Saturday, 22 November 2008

The North Wind Doth Blow.......

And we shall have......

Yes that's the lovely sight we woke up to this morning! To be honest I didn't expect we'd get any as on the weather forecast map it looked like it would miss us. It keeps snowing every so often and it is cold!!!!!!!!!!!!! The girls and I have been out this morning but now we're cosy inside. Abi got her new Tomb Raider Underworld this morning, no thanks to Amazon who failed to let me know they hadn't got stocks in of the Wii version and had it not been for me emailing them and them phoning me I wouldn't have known. So I cancelled that order, as they're not getting any in until at least 18th December, and ordered it from Gamestation yesterday afternoon and it arrived this morning and that was free delivery so Kudos to Gamestation and Royal Mail!! So she's playing it now!

Just a little bit of stitching to show. First up my Wednesday evening progress on HAED Tiny Treasures Letter J. It's moving along nicely; no doubt you're thoroughly bored seeing this.

This is my lovely little ornament finish. I saw Julie's lovely finish of this and decided I just had to stitch it so here it is. I'm going to have a finishing day once I get a few more things stitched up so will show it made up them

Mary Gary's Sewing Cabin Christmas Heart Pincushion

30 count R&R fabric (Scraps I had left from BBD Rites of Spring)

Carrie's Creations Old World Red & Frosty Pine

I won Natasha's contest on her blog for the Angel Stitchin' chart Gossip and it arrived this morning. I can't wait to stitch it up as it's such a fun chart but it won't be until I get my Christmas stitching done. Thank you so much Natasha! I also received some fabric from Lee. She was giving some away on her blog and I got a piece which will be brilliant for a Halloween or snowy project:) Thank you so much Lee!

Jess went to a fancy dress party last night ( another 18th) and she decided to go as the Cheshire cat!!!! Here are a couple of pics!

Thank you to those of you who left good wishes on my ear infection. Sometimes I think it's feeling better and other times it just doesn't feel any different. Needless to say when I went out in the cold this morning I wore a hat and made sure it covered my ears! I saw the ENT specialist on Thursday but I came out feeling really fed-up! He wasn't very pleasant, didn't really explain things and I just didn't feel at ease. I did tell him about my ear but because I didn't feel at ease I didn't tell him what it was like exactly and he says it's excema! Well I'm sorry but it damned well isn't! As for the pain and swelling at the other side of my face I have to go for an ultrasound to confirm it's what he thinks it is ( blockage in my saliva gland) and go from there. You will probably be sick of me saying I'm not well again.

Well I think I may just sit and stitch this afternoon! I think it's the weather for that here right now! I had my snow fix seen as I've been out in it and thrown some snowballs and had some thrown at me!! LOL!

I have been tagged by Sharon and Kay to reveal 6 random things about myself then pass the tag on. I have taken part in this a few times before so I might repeat myself as there's only so many things a boring stay at home Mum can say about herself!

I hate a lot of noise! I can't stand it if neighbours play loud music or bang about a lot. It drives me mad!

An obvious one but I LOVE cross stitch and collecting stash!

I'm scared of the dark and hate not having the quilt right up around me when I'm in bed. Not so good when I have hot sweats!!

I hate to miss Heroes. I'm totally addicted to watching it even if there's times I don't know what's going on!

I'm scared of snakes.

I love reading Danielle Steel book and have nearly all of them.

I'm not going to tag anyone but feel free to join in if you want!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Anonymous said...

OH WOW!! we haven't had any yet,supposed to get some tonight, but blink and we will miss it I think!!
Go back and ask to see another ENT doctor, I spent years going to the ENT department as a child and you have to be firm and honest as they can only go by what you tell them,but please go back.You don't want it to affect your hearing!
Jess looks great,love the big grin.
Cute christmas heart, and lovely progress on 'J'

karenv said...

Lucky you! Despite the forecast earlier in the week, I don't think we're going to get any this time :(

Karen said...

oooo snow

Even if you didnt like him you still should have said something more to him so he actually understands your pain. when I went I had horrible problems with the Doctor firstly because I couldnt hear properly due to the infection and secondly because he had a VERY strong accent and I just couldnt catch on to the comment and he couldnt under stand what I was saying ,I ended up asking the nurse to come in and explain things both ways , write down what you want to say and make sure you say it lol or Rachael and I will have to come with you
I like the orni

Julie said...

Lovley ornie LOL
Jess looks good, hope she had fun.
Keep your snow up there thank you!

Marjean said...

Oh, brrrrrr. Something we don't see in South Louisiana!

Anonymous said...

Yay for snow. They did say that the whole of the East Coast would get it!!

Lovely stitching Sally.

I do hope that you get your diagnosis sorted out soon and that you feel much better for Christmas.

sammyjo said...

wow jealous of your snow! love jess's costume!

Laura said...

Your HAED TT is very nice, and it looks like you are getting close to being done on this one. And I love the Mary Garry ornament...and the Cheshire Cat :).

Ranae said...

Oh! How I wish it would snow here, only a few flurries, but it didn't stick.
HAED is looking great.
I love the MG design
Take Care

WendyCarole said...

oooooh i am so jealous we didn't get any snow. It always misses our bit of west Yorks.

Sorry to hear you didn't get a satisfactory answer from the ENT specialist

Andrea said...

Brrrr!! I woke to a small dusting of snow this morning but the rain has now washed it all away. Love the ornament.

Kit said...

How lovely, we've only had a dusting here in NY so far. I hope you feel better soon.

Cindy F. said...

Pretty pics of your snow. The part of Texas we live in, rarely sees a flake!
So sorry about your dr's visit. I hope you get some answers soon or hopefully go to another dr. He needs to work on his bedside manner!
Your stitchings are soooo pretty!

Christine said...

No snow here :(
Jess makes a great cheshire cat!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Snow! LOL you can have it all!!!! I get tired of it pretty qickly!

Juls said...

Snow I remember snow....
Jess looks great !!!!
Your stitching is lovely as always!!!! Hope you feel better soon!!!!

Olenka's Stitches said...

Wow! Great first snow pictures. Your HAED TT is so lovely!
Maybe it is better to go to another doctor? Take better care of yourself.

Hazel said...

Woot! Snow! It tried to here for about ten seconds lol. Aww I've missed so many of your posts! Love the pic of you and your dd. Someone has just gifterd me with A Quaker Christmas Yay! I'm thinking of doing your choice of Carries on it as they look lovely. xx

Susan said...

I think snow is beautiful the first time it falls in the season, and then I'd be just as happy if it disappeared as quickly.

We had six inches of it the other night, and it's not even winter yet!

Kajsa said...

Cute ornament! Your wintery garden pictures are so pretty.

stitcherw said...

Yup we're getting snow too, what a pain. I like it the first time, as it is pretty, but after that I can really do without it. The Cheshire Cat outfit was adorable, what a fun costume she came up with. Tiny J is looking so pretty, and your earlier quaker finish was lovely. Can't help on the finishing mojo, as I'm really lacking in that myself. Sorry to hear the visit with the doctor didn't go well. Hopefully after the ultrasound you can have another conversation with him and he'll listen to you on what all is going on with your ear. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Tracy said...

Wow it looks like Christmas, loving the fancy dress outfit and make up

Maxine said...

I hope you get some result about whats going on with your ear and that you are feeling better today. I love all your stitching , you always make such a lovely job of wahtever you do. (((hugs)))