking forward to it.

Yay for your first IHSW. Here's to many more to come :)


Michele B. said...

It's always such fun to see your finishes and your WIPs - you have such an interesting blog! I love how Snowflake Serenade turned out. I'm sorry you have to wait a few months for your surgery - hope the time flies by and you'll be more comfortable soon.

Siobhán said...

Sally, what gorgeous stitching! I am always so impressed and motivated by seeing what you get stitched. You make me want to run and stitch stitch stitch!! I know it's not fun to have surgery but hopefully it'll solve all the problems. xo

Pumpkin said...

Congrats on your latest finish Sally! It looks awesome :o)

You've been very busy stitching I see. Want to send some of that mojo my way?

Good luck with your surgery. I hope you'll be comfortable until then.

Suzanne said...

I love your snowflake finish, it's beautiful. All your stitching is looking great.

I hope you fell ok until your surgery, there is nothing worse than having to wait so long.

Sharon said...

Your finish is lovely! I have had a thing for snowmen lately! Best wishes for you come surgery time. I know you will do great!