Friday, 27 January 2017

Productive January

Can you believe we are almost at the end of the first month of 2017?! Where has it gone? Thankfully I have had quite a productive month and have had 5 finishes! Yes I did say 5 lol! I showed CCN's Merry Christmas My Deer last time so I'll show the other 4 now!

My lovely surrogate sis Lisa had a birthday the other Monday and I stitched this for her.

The Nebby Needle True Friend

40 count Vintage Country Mocha linen


Started 4th January 2017

Finished 5th January 2017

Birthday gift for Lisa.

I am very happy to say that she loved it :). I am also happy with my finishing!

My lovely friend Chris also had a birthday this month and this is what I decided to stitch for her. 

Lizzie*Kate Little Cups of Friendship from the Tea Crazy leaflet.

32 count Nougat linen


Started 6th January 2017.

Finished 12th January 2017.

Birthday gift for Chris.

Chris loved it so that made me happy and I was also happy with my finishing.

You may remember I had my usual New Year's Day new start and that is now finished :) I just love this and as it was a gift from my Dad a few years ago ( with DH's help as it was from my Christmas list ) it is very special to me. 

Lizzie*Kate Sweet Simple Things

30 count Natural linen ( came with the chart )


New Year's Day New Start SAL, SAL with Lisa, New Start, Old Stash SAL.

Started 1st January 2017

Finished 19th January 2017.

Final finish was my Christmas Eve spur of the moment start! I have really enjoyed stitching this lovely little piece and it was so easy as it came with the threads so I just had to find a piece of fabric that was suitable.

Plum Street Samplers A Bowl Full of Merries Merry Two.

36 count Lakeside Linens Pearled Barley

Started 24th December 2016

Finished 25th January 2017.

So that is my stash down a little bit lol! One thing I really want to try and do this year, as well as getting my chart stash down, is fully finish off things I have stitched as soon as I've stitched them if I can. One thing I hate is having a massive pile of finishing as it makes me not want to do it. So, hopefully, I'll get these 2 fully finished next week if I get chance.

You may have noticed that I have started to put start and finish dates on my finishes again. I did this for quite a time before until someone said it looked like I was showing off so I stopped doing it. It's not showing off as it's more of a record for me so I've decided to start again. Let's face it some things take me ages anyway!

I am stitching another birthday present at the moment and once that is finished I'll be starting something new and bringing Sotto La Neve out again.

I did consider not bringing out HAED SK A Dragons History just yet but I knew if I didn't it might turn into a UFO and I really didn't want that so here it is! Not much to stitch for a page 3 finish then onto the final page!!

Barb and I are still stitching away on Winter. I wish I could get a decent photo of the fabric as it is so pretty. I didn't seem to get much done on Monday but the I is finished except for the star on the top.

Of course I am still getting on with Mini Jolly Old Fellow. I was so fed up with this on Tuesday as it seems never ending with odd stitches etc. It slows me down and it's so frustrating. He will be worth it though and I'm hoping to get this page finished very soon then I'll only have 4 partial pages to go.

Final WIP is my HAED challenge piece which is, of course, Guardian. I don't think there is any way that I'll complete the challenge but I'm not bothered. It's just nice to have him out again.

I am very much enjoying doing stitch from stash again and haven't been tempted at all. OK it is only the first month but I think what is spurring me on is getting through some of the lovely charts that have been neglected in my stash. I am sure there will times when I'm very tempted and have to give in to something that I must have but as long as I don't go mad I won't beat myself up about it. I have just put my January report in and all I've spent is 32 p on a skein of DMC ( my local shop is selling everything off as the lady who does the craft side is retiring but her husband is carrying with the art side and framing ) and I have £28 credit for my 4 finishes. I am sure February won't be so productive but it's a good start!

In my last post I was talking about the possibility of snow. Well snow it did and it was lovely just to watch it fall. There is something so magical about it and I just love it. Unfortunately it turned to rain very soon and by the time I got out for a walk there wasn't much in the fields at the mere which is where I wanted to take photos so I was very disappointed. Some parts of the country got loads. It has been bitterly cold this past few days but no snow. Apparently they are forecasting the next cold spell at the end of February. I think Winter is going to be another let down!

Well on that note thank you for reading. I know blogging seems to be dying off a bit so I'm happy that you are still here with me, Going to catch up with you all now.

Until next time.

With much love.

Sally xxxx


Rachel said...

Congratulations on all your finishes and progress this month. When you put everything together it really shows how productive you've been! :)

Mii Stitch said...

Sally, as always, beautiful little crosses!!!
Great finishes & gifts for your friends.
I too intend to focus on my stash this year, it's forever growing and needs a bit of TLC :)

Sandra said...

I find too that blogging is dropping off; but I have hopes that people will come back again. The idea of putting start dates and finish dates is a great idea. It is hard to remember so much information and nice to be able to look back on and know when the project was stitched. I don't find it to be seen as show-off at all. When the snow is big flakes and falling it can be a beautiful sight. Here in our town the drifts can become 6 foot tall and hard as ice. I do find it to be beautiful more often than not. You have so many wonderful stitch projects. It has been a pleasure to see them all.

Vickie said...

wOw Sally! You have been stitching loads! Fantastic! Such sweet finishing too. I just love Sweet Simple Things. I am glad that blogging is has only decreased a tiny bit. So very many friends are still here. ♥

Tricia T said...

Beautiful work, Sally!

Robin in Virginia said...

What wonderful finishes you shared! I have stitched both the Nebby Needle piece and the LK friendship piece as well. I like how you finished yours. You have a good variety with your WIPs. Enjoy your weekend!

E Wilburn said...

Love everything, but I'm quite partial to that Nebby Needle design...I'm trying to stitch from stash a bit more myself, but that one might be going on my wishlist now... LOL

Manuela said...

So many wonderful finishes. I like them all.
Happy Weekend.

Linda said...

Congrats on all of the gorgeous finish finishes Sally. You do such an amazing job. I love to see start and finish dates. Wonderful progress on all of your other projects.


Jackie said...

I always love seeing your stitching Sally and you're a wonderful finisher! True friend is stunning!

I wish it would snow here but that's not going to happen anytime soon! Last time was 1989 and it wasn't much at all.

butterfly said...

Lovely stitching , dear friend .
I to want to get down my stash pile
So happy you got your snow.

Barb said...

Sally please do not stop blogging you have lots more people commenting on your blog than me ,and although I am a bit sporadic in posts it is still lovely to get the positive feedback . We wouldnt have met but for your blog ,a friendship which is very precious. Will speak soon , today is not a good day.
Much love and hugs.

Christine said...

Four gorgeous finishes Sally, and great work on your WIPs too

Andrea said...

Wonderful finishes and you have some lovely WIPs on the go.

Kay said...

These are just great finishes, you should b so pleased with your stitching this month. I am really struggling to find time to sew much now, but I do love to see what everyone is doing an also to get ideas of fabulous charts to stitch. x

Brigitte said...

Oh my, Sally, what a wonderful post this is. And so many things to look at.
I love the little gifts you made for your friends' birthdays, and also a great PSS finish.
Great progress on your WIPs.

Carol said...

Oh, I do love that LK finish, Sally!! Really so special :)

You have made some lovely birthday gifts, too--I know the recipients must treasure them.

We also had a bit of snow this weekend--the first we had all of January. It really is lovely to look outside and see the white clean landscape!

Maggee said...

Wow--five finishes this month? That is stupendous! I might have two...and I also started a bigger piece, so added a WIP! One of the ones I intend to finish is the Nebby Needle piece you inspired me to pull out... My stitching buddy's birthday is February 10th, so thought that would be a nice one. (I just figured out how I will finish it too!) And I did the Sweet Simple Things saying a LONG time ago, and made it into a little pillow that I usually bring out around now... :) ALL of your finishes look great! I look forward to seeing how you finish them! And I bet you can't stitch fast enough to progress on your WIPs. You are surely getting near the end for a couple of them! Don't stop blogging! Right now I struggle to get around to both reading and posting, but I won't stop! It is a lifeline to stitching that I love and many many friends! Hugs!

Julie said...

Lovely gifts you have made for your friends.
Nice progress on the WIP's too.

Pull the other thread said...

well done on all your finishes!! Love all your progress as well. I have never thought that you including dates was showing off. I actually quite like seeing how long stitch on projects.

Katie said...

Wow....beautiful pieces indeed! Congrats on all the finishes.

Penny said...

You have completed some beautiful pieces, Sally! And I think it is nice to see a begin date and an end date. I always mean to do it but forget. I'm always amazed when I see your HAED pieces. We are still sadly lacking in snow this winter although February and March can be big months for us. If it's going to be cold, we might as well have some snow. : ) And I'm very happy you are still blogging!

Cindy's Stitching said...

Beautiful finishes

Justine said...

What a productive month! You are so close with Jolly Old Fellow - keep going! He looks amazing.

The gifts for your stitching friends are gorgeous and both lovely sentiments, as is the chart from your Dad which I can imagine is very special.

I am thankful every day that I discovered blogging, I have made so many wonderful friends. Please don't give up.

Irene said...

wow Sally, quanti ricami hai finito brava! Adoro Plum Street Sampler!

gominam said...

Wow, you really started the year on a high note. So many finishes. Lovely birthday gifts you created!

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

These are lovely finishes, Sally. I love seeing your progress on your WIPs.

stitchingranny said...

Hi Sally, I see you are still as busy as ever, with all your different products. I haven't been able to stitch much in the last couple of months, but hoping to get back to it at full pace again soon. Helen x