Tuesday, 24 February 2009

How To Forget What You’re Doing!

I kind of think I got a little over exited this morning! I started cleaning the bathroom (I always spray the bath and sink with cleaner and leave it for a while) went to change Jess' bedding, brought it downstairs to wash then postie arrived with a package for me. Well let's just say that I still haven't been back to finish the bathroom as it totally slipped my mind in the excitement of receiving an envelope covered in hearts from Lizzy. When I opened it up here's what I found inside. All beautifully wrapped and again I was like a child on Christmas morning!

When I opened the first parcel I was in awe at this beautiful piece Lizzy had stitched for her blogoversary giveaway. It is from the 2008 JCS Ornament issue and it's Honor Christmas by Forget Me Not In Stitches.

Here is the front

And here is the back

Isn't this a truly beautiful piece? I will be keeping this on display all year round as I truly believe we should all keep Christmas in our hearts.

When I opened the second parcel I found the LHN chart Hen Party, which I absolutely love, as well as the threads to stitch it with. Tucked inside wrapped in pink tissue paper was a gorgeous Kelmscott butterfly thread winder. I have to keep picking everything up and having another look as I love it all so much. Lizzy you have well and truly spoilt me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish I could come on over and give you a huge HUG and have a Hen Party with you. There will be an email on the way shortly right after I've gone upstairs to finish cleaning my bathroom! LOL!

At the weekend I finished up my biscornu for February for the Basket of Biscornu SAL. I chose a hearts design after seeing it on Irene's blog. It looked so pretty so I downloaded the chart right away.

Hearts Biscornu (chart cane be found here )

28 count pink dahlia linen

DMC Threads

I made some good progress on my BBD piece Beyond My Heart on Sunday evening once I'd torn myself away from Abi's Mario Kart game on the Wii. I think I'm addicted! I would like to finish this piece by the end of March but not sure I can make it as I still have quite a lot to do.

Finally last night I stitched my last evening for February on Needleprint Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler. I am taking it slowly but surely on this one as I'm stitching it one over one on 25 count and really don't want to have to frog as it's a nightmare!

In all my excitement I almost forgot to show my framed HAED TT Sampler Letter J which I picked up yesterday. Jess chose the frame and I think she's made a good choice too.

My appointment with the ENT specialist last Thursday went well and I don't have to see him anymore unless things become worse. The scan didn't show anything so that was good news so when I have any problems I have to massage my face or eat tart foods like lemon. He also asked about my ear so I told him I'd had another infection since I'd seen him last. He did say my ear looked much better than it did the last time I saw him but he gave me a steroid cream (how the hell I get it in my ear I do not know but he said to put some on the end of my finger, apply it and it'll work its way in!) which I have to use for two months.

I think that's all for now. I better go and finish off my bathroom then I'll publish this! LOL! After lunch I'll have a catch up on blogs. Thank you to all of you who continue to visit me. It truly means a lot to me to know that there are people who read my ramblings and look at what I'm stitching/ have stitched.

Take care everyone.





Julie said...

Super gift from Lizzie. 'J' looks wonderful in that frame too. Great progress on the WIP's as always and i love the biscornu.

Susan said...

That's a beautiful ornament, Sally. When are you planning to start "Hen Party"? I'm having a mini SAL for that I. My blog, starting this week :)

I love the heart biscornu - it's very pretty!

Vonna said...

Your biscornu is truly lovely, the BBD is coming right along, Lizzy well and truly spoiled you and Bea is looking lovely :) I must say that your framed HAED is just stunning Jess picked a perfect frame :)
Have a great day and I' m so happy to hear that your ear is on the mend.

Rachael said...

What a fab package!!
such a sweet biscornu!
some fab progress stitching, I need to stitch on my BPQ this month
letter J looks great framed!!

Use a cotton bud for the cream.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous package Sally! Your stitching is, as always, just beautiful. I think Jess picked the perfect frame for J, it looks great!

Brigitte said...

IsN't it wonderful to receive gift packages. The one Lizy sent is just gorgeous.
You have a great framer, the frame is just perfect for the letter J.
I love your progress pictures. It's always a kind of motivation to look at other stitchers' progress pictures because that makes me want to get back to my WIPs and stitch on them.

Ginnie said...

lots of great stuff to look at today. The framing on J is lovely, sets it off well. Also love the heart biscornu - may try that one myself.

Michelle said...

What a lovely gift.. that ornament is on my to do list!

All of your stitching pieces are so pretty..and your framed J is stunning~perfect frame!


Kim B said...

What a perfect little package! Lucky you!

Your stitchy pieces are great! And I hope you have no more trouble to report to the ENT.

Jennifer said...

Oooohhhh - that framed up HAED is just GORGEOUS!!!

Angela said...

What a generous giveaway.

The biscornu looks great and the BBD piece justs getts prettier and prettier.

karenv said...

I love the ornament from Lizzy, it's beautiful!

Your WIPs are looking lovely, especially Ms. Potter. My progress on her this month is slightly disappointing, due to a bad case of not being able to count :\

Your HAED J looks great framed - Jess made a good choice.

Christine said...

The present from Lizzy is wonderful. Loving that heart biscornu as well.
Jess chose a great frame for her letter J

jane said...

What lovely gifts! I love your heart biscornu and the BBD piece looks great too. Well done to Jess for picking what looks like the perfect frame for your HAED.

Natasha said...

wonerful ornament from Lizzie. It is beautiful. The biscourn is so pretty,as is your letter J the frame looks terrific with the finsihed piece.

Take Care and may all your frogs stay in there ponds :0)

Clare - Aimetu said...

Beautiful gifts and your stitching is fab.

Good news about ENT too :)

Stephanie said...

What a gorgeous gift from Lizzie - I try to keep Christmas in my heart by stitching Christmas ornaments each month (although I think this isn't quite what you mean ;)

Hey what a neat idea for a biscornu basket - 2 down 10 to go?!

Ranae said...

Super nice package from Lizzy. I love the biscornu or colors and the hearts. Letter J is fabulous all framed up.
I think I will go clean my bathroom as the mailman should be coming soon, lol.

wendy said...

everything looks great!!

Irene said...

Lovely ornament from Lizzy I would keep it out all year too. The BB and Quaker are coming along nicely. Love the framed piece and your biscornu looks great !

Olenka's Stitches said...

Wow! So many pretty things! Lizy's package is fabulous!I love your darling biscornu and the framed HAED "J"- a perfect frame for it.Your WIPs are just gorgeous!
Have a nice weekend!

Kit said...

wonderful goodies! Your BP and BBD's are both looking wonderful. You sure keep busy!

Lizzy said...

I'm so happy your parcel arrived safe and sound, and that you like it all Sally! It was truly a pleasure to stitch and knowing it has gone to such a wonderfully loving home warms my heart, Hun! And thank you for the lovely compliments! I love 'Hen Party' and all it entails... so many wonderful memories and wishes... {wishing we could get together for a stitching hen party at least once a week, if not more often!} However, we could have a virtual hen party and stitch along together on it! :-)

I love your letter "J" framed... it's so beautiful and Jess picked out the perfect frame! And your heart biscornu is lovely and Beatrix is just stunning as is Beyond My Heart! Just Gorgeous!!! I really want to start a BBD and Beatrix... oh, why aren't there more hours in the day???

I hope you are feeling better, Sweetie! I'll be sending you an email later today... Take care, Hun and kind fond wishes and thoughts to you my dear friend... Blessings and love in stitches, always!

stitcherw said...

My your post was full of wonderful things to see. What a great gift from Lizzy. That piece is so perfect, and what fun goodies she sent with it. J looks awesome all framed up, and your BP sampler and BBD piece are looking great as well. Congrats on the biscornu finish too, very pretty. I enjoyed seeing your update of Gothic girly in your previous post, fun piece. Glad your appointment went well, and hopefully the cream helps your ear quickly.

Karan said...

Wow fab gifts from Lizzy - lucky you. :0)
Your WIP's & finishes are gorgeous, as always, Sally - such a pleasure to browse. HAED TT looks fantastic framed - great choice.
Glad it's not just me who does things like that - my latest was setting some apples on to cook & forgetting.... until the burning smell filled the house. Still trying to rescue the pan! *sigh*
Hope the cream does the business - try using a cotton bud to apply it. :0)

Cindy F. said...

Awesome exchange and great progress on your wips!
Congrats on your HAED finish! The frame looks perfect for it!
Best wishes for your ear to heal 100%!

Michele said...

What a lovely surprise from Lizzy! I do love that chart and the saying :)

all your wips are looking grand! and wow, that frame is perfect for J! Good work Jess!

glad the dr visit went well .. sounds like you are back to your old sassy self :)

Michele B. said...

This was such a great post with so much to see and read. Your work as always is stunning. J is awesome! And oh how lucky you are to have received such a wonderful package. The sentiment on the ornament truly are words to live by, and I like the idea of keeping it up all through the year as a reminder.

Maxine said...

Beautiful gifts Sally. I love how your BP Quaker is stitching up and Jess made a great choice of frame for your HAED finish. I'll be keeping up with your progress on your other HAED and hopefully you'll have that one finished before the end of the year :)