Monday, 16 April 2007

Another Pinkeep!

Yes I have finished up another pinkeep! Lol! I like these little things and I am sure I will make more in the future! So this one, as promised, is Chatelaine Lavender Mandala. I added enough ribbon to hang this one up so it is now hung in my dining room. I am very pleased with this one but it did use up quite a few of my pin collection! Lol!

We were looking through Abi's stash box on Saturday night and we found some things she'd stitched that we haven't had framed or anything yet so we decided that one would make an ideal pinkeep so I'm going to do that for her sometime and I also found one of my finishes Shepherd's Bush Busy Sheep and have half finished that into one! I didn't have any ribbon for it but have bought some this morning so might finish that off later today.

My thread arrived from my floss fairy Lisa this morning so I'm sorting out a HAED gift certificate for her. They have a new site now and it's very different from before so I'm waiting for the GC order to be processed then I can send it on to Lisa. I can't believe how little Lisa paid for the DMC in Wal Mart! It was 24c a skein! Do we get ripped off here in the UK or what?!

Postie also brought my small order from Thread Bear this morning. I put in a small order a couple of weeks ago for La D Da Bless This House, a wire hanger and a couple of buttons. They were waiting for stock of the buttons so I said I'd wait for it all to be sent at the same time. Well guess who let the side yet again with their shoddy deliveries. Yep Royal Mail! Kate was very concerned when I emailed her yesterday about my order as she posted it first class last Thursday so it's a repeat of my order from Jayne the other week. I am delighted with my order though, for all Royal Mail let me down yet again, and I will definitely order from Thread Bear again. The order was beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon.

Rather than move onto something new in my rotation this weekend I decided to carry on with Chatelaine Summer Afternoon. I managed to get the queen stitches finished in the beehive and did the blue stars or whatever they're supposed to be, then moved onto the next bit which I love. So here's my WIP pic. I couldn't fit it all in the scanner so you can't see the first part at all. I love the silks used in this. They have such a lovely sheen to them and are gorgeous to stitch with. I can't wait to get back to this again:)

So this week I'm back to my HAED stitching with Sara Butcher's Summer ACEO. I am looking forward to getting my teeth into this again as I only have one full page and two small bits to do now. Also Wednesday I want to get back to LHN Chocolate Shoppe. I'm hoping to get it finished this month if I can get my finger out and get on with it! Lol!

I have received my appointment for my bone density scan and I go on 25th April at 9.30am. So that'll be out of the way soon and I can get my results and see what's what.

I am still feeling quite rough. I ache more than ever today and wish whatever it is would come to something and go!


Lisa said...

Wow Sally, now that is one gorgeous pinkeep! You've done a fab job on this one, want to send it my way? lol
Summer Afternoon is looking lovely as well.

Paula said...

Hi Sally,m what a gorgeous pinkeep, well done. Love your WIP too. You are stitching loads....
Looking forward to seeing your update on Summer..
Went and had a look at Bless this House and it's really lovely. So when are you starting it??? lol
Happy stitching and huggles to you....

Heather said...

I love your pinkeep Sally. How did you make it?

Your Chatelaine is looking good too. Can't wait to see more.

Glad to hear that you won't be waiting too long for your hospital appointment and I'm sure it will all be clear.

Julie said...

Summer Afternoon in gorgeous, and so is the pinkeep

Hope you're feeling a bit better, so glad your scan date came, not to long to wait

Karen said...

youe pinkeep is lovely, I am glad your Thread Bear order came through ok

Stitchingranny said...

Wow Sally you have been busy and everything is looking great. Love it all and the new pin keep is stunning.

Hazel said...

Gorgeous pinkeep. I need to get some wadding so next time mine will be padded. I love Thread Bear. They are such lovely people and you can tell they love the craft too.

Claire said...

Gorgeous as ever Sally - I love your stitching and seeing what you do with it.

Hope all goes well with the scan.


Mylene said...

It is simply beautiful, Sally.
Well done!!

Lizzy said...

Oh, Wow! Sally, that is gorgeous! Your finishing is just lovely and the Lavender Mandala makes such a beautiful pinkeep!

Summer Afternoon is coming along beautifully... :-)

I'm sorry you are still feeling so bad... sending you lots of love and {{{Hugs}}} and hoping you are feeling much better very soon, Sweetie!

Michelle said...

I love your Lavender Mandala pinkeep - it looks so sparkly! Just gorgeous. And your Summer Afternoon is coming along beautifully!

Lucy said...

Beautiful finish on the pinkeep!!!

Edda said...

I love the Lavender Mandala Pinkeep, it is so shiny and glittery. Also love the work that you are doing on the Summer Afternoon. Hope you have a great day!

All the best,

Bev said...

love the pinkkeep, after seeing that i def want to try and tackle one myself, well done