Saturday, 7 May 2011

Just Some Progress

I just have a little stitching progress to show today. I had a new start last night but I can't show it as it's a gift.

Anyway Wednesday night was SAL night with Lisa on My Big Toe Designs A new Day. I absolutely love this design! It is so soothing to stitch and seems to be stitching up fairly quickly. I am happy with the GAST colours I chose for this ( well I only had one of the WDW needed!) and the lone Carrie's thread!

Thursday night after two Thursdays away from it I picked up Prairie Schooler Daffodils for the SAL on NH. It was good to get going on this again but I had to leave stitching the doors on the house as I was desperate to add the birds!

Not sure what I'm going to stitch tonight and tomorrow night. I might finish stitching the gift tonight then maybe start an SB ornament tomorrow seen as I missed last month! No AotH for me this weekend I don't think unless I make a start on Moonlight Visitor tonight. Will see how I feel when I settle down to stitch :)

I have been doing a little stash enhancement this week seen as I had funds in PP. Luckily Thread Bear are able to get me BOAF Sally Spencer Sampler so I splurged on the threads for it from Anita's Little Stitches as well as BBD AotH Pumpkin Farm so that will be the last of my purchases ( once the BOAF arrives) for a while. I am going through a feeling bad period that I have so much stash ( chart wise) and I keep adding to it. It's just getting silly although I probably don't have as much as some of you:) So it's time to get some perspective if you like. I'm having this it's my fault ( I feel that everything is my fault at the moment no matter what it is!) because I don't work thing and I know I have to sort myself out, "put on my big girls panties and deal with it" and get a job! Not easy when your confidence is at an all time low and you're dealing with depression. I could sit and cry at the thought of it as it scares me so. OK I haven't bought anything in the last few months without having the funds in PP from sales of charts I've finished with and I'll continue to do that but for a while it'll have to be if I need fabric, threads or pretties to finish things off with. I'm even going to scour charity shops for frames!

OK pity party over! I'll behave now!

Just a quick blog post today. I might go pick up some stitching for a bit:) Don't forget my Dandy Dreams giveaway!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Love & hugs



Margaret said...

Great stitchy progress. Sorry to hear you've been dealing with depression. We've had to deal with it in our family as well a couple of times and I know how awful it is. Hang in there. When it's time to get that job, you will. As for the stash, yes, I have the same problem. Too much. lol!

jane said...

Lovely WIPs Sally. Good luck with the job hunting if that is what you decide you want to do.

KarenV said...

I really like the My Big Toe piece Sally, your colour choices are great!

I wouldn't put too much pressure on yourself with the job hunting until you're feeling a bit better (unless things are so desperate financially that you don't have any choice). Although it may not seem like it now, things will work out OK and when the time is right for you to get a job, it will happen. In the meantime, look after yourself and enjoy your new stash :)

megan_bright said...

I love the first one! I'm doing one similar to that and it is very relaxing!!! Keep up the good work :)

Lesleyanne said...

Great progress on both of your projects Sally. I wouldn't put too much pressure on yourself with the job hunting until you're feeling a bit better. I'm sure when the time is right you will find a job. Look after yourself for now. Look forward to seeing your new stash - you deserve it and it is from your PP account.

Kathy A. said...

Your stitching is looking great!

Brigitte said...

You always have such lovely projects on the go. Can't wait to see more of the PS piece as it's one of my favourites.
I think most of us have too much stash, lol, so you're not the only one.And in spite of this we always see a new chart that is so beautiful that it's a must-have. I always tell myself that buying new things is an absolute no-no. But then I see a wonderful design, maybe by one of my favourite designers, and all my will power is out the window. LOL. Enjoy your new stash!!

Lois said...

Yes, having seen KarenV's Sally Spencer I'm not surprised you're planning to stitch it. It certainly made think about starting it instead of just leaving it hidden in my stash. Hope you feel a bit brighter soon. Don't put pressure on yourself to find a job, when the time is right something will work out. That's always the way.

Jane said...

'A New Day' is lovely, what beautiful colours you've chosen, I can see why you're loving stitching it.
Don't feel guilty at your stash, it's your passion to stitch and something that helps lift you each day.
I haven't worked now since DD was born, OMG 17 years! ~ not sure I'd be much good now to the working world!!! but if you do decide to take the plunge again wait until the time is right ~ concentrate on you first and then fingers crossed everything will fall into place thereafter.
Have a good week Sally xxxx

Christine said...

Great progress on your WIPs.
Don't worry about your stash, you deserve it, and there are more expensive hobbies you could have

mdgtjulie said...

Everything looks good Sally. Keep up the good work!!

Barb said...

Sally you give so much pleasure to others through your blog and kindness, so please do not think badly of yourself. As for the job front well I wouldnt even think about it at the moment,wait until the tunnel gets a bit clearer sweetie ,there is light at the end honestly.
Take joy in your stitching its your passion ,your hobby, and I am sure I am not the only one to say thankyou for the inspiration you give to all of us. I think you should bottle your talent and sell it (you would make a fortune.
Big hugs See you tomorrow.

Stitcher said...

Love the progress pics, and really adore that My big toe piece - it looks so 'happy' if you know what I mean.

Ellen said...

Love "A New Day"!

Relax and keep stitching!


Michelle said...

Love yur WIPS Sally especially the Daffodil Sampler. I think you are doing really well and more stash is good for the soul - bless you. Thinking of you xx

Sue said...

Lovely stitching Sally and such an inspirational piece to be doing, "A new day". I've found since suffering from depression that every day is a new challenge,some good days and some bad. I too feel guilty about not working but DH has always said that if my hobby can cheer me up then it's worth all the money in the world and to be fair we could have a more expensive hobby than cross stitch. Don't rush back into work because you feel you have to, wait until you're feeling better. DH has never wanted me to work although the money has always come in handy, but I am such a home bird and love being a home maker and as my friend always is good being a kept woman!
(((Hugs))) Sue x

Mylene said...

Both progress are looking beautiful , Sally!
I hope you feel much better soon!!

♥marylin♥ said...

c'est vraiment magnifique !

bisous bisous

Suzanne said...

Lovely stitching progress!

I always feel guilty about buying stash, but I put it in perspective by comparing it to my husbands hobby of photography. I might spend a bit, but when he spends, my spending pales into comparison.

pat said...

Great stitchy progress!!!

Lisa said...

A New Day is looking gorgeous Sally, I'm so glad we're SALing in this one.
Your PS is also looking good.