Thursday, 17 March 2011

Meet Belle!

Isn't it amazing what you can actually achieve when you get off the computer and stitch! Last week I gave myself another two sessions on Little House Needleworks Be Merry- Belle Merry to finish this beauty BUT last night I sat down straight after I'd washed the pots up and set about stitching. This is the result! Not a brilliant photo as it's rather dull and miserable here today.

Little House Needleworks Be Merry- Belle Pepper

32 count Vintage Country Mocha Linen

DMC, DMC Variations, Carrie's Creations & Crescent Colours

Started 2nd February 2011

Finished 16th March 2011

I have loved every single stitch of this and thank you Lisa and Lesleyanne for SAL-ing with me. I look forward to our next one later in the year :)

Monday evening was SB SAL night ( can you tell I am loving my SALs!!!) with Barb and Colleen. I am eagerly waiting to see what Barb chose to start after her finish of The Journey last week and seeing if Colleen has finally rounded up her sheep after a visit from the frog last week :) When I put Emmanuel's Song away on Monday evening I was half way through the wording so last night, after finishing Belle, I finished the wording and did the next row too. This is such a soothing piece to stitch with the pastel shades.

Finally my progress on my 25th wedding anniversary piece from Tuesday evening. I am planning on stitching this tonight as well as I need to get a move on with it. I am stitching this with good ole DMC on 32 count white evenweave.

My Blackbird Designs A Stitcher's Journey finally arrived on Monday and let me tell it was well worth the wait! I have to admit that I would like to stitch every single thing in it. If you are thinking about this book and not sure what to do I would highly recommend it. It is well worth the money!

These are just a few of the projects that are in the book that I would start tomorrow if I didn't have other things to stitch at present! Lol!

Abi had her blood tests on Monday and I am popping up to the surgery for the results shortly although I am sure had there been anything they would have been in touch anyway. She was ever so brave but started shaking, sweating and crying and I thought she was going to pass out. I have never seen her this bad before. Thankfully the nurse was very good and put wet, cold paper towels on her forehead and neck to cool her down. Needless to say I brought her home rather than her going back to school.

Time for me to dash and get to the surgery!

Thank you for visiting me and for all your lovely comments. I truly appreciate each and every one of them and love reading them :)

Take care everyone.

Love & hugs



Kate said...

Oh Sally she is lovely! Great progress on your other WIP's too.
Poor Abi - hope she's feeling better?
I'm sold - I need the BBD book - where did you order yours?

Vonna said...

Belle Pepper is a wonderful finish! I've been limiting my computer time too and it IS a wonderful thing, all that can be accomplished :)
Your Emmanuel's Song is gorgous. Love it! Hope Abi's blood work is ok and your trip safe.

Beth said...

Beautiful stitching, and I still love Emanuel's Song. Hope Abi is doing okay, and you have a good trip to the surgery!

Lesleyanne said...

Sally, Belle is stunning. Congrats on your finish. How are you going to finish yours. I will now have to put a spurt on now and get mine finished. Hope Abi results come through okay. Lovely progress on your Emmanuel's Song and yoour anniversary piece.

Lisa said...

Belle is gorgeous Sally, well done on such a beautiful finish. As usual I'm way behind you with WBS, but I'll get there eventually.
Nice progress on your wips as well.
I can't wait for my BBD booklet to come, there are two more you just showed which will be a must stitch for me as well lol.
Hope Abi's blood tests come back ok.

Petites xxx et Cie ! Mon petit coin de Paradis said...

Your Belle Pepper is just lovely! I try to limit my computer time too, and I have more time to stitch or something else...
Take care mu Dear,
Bisxxx / Love

TeresaB said...

Adore Belle Pepper! She's so sweet. Congrats on the finish.

I know just how Abi feels. I hate needles with a vengeance and have even passed out when I've had to have tests run. Having to go regularly now hasn't helped either. It's always nice to get someone who is understanding. Hope everything is ok with the test.

Kathy A. said...

Beautiful stitches. Oh, I wish I had picked the BBD book up last week when I was in Phoenix! Still tempted now!

Michelle said...

Belle is just lovely - love all your other works as well. I have pre-ordered Stitched with Love from Trudy Ann Designs to pick it up at the NEC next week, together with BBD's A Stitchers Journey - thanks for sharing the photos - Yes I think I made the right choice to order it - can't wait to get it now. xx

Christine said...

Congratulations on finishing Belle Pepper, she's lovely.
Emmanuel's song is just stunning too.
Hope Abi's blood tests come back OK

jane said...

Belle Pepper is lovely Sally and all your WIPs look great too, I love my BBD designs book, so glad I got it, but don't know what to stitch first. I htink it might be that lighthouse though.
Hope Abi's blood tests come back OK.

Colleen said...

Belle is beautiful & a lovely finish. Hope all goes well for Abi. Sally, can I blame you for ordering BB A Stitcher's Journey? LOL, well I just ordered it. Many bloggers have been singing its praises & your pictures made this a "need to have in stash." Alas, My sheep are still wandering around.

An itch to cross stitch.. said...

Lovely stitching Sally, the book looks like alot of fun too!

Hazel said...

Great progress. I am hoping to make some this weekend ;-). Poor Abi. Send her some cyber hugs from me. x

Ellen said...

Belle Pepper is beautiful! I am loving your Emmanuel's Song too!

Hope Abi is feeling better now.


mbroider said...

Congratulations on your finish!! I can look forward to more now that you have your "A Stitcher's Journey" with you... Have fun.

Hope all is well with Abi.

Suzanne said...

What a beautiful finish on Belle. Nice progress on your other stitching. Isn't the new BBD book great, there are so many beautiful projects and I agree, well worth the money.

Lois said...

Belle is such a nice finish. I love the colours. Lovely progress on your WIP's and yes, the new BBD book is just full of so many nice things to stitch. Mine has arrived and, like you, I don't know which one to stitch first!

Christina said...

Belle Pepper is indeed beautiful, you seemed to finish it in no time at all. I definitely helps when you're SALing with others!
Emmanuels Song is coming on a treat, I just love the satin stitch. It looks like such a delicate piece.
I hope Abi's blood tests came back clear. Giving blood is never easy. You get used to being a pin cushion when pregnant but I didn't actually have a blood test until I was 31 and pregnant with DD!

Anonymous said...

Lovely finish Sally! I think I need to take a leaf from your book and get off the computer in the evenings lol. I told you the BBD book was worth waiting for, too many lovely, tempting desgins!

Carol said...

OK--you pushed me over the edge, Sally! I just sat down and ordered the new BBD book :) I had been on the fence about purchasing it, but I've seen so many rave reviews that I finally gave in!

Your Belle Pepper is such a sweet finish and I'm loving watching your progress on Emmanuel's Song--it is so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Belle Pepper is lovely Sally, I love the fabric you used
I'm glad your BBD book arrived safely, it is gorgeous, I love mine!
Emmanuelle is looking great keep up the good work
I hope Abi's Blood tests are clear, poor thing having to go through so much stress

Barb said...

Hi Sally,
Just a quickie love the Belle Pepper and Emmanuel is looking gorgeous, I see by your comments that Colleen did not manage to round up any of her flock. We will have to call her little bo-peep. I have got one!!! I stitched with you on Monday and I do have a sheep. Will post pic over the weekend . Also started Come down to the sea and stitch with me. I also started another JA one so lots of wips on the go. Hope Abi was ok.
Speak soon Hugs Barb x

Pointed Stitcher said...

So many pretty things you are stitching.

Rachael xxx said...

I know what you mean, I need to get off the pc more and stitch more LOL

marylin said...

oh c'est absolument merveilleux ! je viens de finir Belle Pepper et j'ai aussi fini la broderie avec le phare pour une amie Bretonne ...
vos broderies sont toujours merveilleuses !
amitiés de FRANCE


Myra said...

Belle Pepper is lovely and I love the fob in that picture too. All of your WIP's are so pretty

I love the BBD book too and have started on the Tulip House stitching companion - just loving every stitch. What will you stitch first???

Sending good thoughts and prayers for Abi.

Nancy in IL said...

Sally, Be Merry is a favorite of mine, and the way yours turned out beautifully. I love, love, love the looks of the SB sampler. Such beautiful stitching you do!

I just received my copy of Stitcher's Journal, and I agree - it's beautiful and well worth every cent!

I'm sorry about Abi's nearly fainting! Poor baby. Gld you brought her home after.


Anne said...

Belle Pepper is lovely! the colours are so rich and beautiful! Great finish!!

Julie said...

Great pics from your new book, i'll be seeing them on here as finishes very soon i bet LOL