Thursday, 19 April 2007

Chocolate Shoppe

I actually managed to get some stitching on LHN Chocolate Shoppe this week! Wahoo! I love this chart but have got a little bored with stitching it if I'm honest. I think if I'd been stitching it more than once a week and I'd got on better I'd have enjoyed it more. Anyway I did make good progress yesterday afternoon and felt much happier with it when I put it away again until next week. Hopefully I should get it finished next week as there isn't much more to do. It'll depend on what time I get back from my scan and whether DH is just taking the morning off to take me or the whole day. At the moment it's just the morning but he could change his mind!

I bought some ribbon on Monday and finished up Shepherd's Bush Busy Sheep into a pinkeep ( do you think I'm addicted? Lol!). Busy Sheep was my first finish of 2006 so I think it was about time I did something with it! So here it is! I love this little design and think it's perfect for a pin keep.

Abi has been doing a bit of stitching with me again and finished this San Man Originals piece off. It came with the tuck and the dog charm. I am now hoping she will carry on with her stitching again as it's nice to have someone to stitch with, even if she keeps asking me to thread her needle with more thread etc! Lol! She was thinking of starting a Christmas chart next so keep your finger's crossed that she does!

I shall be having a new HAED start today if I can get off this PC! So watch out for a WIP pic but maybe not for a while, until I get a page done!

Oh my God you should see our budgie! He is literally laid on the window sill ( looks like he's a broody hen!) with his head lent on the water tray of the plant pot going to sleep! Wish I could get a piccie but I know if I move he will! He's such a daft bird!

Poor Abi seems to have picked up what I've got ( whatever it is! Lol!) and DH was complaining of a sore throat last night. Mine still hasn't some to anything so God knows how long it'll go on.

I hope everybody is doing OK this week. Thank you to everybody who drops by to read my blog and everybody who leaves comments. They mean a lot to me and I treasure my stitching friends who brighten my days.

Edited to add a special thank you to Claire who has RAK'd me with HAED Sweet Music of Spring storykeep. {{{{hugs}}}} I love this one as the colours are so bright and cheerful.


Lisa said...

Wow, you've made great progress on Choc Shop Sally, well done, it's looking lovely.
The busy sheep pinkeep is really cute!
Tell Abi she's got to keep stitching, we need more recruits!

Claire said...

Yep - you are officially addicted to Pin Keeps!! Gorgeous though Sally.

Chocolate Shoppe is coming on well, but know what you are saying...


Kajsa said...

Nice progress on CS and what a nice pinkeep the SB piece made.

How fun that DD stitches too, she's really doing great.

Carol said...

Not too much further to go on Chocolate Shoppe now! I am here to cheer you on!

jane said...

Love the pinkeeps Sally and Chocolate Shoppe is coming on really well

Michele said...

great pin keep Sally! and CS is coming along great .. I'm sure you can get it done :)

How cool that Abi is back to stitching with you :) I think you need to get her her own needle threader though! lol

Julie said...

Choccie Shoppe is nearly done! WOW

Cute pinkeep, and congrats to Abi, great stitching

Did i read 'NEW START' so what is it then ??? nosey person asking LOL

Heather said...

Love your pinkeep Sally. I have that design sitting in the finished folder too.

Sally, remember I had what felt like a cold just hanging around in a dormant state all through the February holidays and only the sinusitis came out just as they went back to school. The cold/flu symptoms just hung around like a bad smell and it's really only now that I can say that I am feeling brighter.

Big {{{hugs}}} that you all feel better soon.

Stitchingranny said...

my you have been busy this week and lol yes i think you are becoming addicted to pin keeps, but can see why as they are so lovely and you are so clever at being able to make them.

my dd used to stitch with me now and again when she was younger, in fact it was her doing some cross stitching at school that first sparked my interest but she never stuck at it for long. but there is hope Sally, she grew up and now shes almost as addicted as I am and I love it when she comes to visit as she always brings her stitching too.

Carolyn said...

Chocolate Shoppe looks great as do all of your recent pinkeeps! :)

Lizzy said...

Oh, another pinkeep... and what a beautiful one, Sally!!! I love this design!!! Are you going to display all of yours in a basket as a lot of stitchers are doing? I'd love to do that if I ever get up the nerve to finish one! :-)

Chocolate Shoppe is coming along beautifully! You'll be finished in no time at all, Hun! I've still got a long ways to go! :-)

Abi's finish is lovely and how wonderful to have her stitching with you! :-)

Oh, now do tell, what's your new HAED start? You can't leave us in suspense like this! ;-) And what a special RAK... Sweet Music of Spring is a lovely storykeep... there are several of those I love... I'd love to start on one day! :-)

Thanks for all your lovely, kind and thoughtful wishes, Sweetie... they make me smile and brighten my days ever so much! :-)

Paula said...

Hi Sally, chocolate shoppe is looking lovely hope you manage to get it finished next week.
Well done to you and Abi for your finishes, both gorgeous....
Another new start, tut tut I'll be expecting to see a WIP pic very soon.... lol
Hope you are all feeling better soon.
Huggles and Happy Stitching.....

Michelle said...

Chocolate Shoppe is looking great - I just love that chart. Your pinkeep turned out so cute, the yellow ribbon is perfect for it.

Hazel said...

Your CS looks great. Keep plodding away at it. Love your pinkeep. I need some of that wadding stuff as my last one looks a little flat! xx

Lucy said...

The doggone cute is the fabric you used.

Mylene said...

Just love your pinkeeps. They all look great!! Perhaps you have already finish the 'Choc Shoppe', its a beautiful design.
Have a nice weekend.

Denisa said...

Hi... I passed here for only announcing that in my Blog it has new things and that I am waiting its visit!
Its blog is pretty! Congratulations!
It has an excellent week!
Kissis for Nisa! ( Brazil)

stitcherw said...

Nice progress on Chocolate Shoppe, this will be done soon. The border does seem to drag on a bit, but it looks go great with it. As to pinkeeps, hmmm yup addicted might be a possibility, however they are very cute so it is a good addiction. :)

Abi's finish looks great, what a cute one to have finished and be able to display. I'll keep my fingers crossed the stitching keeps up. A new Christmas design does sound promising, and plenty of time to finish by then too.

Sorry to hear that you all are passing around a bug, hope you're all feeling better soon.

Anita said...

You Choc shop is looking good. I love your pinkeeps. I am going to make some as well since I bought so many pinkeeps in the last few months.