Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Another Roll and A Prize!

Thank you so much to everyone who commented on my HAED finish! I was so happy to have another HAED finish after such a long time. I am hoping to get stuck into QS Girly Gothic and have her finished by the end of year but not sure that will happen!

I have to say that I am really enjoying stitching smalls each month. I am so pleased that Chris suggested the needleroll SAL and that I joined the biscornu and Christmas ornament SALs. So here's my first small finish of February and it's a needleroll! LOL! I LOVE stitching these as they are so easy to stitch and finish up! This month I chose Welcome Baby so that I can send on the chart to Barb ( no blog) as I promised. As you can see instead of adding a charm I stitched a pink heart and instead of adding a name and date I added the names of my both my girls.

Shepherd's Bush Welcome Baby Roll

32 count cream fabric

DMC & Mill Hill Beads

Started 1st February 2009

Finished 9th February 2009

Just before Christmas I won a contest on Sammy Jo's blog and look what arrived on Friday! I was like a child on Christmas morning! LOL! Everything was wrapped in this lovely pink paper.

When I opened it up look what I found!

This is the lovely pincushion that she stitched for me.

Thank you so much Sammy Jo! I love it all and I hope you have received the email I sent.

The only other piece of stitching I have to show is my progress on the Needleprint Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler from last night. I didn't stitch on Sunday evening so no BBD this week. I managed a small motif on Bea this week so I'm happy!

Jess and DH were very impressed with Nottingham University on Saturday but whether she will opt for it I do not know. Her nerves got the better of her before they set off and she told me she wasn't going as she didn't want to go! Needless to say I put on my stern Mum act and off she went in strop! She said she was fine once she got in the car! If I am honest I am worried that she will decide which uni she wants to go to then will end up not going because she's too nervous and frightened. We shall see.

Our Sunday lunch out for my Dad's birthday was lovely. It's been a long time since we've all gone out for a meal. It's his 80th birthday today so Happy Birthday Dad! I've been to see him this morning and he's now two bottles of malt whiskey better off! LOL! Guess my sister and I had the same idea!

We had some snow Sunday evening and overnight but it's all gone now and it's raining. I HATE rain and it feels miserable!

As I said in my last post Elisa awarded me the Your Blog is Fabulous award. As I have already done five addictions I won't do those again but I am passing the award onto these blogs. As I said before if your blog isn't here please don't be offended. It doesn't mean that I like your blog any less.






I am afraid I am way behind on blogs at the moment and will try and get caught up again soon. This PC is so slow at times and I get so frustrated. Still it's 6 years old so in PC terms I guess that is ancient!

Take care everyone.





Mylene said...

Lovely needleroll finish, Sally!
wow! great package received and your Quaker sampler is looking beautiful!

Angela said...

Your needleroll is lovely.

What a lovely set of gifts you received.

With reagrds to uni the following is based on my own experience of going and that of my daughters, who is in her final year. Encourage her to apply to live in halls which makes the first year much easier as most unis will ensure that there is someone there to look after them whilst they settle into uni. It also ensures they are in a semi-protected environment when it comes to adjusting to not having mum to do the washing sort out money etc, etc. When the big day comes you'll just have to put on your stern mum voice pack her and her (new) things into the car and take her and don't cry until your on your way home without her. For the first term you will probably get loads of phone calls home and after that you'll be phoning her to see if she's still alive, because no matter how close you are she'll be having far too much fun to remember to call you.

Rachael said...

What a sweet little needleroll,I love the way you personalised it with your girls names
What fab gifts from Sammy jo.
I need to pick up my BP..well any stitching at the moment would be nice!
Well done on the award!

Lizzy said...

Oh, what a lovely needleroll, Sweetie!!! I really love these! You'll have to send me *finishing instructions* ;-)... And oh, my but your Beatrix Potter is looking marvelous!!! I've still not started mine... still trying to make up my mind... sigh...

And what wonderful gifties from Sammy Jo! :-) Such a lovely pincushion!

I'm sure Jess will be okay once she makes up her mind and actually makes that first step... tho' I know how you will feel with her away... {{{Hugs}}}

Sounds like your Dad had a lovely Birthday! Give him Happy, Happy Birthday wishes from me and here's wishing him many, many more! :-)

Those nasty black frogs are still plaguing me and I'm so behind with everything... I'll be off tomorrow and Thursday so hopefully I will catch up a wee bit... I need to email you and... I have a Surprise for you... ;-)

I hope you have a lovely, stitchy day Sweetie! You'll be in my thoughts as always!

Sending you lots of Love and warm{{{Hugs}}}

Dovilė said...

very nice needleroll:)
wonderful gifts:)

Julie said...

Beautiful needleroll and great progress on the BP.
Lovely gift you received from SammyJo.

wendy said...

lovely gifts!

Brigitte said...

What a wonderful needleroll you stitched and finished. I also love needlerolls and love to stitch them but then the finishing, well, that takes some time ...
You received a wonderful package from Sammy Jo, you're a lucky girl.

Hazel said...

Everything in this post is beautiful! I love your letter J too. Tracy bought me the letter L to do for Lily last year. xx

sammyjo said...

i love the needle roll sally, its really cute how you added both your girls names to it to make it more personal!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sally thank you for the award! That's awesome!

You have an adorable finish there and its great that you put both of your girls names on it.

Ranae said...

That is such a sweet needleroll.
Love that pretty pincushion.

Ginnie said...

Great needleroll, haven't tried one of those yet. How come I missed the finish of J... it is fantastic - well done!!

Stitchingranny said...

Happy 80th Birthday to your Dad.

Another lovely needleroll and I always seem to be behind on blogs, trouble is I am nosey and read to many lol.

Your name is now on the deeds for the gift shop though it could be a few years before I get that far Sally so you can spend the time working out what you are going to stock - or better still stitching some of your pretty needlerolls and pinkeeps etc which I am sure will make wonderful gifts to sell.

Maxine said...

I love the needleroll it's gorgeous Sally. You're making great progress with BP(I haven't stitched on mine so far this month)

Karan said...

Happy 80th Birthday to your Dad - guess he won't be feeling the cold much with those bottles for company. ;0)
Very sweet needleroll & Bea looks fabulous. Great gifts too. :0)
Keep up the stern Mum bit: we let DS bottle out of going to Uni, using the gap year excuse, & he's still home aged 23 & going from one cr*ppy job with poor pay/conditions to another - not the best use of his brains. It's hard but she will thank you in the long run, I'm sure. :0)

Andrea said...

A wonderful needleroll and the BP sampler is just so lovely. The pincushion gift is so pretty.

Von said...

So much sweet stitching here today. :)

Olenka's Stitches said...

The needleroll is absolutely pretty, love your personafication. BP sampler looks stunning.

Michelle said...

Your Beatrix is looking beautiful! Happy Birthday to your Dad!!

Cindy F. said...

Beautiful needleroll!! Love the finish:) Bea is coming along nicely! and what a nice package you won!!

tintocktap said...

Love the needleroll, Sally! And a wonderful gift from Sammy Jo too! Well done on your HAED finish too - it looks beautiful.

Kit said...

I love the needleroll and your BP is coming along beautifully!

Lizzy said...

Sorry I'm so forgetful, Sweetie! I intended to thank you for the "Absolutely Fabulous!" Award you gave me when I left you a comment the other day and thought I did but you know how I ramble... And then I think I forgot to thank you in my email last night as well... Rambling... again! You know how my mind is! I was sitting here at work thinking of all the blogging I need to catch up with and I really need to post tonight and then it struck me... Did I remember to thank, Sally? So, Thank You so much Hun, I am so honoured!!! :-) This is my very first blog award!!! Woo Hoo!

Have a lovely, stitchy Day, Sally! Sending you lots of love and {{{Hugs}}}

Kajsa said...

Wow, you have finished so much lately! Everything is just wonderful, especially the HAED. Good job girl!!

Good luck with the university's, it's such a hard process for everyone.

stitcherw said...

Your needleroll turned out lovely. Good luck to Jess on picking a University, that would be stressful. Glad too that your had Dad had a nice birthday, sounds like he'll be set for a while with his whiskey. :)