Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A Finish & Lots of Progress:)

My aim on Sunday evening was to finish my Shepherd's Bush ornament for March so I can get caught up with Chris who finished hers what seems like ages ago! I am pleased to say that I did it! I like this one, well I like them all, but this one is a favourite. So in April I can now start the next one!

Shepherd's Bush Starry Night

36 count Sand linen


Started 6th March 2011

Finished 20th March 2011

Just how can a little ornament take so many Sunday evenings to stitch?!!!

Friday and Saturday saw me beavering away on BBD A Wish for You. Even though I'm only using DMC on the house I love how this is looking! I'm hoping to get lots more done this week when I pick it up again. I would like to get it finished so that I'm on track for a block a month but there is still lots to do including that over one wording. Now don't get me wrong I'm not averse to stitching over one as I do rather enjoy it but it does seem to take longer somehow! Looking forward to seeing how Valerie, Jane and Lisa B are getting on.
Now that I've finished LHN Be Merry- Belle Pepper I am concentrating on getting a couple of evenings a week at least on Blue Ribbon Designs Stitched With Love. As it is now I can't for the life of me seeing it finished ready for our wedding anniversary but if I stay off the PC of an evening I'm guessing anything is possible. I do love the colours in this, again I'm using good ole DMC.

Final stitchy photo is my progress on Shepherd's Bush Emmanuel's Song my SAL with Barb and Colleen. Now Barb has had a nice new start and that is Lucky and she has a sheep stitched. You have to love those sweet SB sheep! I did get quite a lot stitched last night so I am one happy little stitcher:)

I am feeling rather lucky at the moment as I won Christine's giveaway for Silver Creek Samplers Dandy Dreams chart and postie has just brought it. I absolutely love this design and hope to stitch it as soon as possible and then I will be passing the chart on in the form of a giveaway on here. Thank you so much Christine :) Do pop over to her blog and have a look at her finish of Dandy Dreams.

I recently had some successful sales on Ebay and privately so I decided to treat myself to some new stash. Another Nashville release I could not live without was Shakespeare's Peddler Jenny Bean Creation Sampler so I ordered that as well as Prairie Schooler Daffodils from Anita's Little Stitches. Those are going to be shipped this week and the PS chart is going to be for the PS SAL on Needlecraft Haven. I think I seriously need to stop buying charts now and concentrate on kitting up some of the ones I have!

Writing of SALS ( do you think I like SALs????) Chris visited on Friday and was admiring my DT finishes and I mentioned that I had The Sanctuary to stitch and I really wanted to stitch it soon and as she also has the chart we are going to have a SAL when I've finished BRD Stitched With Love so another SAL to look forward to. I just like SALs as they are motivating especially when you can go at your own pace. Also ( yes another one coming up!) Lisa and I are going to start My Big Toe Designs A New Day once she has finished LHN Winter Band Sampler. I'm really looking forward to both of these SALs.

As I said Chris visited on Friday and it was really good to see her. The last time we saw each other was August so it was high time we met up again and I really enjoyed our afternoon chatting, showing our stitching and drinking tea:) I think it did us both good as we've both been feeling low recently. Thank you for cheering me up Chris:)

I finally got my latest JCS magazine today from my newsagent and oh wow it's another fantastic issue! So much I would love to stitch!

Thank you for all your good wishes for Abi in my last post. It turned out that she has low iron levels so is now on iron tablets for 6 weeks so, hopefully, they will make her feel a whole lot better. She seems to have been ill off and on for so long now.

Well I'm going to catch up on blogs for a bit and see what you've all been up to. No doubt there will be some more enabling going on as I look!

Take care everyone.

Love & hugs



Catherine said...

Congrats on a cute finish! Love the little sheep! And wow! You have some great projects going there! Isn't new stash fun?

Melissa said...

Adorable finish and great progress pictures. Isn't new stash fun!

Lesleyanne said...

Congrats on your finish. Lovely progress on your wips. Thank you for letting me join your LHN SAL I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next one.

Barb said...

Wow Sally progress indeed on Emmanuel so pleased you are enjoying it. A finish too and lots in the pipeline , I try to keep up but it is a losing battle lol.
Lucky is just awaiting a grassy bank to stand on then she is finished , so next week, I have put her Lucky hat button in a safe place and I should learn safe places are not safe!
Hope this gets posted this time as it lost the first one. Take care will be in touch soon.

gracie said...

Love the colors for the house...and nice progress with the finish....glad Abi is on the mend.

Christine said...

Love your ornment finish. Not far to go on Emmanuels song either.
Looking forward to seeing your version of dandy dreams

Sue said...

Lovely finish Sally and great progress on your other stitching. Love looking at your blog, you put so much enthusiasm in your work....x

TeresaB said...

Beautiful work on the SB ornament. I know what you mean about them seeming to take forever. Your progress on AotH is wonderful. I'm falling behind but it'll work out I'm sure. Seeing your progress makes me want to get back to it. Can't wait to see you DT piece. I love working on the one I'm doing this year. Glad Abi is ok, hopefully the iron pills will help.

Elisa said...

Love your SB finish...so cute! Your WIPs are also looking fab!

Ranae said...

The SB finish is so sweet and the WIP's are looking great.
Anita has fast service, so hopefully it won't take long to get that stash.
Congrats! on winning Dandy Dreams, that is one of my favorite finishes.
That's great news that Abi is on the mend
Take Care!!

Lisa said...

Well done on your ornie finish and your progress on your wips.
I can't wait for our A New Day SAL either lol, so better get on with WBS hadn't I!?

Farm Girl said...

It's always lovely to see your wonderful progress - you are SO productive! Love the new SB ornament finish, beautiful!

Christina said...

Ah, how cute is that Shepherds Bush ornie? Looking foward to seeing how you finish it.
If Abi finds the iron tablets don't agree with her, try Spatone (think I got mine from Holland & Barrett). It's very kind to one's system, not giving the usual side effects associated with iron tablets, and as it's in sachet form it's very easy to take.

jane said...

Your SB finish is lovely Sally and A Wish For You is coming on nicely. I am enjoying Happy Birthday and it is proving to be quite a quick stitch. I like your new charts - look forward to seeing them stitched

valerie said...

Great stitching Sally. Love the little SB ornie finish. Your AotH is coming along. I think I will need to start my A Wish For You soon because I am getting burnt out on Mary Wigham already! Glad to hear that Abi is on the mend.

Lois said...

What a cute finish. I love the SB ornaments! Great progress on all your WIP's and yes SAL's are wonderful motivators for completing projects.

Mylene said...

Good to hear you had a wonderful time with Chris. Love your new finish, lovely!
And what beautiful progress on all your WIP's.

Ellen said...

Love your SB finish! Great progress on your wips!

Don't we love SALs, I got myself involved in a few as well.


An itch to cross stitch.. said...

Lovely stitching Sally, I especially love starry night.

Carol said...

What a sweet finish, Sally--I can never resist designs with sheep :)

I hope the extra iron helps Abi feel more like herself--it is so hard when one of our children is ill.

Beth said...

Your SB ornament is just darling! And, you have done a great job with your other WIPs. SAL's really do seem to work for you. I may have to get into one sometime!

Suzanne said...

I love your SB ornament finish, it is a lovely design. Your other projects are looking great as well.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Congrats on your SB onrament its just lovely.

LOL you do love to SAL!

Julie said...

Lovely progress pics, and lots of them too. You do stitch quickly!

It;s always nice to meet with friends, maybe you and Chris could come together to the next meet up in October??