Wednesday, 22 July 2009

It;'s the Middle of the Week!

Where is the time going???It doesn't seem like over a week since I last posted. I was way behind on blog reading and finally caught up yesterday thanks to Jess loaning me her laptop. I think our PC could well be on it's way to PC heaven as I had awful trouble with it yesterday and had to give up in the end. I was using Internet Explorer and I think it's too power hungry but as I'm using Firefox today I might ( please) get done without any problems! DH and I are going to see if we have any spare cash to buy a new PC but as Jess' 18th is coming up I doubt it very much!

So what I have been stitching? Well as always quite a bit on HAEDS. I seem to have got my enthusiasm well and truly back for these and on Guardian I suddenly realised I could see an ear then panicked because I knew I should be able to see an eye but couldn't so I had to stitch a bit more to make sure it was there! I would really love to spend a lot more time on this but I don't want to end up hating it so I'll stitch on it when the mood takes me. My plan is that when I finish TT Purple Dragon I'll work on Guardian for a month or so in it's place then start QS Holly Fairy as I promised Abi I'd stitch that for her to hang next to her Poppy Fairy print.

I'm now onto page 2 of HAED TT Purple Dragon and this is what I got stitched over two evenings last week. I just love this piece. The colours are so bright and cheerful looking and it makes me smile everytime I pick it up.

I've also stitched a bit more on The Sampler Girl In The Garden With Jane Austen which I just love. At the moment it's in my drawer waiting to be brought out again as I'm secret stitching and really need to get on! I have two things to stitch and finish as well as finish another piece that needs to be done!
Finally it's Blue Ribbon Designs Winter Wingding. I am steadily plugging away on this piece. It's so satisfying to be able to stitch several little blocks each time I pick it up.
I almost forgot my measly stitching on Lizzie*Kate Merry Christmas by the Letter! Not a lot has been stitched but as long as I get it done in time for Christmas ( and I mean Christmas 2009!! Lol!) I'm not bothered!
Besides stitching I am still addicted to Facebook and desperately trying not to spend as much time on it! I love playing Mafia Wars and Vampire Wars, collecting Hatchlings and playing some of the Mindjolt games too!

On Sunday we went to see that new Harry Potter film. I had booked the tickets online as I expected it to be really busy. Let's just say it'll be the last time I ever book tickets with that cinema as we had problems and in the end the manager had to ring the booking office to check our booking and calm my fears that someone had cloned my card. Thankfully everything was OK and it just a technical hitch between the booking office and the cinema. Unfortunately DH and I were very disappointed in the film but the girls loved it! I just don't know what it was about this one but, in my opinion, it wasn't a patch on the others. There were some good parts but all in all we didn't think it was as good as the others.

Jess' 18th is in just over two weeks time and she finally decided that she'd like a small family get together here so that's what we're doing on her actual 18th then a couple of days later she's going out for a Chinese meal with some of her friends.

Abi finished school for the summer last Friday and I think she was well and truly ready for the break. Not sure what we'll be doing but my DH has two weeks off at the end of August so no doubt we'll be having some days out.

I hope everyone is having a good week and stitching up a storm:)

Take care



Claire said...

Love the stitching Sally - so envious of it all!

Think Harry Potter has well and truly exhausted itself personally as I didnt enjoy the last couple of films - dragged on a little too long now.

Jess being 18 - WOW! I remember by 18th - just as I was VERY drunk! LOL Hope she has a lovely day and meal with the family.


Ginnie said...

Your WIPS are all looking fantastic. I keep playing Mafia Wars and Pirates on FB.... they are addictive. Keep losing fights on MW though... !
We are going to see Harry Potter on Friday, hope I enjoy it.

Julie said...

Lots of progress as always, nice to Guardians face!

Not seen HP yet, the local paper reported that is wasnt so good, but the kids loved it who commented

Kajsa said...

Nice progress on everything. The LK will work up quick so I don't doubth that you will get it done.

To bad about the HP movie. We haven't seen it yet but my kids haven't talked about it so maybe we will wait for the DVD release.

Angela said...

More beautiful stitching, I don't know how you do it. I've just given you an award so head over to my blog to collect it.

WendyCarole said...

love all the stitching

Christine said...

Great stitching as always Sally.
Sorry you didn't enjoy HP, I think we might just wait until its out on DVD.

Christine said...

Beautiful Stitching as always Sally. Nice to start to see the Angel's face

Paula said...

Now Sally what can I say about Gaurdian except PHWOOOAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR haha He's gorgeous.....

Jess can't be 18 Sally she can't OMG where do the years go?? How long do I know you it must be over 10 it?? God isn't that scary...

The rest of your stitching is as always gorgeous.
I'm a bit addicted to facebook myself lately, I'm loving farm town and barn I should be knitting now but where am I?? Facebook and blogs....tut lol

Happy stitching and (((hugs))

Kim B said...

Great WIPs!!

Ranae said...

Sally! you are my HAED Hero, lol
Everything looks great,
I am trying to stay away from facebook, lol.

Olenka's Stitches said...

Lovely progress on all your WIPs!Guardian and Dragon are gorgeous pieces!

Michelle said...

You are a busy one.. I'm finishing up a couple of Halloween pillows/cushions. I have one last ornament to finish (1/2 way done) so I think I will make it!

Have a great weekend..


Jeanne - WillowTreeStitcher said...

Great progress on all your pieces! I do not have the nerve to start an HAED piece as I probably would never finish it! I love all the Jane Austen pieces Tanya is creating and yours is lovely.

Sharon said...

Your stitching looks fabulous! Great progress.

Lynn B said...

Wow Sally your stitching works in progress are fabulous!

Hazel said...

Beautiful wips. Happy 18th to Jess! xx

Cindy F. said...

Oh Sally! So many wonderful wips and so much progress!!

I have to agree about Harry Potter!
We went opening weekend and left feeling "that was it"??? It was very dark and sad. I guess the next one is going to be action packed, as this one had little wizardry at all!
In our opinion, it was not nearly as good as the others.

sammyjo said...

Blue Ribbon Designs Winter Wingding looks like its coming along great!
P.S. the new layout looks great!