Wednesday, 19 November 2008

It's Quaker Time!

Sunday was the start of the Quaker Christmas ornament SAL on Quaker Inspired although I did not start mine then. I waited until Monday and have finished it!! I couldn't make my mind up at first what to stitch so changed my mind several times before deciding on The Workbasket Quaker Christmas Tree from the JCS ornament magazine 2002 issue. It was a lovely quick stitch so now it just needs finishing off! Anyone got any finishing mojo they can spare??
The Workbasket Quaker Christmas Tree

36 count Lakeside Linens Maple Sugar

Carrie's Creations Frosty Pine

Started 17th November 2008

Finished 18th November 2008

I keep forgetting to share last week's progress on my HAED Tiny Treasures Letter J! Still plugging away at it and getting on quite well so am looking forward to tonight's session.

Final piccie for today is my progress on Blackbird Designs Blessings and Kind Wishes. This is such a beautiful piece to stitch. I have really taken a liking to these designs and can't wait to have the latest Loose Feathers design in my hands as it looks gorgeous.

Thank you to everyone who left comments for Abi on her birthday. She was so pleased when she read them all and found it hard to believe that she had comments from all over the world! She wasn't too happy when she got in from school yesterday as I had some bad news for her. She's been so looking forward to the new Tomb Raider game coming out and I pre-ordered it for her on Play back in July. The release date is supposed to be 21st November but when I checked Play yesterday it said it was 31st January 2009 for the Playstation 2 version! All others are coming out on Friday. I felt so bad for Abi. I checked Game and Gamestation and both their websites say January 2009 but Amazon say Friday so we're a bit unsure at the moment. I checked the Tomb Raider Chronicles forum and there was a huge thread on there about it and many people are really angry about it and I can't blame them. As it is we do have a Nintendo Wii so she can buy it for that but we're playing a waiting game for now to see if it arrives for PS2 or not.

The good news for today is Jess has an offer from her first choice university depending on the grades she gets in her A levels next year! She has to get a B for Chemistry so we're keeping our fingers crossed. If she gets Bs in all three subjects she could get a scholarship so she was really excited and pleased.

The bad news is I have been ill yet again:( I didn't blog about it on Sunday because that was Abi's day. I had been feeling off for a few days last weeks and by Friday I decided I couldn't keep on like it so off to the doctors I went- again! Now I've been saying for a long while that my ear did not feel "right". Turns out I have yet another infection. The doctor said he could not see my eardrum for puss so he thinks it's in my inner ear and the yuck is leaking through my eardrum. So I'm now on 2 weeks of antibiotics and drops in the hope that it'll clear it up properly. I have an appointment with the ENT specialist tomorrow about the pain and swelling I get on the left side of my face and DH thinks I should mention my ear ( it's my right ear) while I'm there as this is the third infection since August. I often feel as though there's something swelling in my ear and pressing on my eardrum. To top that I started my not so monthlies on Friday nearly 9 weeks then Saturday I did my back in! Thankfully I had a heat wrap in so put that on straight away which helped it a lot. I am falling to bits I think!

I am now going to spend a bit of time catching up on blogs. I hope you're all having a good week and UK ladies are you ready for the cold snap that's coming??



Lucy said...

Beautiful works! I finished the same Blackbird the last week, and this is a wonderful design really!
kind regards,

Vonna said...

I'm so behind on blog reading so I missed Abi's birthday...please give her my belated well wishes for many more to come!

All your WIPs looks so good Sally! And your Quaker tree is just stunning. I'm very partial to BBD and its just coming along splendidly!

Please feel better soon! My mother suffers from inner ear problems, and I know it is terrible for her when they flare. And I can commiserate with the monthlies as mine came visiting yesterday!

Rachael said...

Love the tree,still plugging away on mine!
J is coming along nicely and the blackbird piece is growing.
It is a pain about the game,Fingers crossed for Jess!!
Oh Sally I hope the ENT doc can help you!! we will have to send you extra thread so you can sew yourself back together if you are falling apart!!

WendyCarole said...

Your Quaker Christmas tree is lovely. Congratulations to Jess for her uni offer.
Amazon seem to get dates wrong quite often.

Sorry to hear you are poorly again. I hope you antibiotics kick in soon.

Got the scarf and gloves ready fro the weekend LOL

karenv said...

Love your Quaker ornament Sally, it's one of my favourite ornament designs!

Sorry to hear you haven't been well again, hope you're feeling better soon {{{hugs}}}

PS - I put my back out last week too (fortunately it's better now) - obviously it's catching! ;)

Nicola said...

Love your Quaker Christmas Tree Sally, and your WIP's are coming on well.

Sorry you've not been well again, hope it gets sorted out soon.

Jennifer said...

Yikes! I hope you're feeling better soon! I used to get a lot of ear infections when I was younger and a little heat always helped soothe them.

Cindy F. said...

Love your Quaker piece and your wips are beautiful! That is exciting to hear about Abi's college possibilities.
So sorry to hear about your ear troubles. Hope it clears up for good soon!

Anonymous said...

Yours WIP's look great Sally, but no I haven't any mojo of any kind to send you I'm afraid.

I think you should mention your right ear to the ENT as well.

Take care and I hope you feel better soon.

Michele said...

Sally, love your Quaker finish! Very sweet tree :)

I'm so sorry sweetie that you are feeling bad yet again :( I hope the ENT can help! big healing hugs from the States :)

Sharon said...

So sorry to hear you've not been feeling well. Ear problems are the absolute worst. I do hope you'll be feeling better.

Love your progress on your Blackbird Design! Very pretty. Your progress on the HAED is fantastic too, I've yet to attempt one of their designs.

Last but not least, your Quaker Christmas Tree turned out beautifully. Congrats to you on a lovely finish.

I do hope you're up to you've been TAGGED. :-) Please see my Blog for the details.

Feel better! Happy stitching.

Christine said...

The Quaker ornament is really nice, and as for those storks on the roof on the BD piece, I just love them (I think its the knobbly knees).
Sorry to hear you've been unwell again, hope they sort it out soon

sammyjo said...

ouch that sounds painfull! Hope your feeling better soon! All the stitchings looking great :)

Congrats to jess!

Petra said...

Your Quaker finish is too cute! Love your BBD and HAED WIP - hope you feel better soon.
Lovely photos of your DD.

Sharon said...

Beautiful finish and projects. I sincerely hope they can find out why you keep getting those terrible ear infections. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Kudo's to Jess!

Julie said...

Great progress, love the Quaker tree.
Hope the visit to the ENT went well for you.
Congrats Jess, i'm sure she'll do fine.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your finished ornie is lovely! Hope you get your health issues resolved!

Michele B. said...

You have such wonderful taste in projects and they look beautiful when they are finished (or even in progress). Quaker Christmas is breathtaking! It will look incredible framed and on a wall.

I'm so sorry you continue to have health issues that interfere with your sense of well-being. It takes a lot of courage to face life when you don't feel well. I hope things start going in the right direction very soon.


P.S. It was so neat to see your picture, as well as your gorgeous daughter!

Mylene said...

Love your quaker finish!

I do hope the ear infections healed quikly for you.

Congratulations to Jess!!

Olenka's Stitches said...

I hope you are feeling better now. It's always a pleasure to see your stitching. I love your Quaker ornament, lovely colors.

Stitchingranny said...

Belated birthday greetings to Abi, sorry I keep being late with my reading at the moment. Hope she had a lovely day and nice to see pics of both of you.

Lovely stitching Sally, J is certainly growing now and love the little quaker bell which I am sure knowing you will soon be a really pretty ornament.

Karan said...

Sods Law guarantess everything will hit at once, just to make sure you feel thoroughly cr*ppy. Hope the meds work & you start to feel much better soon. Sending lots of (((((((((hugs))))))))).
Lovely ornie & great progress on the WIP's. :0)