Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Here I Am!

I know it has been a while yet again! I'm not putting myself under any pressure to blog more often as i know it is fruitless so I'll just blog when I feel like it. Anyway today I am trying something new and blogging solely from my iPad. I've taken photos with it, edited them with it and now I'm attempting to write a post. Unfortunately the App store doesn't have the Blogger app and when I had it on my now not working tablet I could never get photos where I wanted them so fingers crossed this app works!

So I have been doing a fair bit of stitching since my last post. No finishes but I could now show the birthday gift I did for Lainey but it's on my laptop! So if this doesn't go well I may end up on my laptop anyway! If it works I'll showmit next post!

I can't remember what I showed last time or what new starts I may have had but I have joined in a couple of SALs. The first one started on 1st September and it's an Autumn SAL featuring any Autumn design by Little House Needleworks or Country Cottage Needleworks. I chose Autumn Band Sampler by Little House Needleworks. I'm stitching it with some of the suggested threads and DMC.

My other SAL came about through Instagram. I noticed a few people were joining Priscilla and Chelsea for a Sunday SAL stitching on Little House Needleworks Lantern Lane. Well I already had everything we needed to start so start I did!
I don't remember showing much of my progress on the Stitchrovia charity SAL. To be honest there isn't a lot of progress! I only really stitch on it at the craft group I go to and I have missed 2 weeks recently. However I hope to get back to it properly unless something crops up and I need to start something else!
My Winter Days Sewing Basket is coming along quite nicely. i have finished one side and got a good bit done on another. The making up will be interesting once all the stitching is done!

Barb and I still stitching away on our SALs. On Mondays we stitch on Lizzie Kate and I am stithcing Snowman '10. He is such a sweet stitch too.
Then on Fridays it is our sheep SAL and we both stitching Jump for Joy. The grass on mine is growing very slowly at the moment. Hmm I can't find the photo!

Of course no post is complete without Mini Jolly Old Fellow! I can see the end soon so I gaining enthusiasm for him to be finished!
Well I know this post isn't very interesting but I did't want to put lots into it if it didn't go how I wanted it to so I'll see what happens! Fingers crossed!

Until next time take care everyone.

With much love,

Sally xxx


Barb said...

Well done Sally it worked. Love the jolly old fellow I shall miss seeing him when
you finish him. Also very much like your snowman . Your other stitching is coming along famously too well done. Hugs.

gracie said...

Nice to see your post. Congratulations on getting it posted from your Ipad.

Carol said...

Your first post using your iPad turned out great, Sally! I have never tried that, but my iPad is so ancient and slow that I don't think I'd have much luck.

So many cute projects you have going! Hope you manage to finish St. Nick before Christmas--he is looking spectacular :)

stitchersanon said...

Congrats on working out the ap! Lovely stitching as always

Linda said...

Great progress and I love your new starts Sally.


CathieJ said...

Your are so close to finishing Santa. He is just wonderful. I really like all of your other projects too. So glad to see a blog post and I totally understand the idea of just blogging when you feel like it.

RJ said...

So many wonderful stitches Sally. I love all of them. The snowman is darling and I enjoy how quickly LKate stitches work up. I think the Little House will be adorable when done. Hope you have a wonderful week and lots more stitching. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Looks like you've got posting from your tablet figured out, Sally. All your projects are beautiful, and that Santa is all but finished! That is such an accomplishment. Well done!

Stitching Noni said...

Post looks great.... I still haven't managed to find an app on my ipad to post from so I would be interested to know what app you have used to do your post?
I love the Lantern Lane SAL that is going on at the moment - I have been tempted to join but trying not to just yet - have too many new starts that are rapidly turning into almost forgotten WIPs already for this year!! Love watching Chelsea and Priscilla's video - they are great enablers! :o)

Mii Stitch said...

Well it looks like the post worked well :)
Great stitching and lovely projects.
My favourites have to be the LK snowman (I've got it too, so better dig it out soon) and the wonderful HAED Santa. You are so closed to a finish, it might even be finished before Christmas comes.

Mary said...

Sally, beautiful eye candy for us stitchers, of course it's interesting!! Your santa is amazing and I love that you work on different themes different days of the week. I'll have to give that a try. Great post!! Mary

Our photos said...

Great progress!

Brigitte said...

It seemed to work, Sally. And you made some great progress on your SAL pieces.
I always love to see that wonderful Santa and your progress on him. Such a gorgeous project.

Christine said...

You figured the ipad app out then. Great post, all yuor WIPs look fabulous

Maggee said...

Congrats on posting from the IPad... it worked! You have been busy with all kinds of great projects! I am doing the Autumn SAL too, tho I haven't 'joined', just following along and stitching Pumpkin Cottage which will be finished TODAY! I watch Flosstube on my TV while stitching, and have not yet figured out how to do comments and such. Maybe someday... Love all your projects! Keep going! Hugs!

Kay said...

I do enjoy your catch ups. Your santa will probably be finished for Christmas this year a this rate. x

Andrea said...

You have some wonderful pieces on the go. I'm keeping my fingers crossed you finish Santa before Christmas. He's looking mighty fine! Love the snowman too, so cute.

Julie said...

Looks like your techno knowledge paid off and it worked, I think lots of is could do with step by step instructions in making blogging easier then we might blog a bit more!
Love the new autumn SAL, such vibrant colours in it.
Joy Old Fellow will be right at home when he is completed for Christmas

Jackie said...

It loks like your ipad worked perfectly! What app did you use? I'm not setting a specific schedule to blog either but instead blogging when inspired. I don't blog a lot but I do have more posts this year than the year before.

Lantern Lane is such a pretty project! I just love that red house and the lantern!

Helen said...

Beautiful stitching Sally! Love your two LHN starts and the Lizzie Kate is very cute :-) Well done with Jolly Old Fellow, you are so close to a finish now!!! Also good job on posting from somewhere other than your laptop - I have never managed to get Blogger to cooperate from anywhere other than my laptop which has been rather frustrating at times! Happy stitching,

Justine said...

I always want to rush off and stitch when I've read a post from you Sally, they are just inspirational! You always have such a great variety of lovely projects on the go. I will miss seeing Jolly Old Fellow too but I know you have struggled with him at times so I hope you are enjoying him more now you know you are on the home straight.

I have stitched Snowman 10 - he's a cutie isn't he?

butterfly said...

Santa is almost there he looks great.
Lots of new stitching you have started all look wonderful.
Enjoy the weekend.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Well done on getting the technology to work the way it should!
I thought it was was a great post, lovely stitching pictures and really very close to a finish on Santa.