Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Couple of Shepherd's Bush Finishes

More Shepherd's Bush I hear you say!! Yes more Shepherd's Bush. What's a girl to do when it's one of her favourite designers and a SAL with two dear friends on a Monday evening??! 

I was just a few stitches short on finishing Simple Joys last week so couldn't resist adding those few stitches before the weekend and getting it made up.

Shepherd's Bush Simple Joys

32 count vintage country mocha linen

DMC ( subbed best I could!)

Started 13th February 2012

Finished 24th February 2012

I backed with a plain calico type fabric and edged it with Nancy's hand dyed ric rac stitched on with beads which Barb had leftover from the kit. 

Another SB i couldn't resist starting during the week was this one. Another one off my stitch from stash list.

Shepherd's Bush Sophie's Pincushion

32 count ivory murano

DMC ( again subbed best I could)

Started 22nd February 2012

Finished 25th February 2012

Again backed in simple calico fabric and trimmed with Nancy's hand dyed chenille trim.

One that I finished stitching just before Valentine's Day but didn't get finished in time. The old calico backing again and Nancy's hand dyed chenille! 

I'm frantically trying to get some gifts stitched as well as get my ornament for the Christmas All Year Round SAL done but the ornament will have to wait I think. I did get some done at craft club this morning but there was much chattering and some muttering to myself as I had to frog a bit too! I did have a new start for SB SAL night last night with Barb and Colleen. I wonder what Barb started after her happy dance last week. This is what I started.

Any ideas???? No? It's The Journey. Again I've subbed with DMC best I can and so far I love it. After much deliberation I decided to stitch it on 32 count vintage country peach linen. It was either that or the mocha one. I love these vintage country linens and could do with a whole stash of them! 

Almost forgot after ages of wondering what to do with my iStitch Mystery stitch and weeks of getting it made up this is what it turned into. Not too pleased with it if I'm honest. I could have done a much better job of it. I need to stitch the pincushion to go inside at some point. 

Remember I said I'd bought myself a trunk type box to keep my ribbons, trims etc in. Well this is it. Some of my ribbons etc are in it but they are just dumped in it at the moment! I need to have a good tidy of them.

Finally Abi bought herself a new camera last week as the one she had didn't do enough of what she needed and as she's hoping to take up photography as a career and is doing it in 6th form we thought it was a good investment for her and so did school as she got a £100 bursery to put towards it. So DH, Abi and I went out a couple of times last week taking photos. Saturday afternoon as the sun was setting we went off to Lissett, a little village not far North from us, where I shot this.

I have a little point and shoot camera and never imagined I could get anything like this.  I am so chuffed with this photo. This is a memorial to the airmen who flew out of the airfield there and lsot their lives. All their names are on there. It really makes you stand and think. It was quite spooky when we drove up to it as it looks so real and as you're walking away you find yourself looking back thinking you're being followed. You can read about it here

Have you all been looking at the Nashville Market releases?? I've had a look and have fallen in love with the Little House Needleworks/ Shakespeare's Peddler pattern pack. Both patterns are gorgeous and the pack contains enough threads to stitch both designs and also the trim for the heart. I must admit my clicky finger has almost got the better of me especially as Anita's Little Stitches has it on sale. I did think that it could be a treat and something to stitch while I'm recovering from my surgery but I feel like I'm letting myself down again so I'm going to be a good girl and wait!

Well that's all for today. Thank you for all your good wishes and hugs for my upcoming surgery. I can't wait to get it over with now. My pre-op assessment is on the 24th April so hoping that goes OK!

Take care everyone. 

Much love



Rachael G said...

Pretty finishes.
I love it when my camera takes some fab photos, but most of the time they don't come out like I want them to.

April said...

Hey Sally.. All you stitching finishs are beautiful! I love Nancy's trims!! They are so great!
I have things in my cart on Anita's Little stitches!! lol Hope your surgery goes great and you have a good recovery.

Diane (di) said...

Sally, everything is just beautiful (and I really like the iStitch Mystery). The SBs are gorgeous, too.

((hugs)) on your upcoming surgery.

jane said...

Beautiful stitching Sally - your finishes are lovely.
That's a great photo, I wish I could manage to even hold the camera straight..lol
I love that LHN/SP design too and I am very tempted!

Margaret said...

Lovely stitching as always! I love SB too! Love how you finished the SAL piece -- very nice! And I love that British flag box -- sooooo cool!

Nicola said...

Lovely finishes and wip Sally. Whenever I see your SB projects I think that I really must stitch some myself.

Good luck with your surgery!

Shirlee said...

Upcoming surgery? Did I miss something or is my memory failing me again? I will most certainly add you to my prayer list. All of your finishes are lovely as well as your new start! That's a cool trunk & your photo of the memorial turned out great I think! Blessings, Shirlee

Beth said...

You have been so very busy stitching! Wow - love all your Shepherd's Bush stitching and finishing and the Valentine too.

Karen said...

Your finishes are so cute. I {love} the Valentines with the chenille.... makes me want to go stitch it!

Love your photo too.... very neat image against the setting sun!

happy stitching...

~*Shar*~ said...

I hope all goes well for you hun; great stitching. I was a bad girl and ordered that LHN & SP "kit". LOL I couldn't help it..LOL

Hugs, Shar

Catherine said...

Great finishes,stitches and goodies! The photo you took is amazing!

Deborah said...

Love all the pillow finishes! I think that the box is lovely. Don'y be so hard on yourself. Great trunk.

Solstitches said...

Three gorgeous finishes Sally. I love all three designs and the way you have finished them. Your box looks lovely also.
That Union Jack trunk is so cute - perfect for storing your ribbons and trims.

Petitesxxx et Cie said...

SB addict? me too!
I cross my fingers that your surgery goes well!
Take care.

valerie said...

Gorgeous finishes Sally! I am trying not to buy anything either and it is so hard!

Michelle said...

Lovely finishes Sally. I too adore the SB Simple Joys and ordered the chart. I love your little trunk. Oh dear I guess I will have to go and take a peep at the new releases xx

Lois said...

I'm an SB fan at heart too Sally. What lovely finishes you shared. Love the trim on your Valentine finish.

I see you have a bit of surgery ahead of you so I'm sending good thoughts your way.

Patty C. said...

Your work is always so pretty - Such soft-beautiful colors ;)

Lesleyanne said...

Two gorgeous finishes Sally. Great new start for your Monday SAL. Your photo is gorgeous.

Penny said...

Shepherd's Bush designs are beautiful and so is your stitching and finishing!
Will be saying a prayer for your upcoming surgery!

Ellen said...

Love your SB's finishes, they are gorgeous! Love that Valentine one too!

I already placed my order for that LHN/SP designs, ha, ha!

All the best with your surgery and speedy recovery!


Beth Pearce said...

Of course, I love all your finishes and the way you finish finished them. That photo really gave me pause when I first saw it. I was glad you explained it. I couldn't figure out how you got them all to pose - LOL!

Veronica said...

I love SB designs too. Have you seen their latest? I just dropped by their blog earlier and I must say I'm loving all of them though my favourite is the All Seasons Scissors Fob. Good luck on your upcoming surgery.


Mouse said...

gorgeous finishes and love that photos and cooo I love your trunk for your trims ....
and did you give in to temptation then ????
love mouse xxxxx

Paula Nunes Lima said...

So lovely! And if you like, keep on Sheperd Bushing!!! Love the photos! If I did not read I would think you had a special effect in your camera!! Love the trunk (so british!!)! Hope all goes well with your surgery!

Hazel said...

Gorgeous finishes Sally. I like your istitch box. At least you have "finished" it. I haven't yet. I have been looking at Nancy's site for trim but not sure what to get as The mixed pack is very expensive. I just need a bit of ricrac and some chenille but don't want to get loads just yet. Would you have any recommendations? x

Julie said...

Fabulous photo, your new camera does a good job.
Nice finishes, Sophies Pincushion is adorable.
Give yourself a get well treat to look forward to after the op, thats not giving in!

Catherine's Sewing Corner said...

My you have been busy and all your finishes are gorgeous. Love the trunk box for your ribbons
x catherine

Christine said...

Great stitching Sally and I love your new trunk.
I've been avoiding looking at the Nashville releases, its too dangerous

Carol said...

I never get tired of seeing your SB finishes, Sally--your stitching and finishing are always so wonderful!

Yes, those new pieces from Nashville are very tempting indeed! I'm doing my best to resist though...

Dani - tkdchick said...

Pretty finishes Sally you're being so good to stitch from stash!

Wow I love your trunk its soooo cool!

Lynn said...

Beautiful finishes Sally! I haven't had the pleasure of stitching anything by SB yet. I love their use of softer colours.
I also stitched that Valentine piece but didn't quite finish it in time for the holiday. Hopefully I can get to it this weekend and have it ready for next year.

Deb said...

Very pretty finishes and there certainly isn't anything wrong with SB's. I love them too and can't get enough of them (have to admit that I ordered their new A&E piece).

Suzanne said...

Great finishing job with all that lovely trim.

sally said...


I love your finishes - they are all beautiful.

Good luck with your surgery.

Nicola said...

What a beautiful trunk. Its good that you have a date for your operation.

Kate said...

Gorgeous finishes, I especially like Simple Joys. Love the trunk, looking forward to seeing inside it.
I'm not looking at new releases - it's just too much temptation!

Barb said...

Hi Sally, Whoo hoo happy dancing with you, love your finishes but of course I would . Why are you saying you could have made a better job of your box ,it looks perfick to me!
I am drooling over a couple of SB new ones oh dear can I resist-but you know me to well hmmm.

Kathy Ellen said...

What beautiful SB finishes...and love the Nancy's trims. Your Mystery Stitch sampler is really lovely too. Wow! Fantastic photography!

Anne said...

You know Sally, when I see Shepherd's Bush designs, I think of you!! You really have done beautiful work here! I love the little cushions and that chenille trim is lovely. I also think that your Istitch box looks great! I don't see anything wrong with it! What a fantastic find you found too!! A union jack box!!

Haven't checked out that duel pack yet, but I am drooling over a couple of releases from Shakespeare's Peddlar. I hear you about putting things into a cart, then deleting them! I do it all the time!!

Sharon said...

Beautiful SB finishes Sally! I think your box looks wonderful! That new LHN/SP pattern is really pretty.

Tatkis said...

So many beautiful finishes! I love Shepherd's Bush pillows!

Best wishes,