Thursday, 12 January 2017

December SAL is Finished!

Here I am with my very first post of 2017 and I have a finish!! Well I actually have 2 but I can't show that one as it's for a birthday present :) I'll be able to show it next time I blog though.

I am happy to say that both Chris and I have finished our December SAL and I love it! It looks so pretty, even though I say so myself, and I now need to decide how to finish it off. I still haven't finished off our last 2 December SALs ( hanging head in shame! )

Country Cottage Needleworks Merry Christmas My Deer

32 count Zweigert Petit Point linen white/natural.

DMC, Classic Colorworks & GAST

Started 1st December 2016

Finished 6th January 2017.

In between Christmas and New Year my rotation went out of the window and now I'm trying very hard to get back to some sort of one. Barb and I are putting the ornament SAL on hold until later in 2017 and at the moment Mondays are being spent stitching on this.

I am loving stitching this! It is just so much fun to stitch and really puts a smile on my face. I think Winter may be over by the time we finish it but it'll be well worth it!

The official Heaven and Earth Designs Facebook group have started another challenge on the 1st January. I wasn't too sure whether to join in or not as it meant I'd have to start something new as it had to be a full page and I don't have full pages left on my SK or mini but then I thought why not get Guardian out so that is what I have done. I've signed up and if I complete the challenge then way to go me but if I don't I'm not going to beat myself up about it! When I last picked it up I was on page 14 so I've left that and page 15, which was a partial page, and started page 16. I think we have until early April but as I'll probably only be stitching one evening a week on it I doubt I'll get it done but we shall see. 

I want to try and get Mini Jolly Old Fellow finished and also keep going with SK Dragons History as I don't want them to be put away. Once Mini Jolly Old Fellow is finished the dragon will move to that slot in my rotation and Guardian will go to the dragon's slot! 

I had my usual New Year's Day new start. As I said in my last post it's Lizzie Kate Sweet Simple Things. Both girls were at work that day so it was just me and my DH once his auntie had gone home  after we'd had dinner so I stitched the afternoon away and then did the same in the evening while Abi played Tomb Raider  ( Jess got her some of the old classic games for Christmas from a retro games shop ) then we watched Sherlock. I haven't stitched on since but, hopefully, I'll be able to get back to it soon.

There is so much I want to stitch! I have so many lovely charts in my stash so still hoping for a good year with lots of new starts and finishes. Lol! 

The weather is turning chilly and it looks like we might just get our first taste of proper winter weather. I keep looking at the forecast and the map says we'll get snow on Saturday but I'm not holding my breath, Some areas up in Scotland have it already so I'm quite jealous. I'm itching to get out with my camera as since I got my first decent camera we haven't had a decent snowfall! Typical!

That's all my news for now. I will catch up with you all soon to see what you're stitching. I hope I won't get enabled as I'm being good :)

Take care everyone.

Until next time.

With much love.

Sally xx


butterfly said...

Love your new finish looks beautiful .
All your WIPs and SALs look great .
Lovely new start .

Maggee said...

LOVE that first finish!! It looks great on that fabric!! I have the grey polka dot one, and love that too! The little snowman on that Cricket piece is adorable... You are making great progress on mini Santa. I hope that you get some decent time to finish him soon. Then on to your other huge projects! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

Linda said...

Congrats on the super cute finish Sally. Love all of the projects your working on.


Vickie said...

Merry Christmas My Deer is adorable! Winter is too! Wait til you see what my big project is this year. ;) Something familiar. hint, hint.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Love your December SAL finish and you've made good progress on your New Year start. Looking forward to further progress on your HAEDs.

Miamina said...

Happy New Year!

Such beautiful stitching as always! I look forward to seeing your gift finish and the progress stitching! Good luck with the challenge!

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Beautiful December SAL finish! I love all of your HAED projects, especially the Guardian which I haven't seen in a while. It must be challenging to do with all of those grays, but it looks stunning.

Mary said...

Your finish is really lovely. Your WIPS are wonderful also.

Kay said...

The Christmas sal is very sweet, the fabric choice really makes the design extra special. I am trying hard this year to work through lots of my wips, I have far too many going on and they have been for some time. Happy new year. x

Pull the other thread said...

Love you Christmas finish, so cute. You've made great progress bin your other projects as well. Mini Jolly Old Fellow looks so close to the finish now. Best of luck with the HAED group challenge.

Christine said...

Congratulations on a lovely finish! The new start is great too, and it's nice to see your hunky angel making an appearance

Mii Stitch said...

I adore your latest finish! The spotty fabric & play on word are just perfect.
Better get ready for the snow. Shropshire was all white first thing this morning!.... And it's all gone now at lunchtime!

Barb said...

Sally, you continue to amaze me with all you get done, Jolly old fellow is almost there and The Guardian is simply fab. Loved your deer finish and the Lizzie Kate one too. I am enjoying Winter too and am almost caught up I think ,I went the other way though and have finished E. Sheep tonight and the Makeover will be out to play , blog post tomorrow for you to see progress.

Julie said...

December SAL looks super, the spotty fabric really sets it off nicely. Great to see Guardian out again, he is lovely.
Nice WINTER sal with Barb you have started.
Hope you get the snow tomorrow, we had a sprinking today but the sun came out and melted it all by lunchtime.

Justine said...

Beautiful Christmas and Winter SAL pieces! I really like the fabric you're stitching Winter on, is it lilac? It's very pretty.
I done think I've seen Guardian before, you've stitched such a lot of it it's nice to see it will be joining the rotation!

Andrea said...

A wonderful December finish. Love all of your progress pics too.

Brigitte said...

Your new finish looks great, Sally. It seems to be a very popular design as it's already the second time that I see it on a blog today.
Great stitching on all your other WIPs. I'm looking forward to seeing what charts you will come up with this year.

Rachel said...

Good luck with the HAED challenge and all of your other projects this year. No pressure, but I can't wait to see Mini Jolly Old Fellow finished! :)

Carol said...

Oh, your Santa is so close to being done, Sally! I just love him--and am amazed at how quickly you've been getting him stitched. Lovely first finish--I need to try some of that polka dot fabric this year, too :)

Paisley said...

Love your December SAL finish! I'll have to try the polka dot fabric!

Penny said...

Lovely finish, Sally! And that is such a perfect fabric for it. You have some great projects going, and wow, you are almost finished with Santa! Hope the weather map was accurate and you got a bit of snow. : )

Katie said...

Beautiful finish and lovely stitching. I did those Cricket Collection seasons and enjoyed every stitch. Yours is looking beautiful.

gominam said...

YOur Christmas piece is soooo adorable! I like the fabric you chose for your Winter piece, it's looking great, love the snowman.