Friday, 18 August 2017

More Finishing and Some Stitching!

Yet again it has been a while since I last posted! I was intent on doing a post the week before last but it didn't happen. So I am here now and guess what?! I've had my sewing machine out again! I have been watching some of Vonna's finishing tutorials on You Tube and after seeing her using a quilting ruler I decided I had to get one as it would make things so much easier. Well I hoped! Anyway I wish I'd had one years ago! I finished another 3 pieces and although they are not perfect ( practice makes perfect right?) I am very happy with them! I am struggling to get my stuffing right into the corners but I will get it! So here's my finishes. 

This one was stitched last year and is Little House Needleworks Soft and Sweet.

This one was the December SAL I did with Chris starting last December and I finished the stitching in January. Of course it is Country Cottage Needleworks Merry Christmas My Deer.

Finally this one.

The Primitive Hare Prim Christmas

32 count Vintage Country Mocha linen.

DMC & Rainbow Gallery

Started 9th July 2017

Finished 25th July 2017.

I am aiming to try and get everything in my finishing pile done eventually and try and keep on top of any new finishes I have. Hmmmm!!!

A fair bit of stitching has been done but none finished as yet. I was hoping to get my sheep SAL piece with Barb finished but I ran out of a thread. I must admit that I am not too happy with the hand dyes on this one. None of them are the same as the photo and it's not even a slight difference but a considerable one. I know that is the problem with hand dyes as no two skeins are the same. I actually swapped out the GAST for the snow as it was just not snow coloured and used DMC instead. This should be finished this evening.

Barb and I have started a new SAL on Mondays. She was saying she had lots of Lizzie Kate charts in her stash and asked if I fancied stitching on some with her. She knew I was toying with the idea of signing up for the new Christmas mystery and thought I could join her on that. However I have decided not to sign up but I do have some Lizzie Kate charts in my stash so I made a very small start on Snowman '10. Yes it is a very small start lol!

1831 Christmas is going well. The hand dyes on this are very close to the photo on the chart so I am very happy with this one. It is so pretty too and that sheep is very cute! 

The Stitchrovia charity SAL Quotes to Live By is going very slow but I'm not stitching on it every week. I think I shall stitch a little of the border as I add the quotes rather than stitch the border all at once. I think I'll get bored quickly! 

I am getting close to finishing Through the Storms. I just have the clouds at the top to fill in and the grass at the bottom so it should be finished next time I pick it up. Please excuse the lovely envelope covering the personalisation!

As usual no post would be complete without Mini Jolly Old Fellow! Look!!! I have finished page 7!! Just 2 more partial pages to go!!! I am debating what to do once this is finished. I have a storykeep ( remember the dragon??) to finish so I might get that out until it's finished. After that I don't know whether to have a rest from HAEDs ( well BAPs) or get one of my BAP WIPs out. I have Guardian B&W almost halfway or Tilton Crafts Always started.

As some of you may know I am on Instagram and came across a SAL starting on 3rd September of LHN Lantern Lane. I got the chart, fabric and some of the threads for Christmas last year so I decided that, if I can get a few pieces finished before then, I would join in. I'm quite excited by this and have been thinking about starting it for a while.

Have you seen the gorgeous new chart coming soon from Little House Needleworks? It's one of a new set of seasonal charts and I am really looking forward to them. I have already put my name down for the Autumn one when it reaches our shores and hope to take part in a SAL on the Little House / Country Cottage Facebook page depending on when it arrives. I have been very good on Stitch from Stash as I could have ordered loads but have stopped myself and made myself really think harder about if I really want things! I was very close to signing up for the Lizzie Kate Christmas mystery, as I mentioned earlier, and the With Thy Needle Thread schoolhouse series and I kept asking myself will I really like them that much or will it  be something I regret. So something good has come from Stitch from Stash this year! I have been doing better each year I've taken part but this year seems even better. I hope it lasts!!!!

That's all my stitching news for this post. Fingers crossed my sewing machine will come out again soon or my cutting knife to cut card lol! I'll be making time to come visit all your blogs as soon as I can. 

Until next time.

With much love,

Sally xxx


Manuela said...

Lovely finishes and wonderful progress on your stitching projects.
I like your Santa Claus.
Best wishes Manuela

Kay said...

You have been busy. I particularly like the 1831 sheep design you are doing. You must have so many beautiful smalls at home, I imagine drawers full of them all waiting to take their turn to be on display. x

Linda said...

Congrats on the beautiful finishes Sally. Great progress on your other projects and I love your new start. I also joined the LHN/CCN facebook group and am going to try and stitch one autumn piece from each one if my hand lets me.


Jackie said...

I have no doubt you'll reach your finishing goal Sally! You sound determined and that means it will happen! I should be stitching from stash more - I've been reorganizing my charts this afternoon and I still love them all.

butterfly said...

Lovely stitching and finishes , you always stitch some lovely designs .
Have a lovely weekend hugs June.

Barb said...

Well done Sally ,making friends with your sewing machine your finishes are great. I still have the soft and sweet needlecase sitting in my basket next to me. I did a little on Christmas Rose last night , my mojo seems to have taken a break somehow. So many lovely wips you have, see you Monday that is a promise!x

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

A lovely selection of finishes and WIPs. Sally. I love the colours in Soft and Sweet Sheep.
I know how you feel about resisting some of the new designs that have come out recently. I have been doing my best NOT to buy the schoolhouse series from With Thy Needle and Thread. But I love alphabet charts at the moment.

Maggee said...

So much beauty in your posts! Your FFO finishes look great! And you are nearly finished with several more... soon enough! The Santa is looking good, and SO close to being finished... You can do it! Tho if it were me, I'd stay away from any more BAPs for a while... I am going to try for some finishing. I got it all out, but then went on vacation for a week... Maybe in September! Takes time away from stitching! Hard decisions. Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

Brigitte said...

You have three wonderful little finishes here, Sally. Love them all. And nice progress on your stitching projects.
I can't wait to see Mini Old Jolly Fellow finished, he's such a lovely guy. But of course these HAEDs take a while. I still haven't started my first HAED because I haven't finished all the grinding yet.
Great success on the Stitch from Stash front.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You have been busy! Lovely ornament finishes, especially the Prim Christmas one.
Your HAED is so close to a finish, that must be very exciting. I vote for the dragon next of course!

Julie said...

Lovely finishes you have whipped up on the sewing machine.
Love the Silver Creek Sampler, that is so pretty. Shame my stitching bug has ran off, knitting seems to be easier at the moment.
Jolly Old will be be all done in time for the festive season.

Christine said...

Lovely work as always Sally

Rachel said...

What a lovely finish, it turned out great! I love the fabric you chose. Great progress as well. I always aim to post once a week, it never quite works out.:)

Astrids dragon said...

Your finishes are so lovely, you did a wonderful job!
I love all your starts and continued stitching, you really have been busy.

Carol said...

Just such pretty finishes, Sally! I have always thought you did a fine job, but I'm glad the quilting ruler has helped. I should probably watch a video and get one myself :) I haven't seen the new LHN series--will have to go check it out!

Enjoy your last week of August :)

RJ said...

Sally I really enjoyed seeing your finishes...they are all lovely. And what wonderful progress you are making on your stitches. I have confidence you will catch up to all of your projects. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Helen said...

Lovely finishes and beautiful stitching Sally! After I bought my quilting ruler I wondered how I ever lived without it - so many uses! You have done really well with the stitch from stash, the internet is a double edged sword in that we can access projects we would never have come across before in our local stores but have no more extra stitching hours to fit it all in! I have been doing some serious thinking about this this year as I have things upstairs I really want to stitch that have been there for years and three magazine subs that tempt me into starting new stuff! Happy stitching whatever you choose to work on this week :-)