Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Christmas in July and a Gift for a Friend!

I received some new stash from Amy at Down Sunshine Lane on Monday. As soon as I saw the new Lizzie*Kate Christmas Double Flips Merry Christmas By The Letter I just had to go on auto for them and also the new Country Cottage Needleworks/ Crescent Colours thread packs Winter Wonderland.
Last week , not shown in the picture, I finally received Midsummer Night Designs Remember Me Stitching Pocket. I ordered this about 6 weeks ago from a UK site but they had to order it in, which I expected seen as it was new out. About 4 weeks later I received an email saying it was in stock and they'd sent it out. Imagine my disappointment when I opened it and the wrong chart! So I emailed them and they were very apologetic and said either they'd ordered the wrong chart or Hoffman had sent them the wrong one. As luck would have it they were due to have an order dispatched from another place that day so they'd emailed them to put the chart on that. I have to say it's the first time I've had a problem with this place.

Of course I really want to start them all but for now I started Merry Christmas By The Letter. There is no hope for me and my startitis at the moment but life is too short and stitching gives me so much pleasure. As always I seem to have a bit of a conflict with white-ish shades! The conversion on the chart suggests DMC 712 but I decided it wouldn't show up on my flax linen so I'm using DMC 3865. I think it'll be fine when it's used in big areas so I'll keep on and see how it goes. This is how far I got after an hour or so yesterday afternoon. I may pick it up again this afternoon depending on what else I have to do!
Here's more progress on The Sampler Girl In The Garden With Jane Austen which I am loving so much:) It's such a joy to stitch and I can see me stitching more of Tanya's designs.

I can now show one of my recent finishes. Today is Karan's birthday and I decided to stitch her a little something. This was quick to stitch and I'm really pleased with the way it turned out and how I made it up. The fabric it is on is the one I backed it with. Hope you like it, Karan, and hope you're having a fantastic day!
La D Da Tiny Sampler

Unknown fabric


Stitched for Karan

If you are still with me here's my progress from Sunday evening on Blue Ribbon Designs Winter Wingding. This is stitching up quite quickly really and I think I may have finally found a solution to the white problem! Thank you to everyone who made suggestions. I decided to try the metallic option and found some Rainbow Gallery in my stash so I tried that. What do you think?

This week on Monday Bea came out to play. I didn't get too much done but every stitch is one less to do next time:) When I was looking at the chart this time I realised that I am over half way there!
I think that's all my WIPs for now. Tonight I'll be stitching on HAED TT Purple Dragon and hoping to get page one finished. Not sure when I'll pick the SK up but Lisa seemed to think it was the SAL for it this weekend so I will have to look on the forum and see if I can find out.

Tomorrow night is the year 9 celebration evening which we're really looking forward to. Abi is so excited to find out which award she has got! DH was supposed to be working late but he's managed to get it changed so he'll be home in time to go.

That's it from me today. I may be back Friday to show another gift and let you know how it went for Abi!

Take care everyone. Thank you for continuing to visit me and for all your lovely comments.




karenv said...

Your WIPs all look fabulous Sally! I think the metallic has done the trick, as the white is showing up much better for me on the small pic this time. Love the gift you made, the backing fabric is a great choice for the design :)

Julie said...

You've been stitching up a storm, lots of nice progress. Lovely pressie for Karan, nice design.

Ginnie said...

I don't blame you for wanting to start the new Lizzie Kate one, it looks great. Other WIPs looking fab too.

Lucy said...'ve been busy! Really like the Sampler finish!

Lesleyanne said...

All your WIPs look lovely. I'm trying hard not to look at the Lizzie Kates as I would like these too and I'm trying to resist. I still have last years to do.

Maxine said...

Startitis definitely seems to be an ongoing problem of us stitchers lol....BP is growing and it's nice to watch winter wingdings stitching up as I just RAK'd my friend with this one :)

Claire said...

Not really envious of your new stash!! hehehe - I got the CCN chart pack too and cant wait to get started - but will wait until I finish Ladybug Ladybug.

Your stitching as always is gorgeous!!

Andrea said...

All of your WIPs look great. The metallic thread is just the ticket with the added bonus of a little sparkle. :)

Deb said...

All your WIPs look great! Doesn't it just get to you when an order gets held up? It usually happens with the thing that you want to stitch the most!!

WendyCarole said...

its all looking great

Ranae said...

Gorgeous stitching and finishing
I love the LK start, It is taking everything in me not to purchase those, until I get done with my Boo Flip-its.
I bet Abi is excited about that award.

Kim B said...

Your WIPs are amazing! I haven't crossed a stitch in a very long month! You've been stitching like mad!

Juls said...

Love all of your WIP's! I too have a serious case of startitis!!!! I am working on Tanya's © My Everything and hope to have it done by dh's bday!

Kajsa said...

Nice stitching as always. I think have a some startitis too so I know how you feel.

Nice new stash too!

Christine said...

Great stitching Sally. I think you've cracked it with the metallic thread

Tommye said...

Love your Beatrix Potter. I'm working on the Mary Wigham SAL from Needlepoint. Love it.


Paula said...

Hi Sally, Love your new charts. I love the L*K's I've been so good and not buying new charts but these and the halloween ones have really tempted me...but have to say no for the moment and get through some stash I already have!! lol
Your stitching as always is just gorgeous, well done...
Hope Abi had a good night....
Hugs and happy stitching..

Michele B. said...

Here's to startitis! As you say, life is short and stitching gives you so much pleasure. You deserve to be happy - go for it!

Karan said...

Having a catch up & I can't believe I didn't stop by & thank you on your blog for my lovely gift - could have sworn I did! Thank you again Sally - it really was the best birthday ever. :0)
All of your stitching is beautiful - off to see what else you've been doing while I was on holiday. :0)