Saturday, 29 November 2008


I have no stitchy pictures to show at all today! I can't show them because they are gifts and the people they are for might read my blog. I could have shown my Bygone Stitches A Quaker Christmas framed as I picked it up last night but I had to take it back today! I was so disappointed in the framing this time which is very unusual as my framer usually does an amazing job but I felt that the mount was too close to the outer edge of the stitching, so much so that some of the stitches actually disappeared under the mount. So it's now back at the framers hopefully being put right.

So instead a few pictures of the snow we had last weekend. We couldn't believe the amount we had overnight on Saturday so Sunday morning we got wrapped up and went for a lovely long walk. I don't think we've had this much for a few years now and we were amazed to actually see snow on the beach!

Snow on the beach

St Nicholas Church from Hallgarth Park

St Nicholas Church from Newbegin

Snowballing in the park ( Jess, Abi and their cousin)

DH and I have Christmas shopping this week so I have been absent from reading and commenting on blogs and am way behind. I promise to try and get caught up at the beginning of the week. I desperately want to try and get some ornaments made up as well as finish up Juls and Christine's prizes from my blogoversary draw. I still have DH's auntie's present to stitch yet. Where did November go??!!!

Anyway the Christmas present shopping is just about done so I'm thankful for that!

Finger's crossed I will be back with some stitchy pictures Tuesday or Wednesday next week! Chris and I are starting our SAL of Merry Noel on Monday so I'm really looking forward to that! A lovely new start!!

I hope all my American friends had a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving:)


Julie said...

Great pics, love the action shot of the girls.

Hope the framer does a better job 2nd time!

Lucy said...

I'm not big on the snow thing...but it's nice to get some around the holidays. We've only had a light coating so far...I'm sure there is more to come.

Cindy F. said...

Sally, so sorry to hear about your A Quaker Christmas not framed well. The piece is so beautiful it deserves a beautiful framing job!
Great snow pics!

Cindy F. said...

oh...meant to tell you, your blog looks great!!

Karan said...

Great pics Sally. Only had a little snow here & it was soon gone - had more hail & rain than anything else. :0(
Shame about the framing job - hope it's soon sorted & hanging on your wall. :0)
Sorry the ENT appointment didn't go well - some of those consultants are way too snotty & need bringing down a peg or three! Hope the scan goes OK & he's in a better mood next time (((((hugs))))).

Susan said...

The pictures of St. Nicholas church surrounded by snow look lovely! Thanks for sharing!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Snow does make everything look pretty.

I'm sorry to hear you're disappointed with the work of your framer!

Christine said...

Wow, look at all that white stuff! I am sooooo jealous ;)

WendyCarole said...

lovely snow we didn't get any. . You are much more organised than me!

Thanks for the blog comment

Stitchingranny said...

The pictures look lovely Sally, but thats as far as it goes. I am sitting here freezing (even though the heating is on - its bitter today). I am definitely a sunshine girl.

starydreamer said...

wow some lovely photos sally we never get snow here in llanelli

Margaret said...

Great snow. Yesterday it was 26 degrees celsius here! But then I have always wanted the impossible - a white Christmas in the Antipodes!
Hope the framer does better with Quaker Christmas this time.

Ayesha said...

oh my that snow is fab... thanks for the comment the thing is i dont know how to use them ie attaching them to acrylic block etc.. now how can i make it snow

Michele said...

The snow looks lovely! Love the picture of the beach :) and the girls having a snowball fight!

sorry about the framing on QC .. can't wait to see it :)

sammyjo said...

jealous of the snow! Its been freezing here every morning on the way to work and yet no snow! :( oh well we stil have time! :)

Olenka's Stitches said...

Ihope you are lucky with QC framing next time. Your snow pictures are so nice.