Monday, 2 May 2011

Finishes Are Like Buses!

You wait ages for one then two come along at once! Lol! OK so I've not exactly had to wait ages but it seems like a while before I finish BRD Stitched with Love that I had one! So I should stop rambling and show you. As I said in my last post I finished BBD AotH Pink Hill Manor on Friday evening and here's the photo!

Blackbird Designs AotH #4 Pink Hill Manor

36 count Rosewood linen


Started 8th April 2011

Finished 29th April 2011

I loved stitching this one as the colours are so me! Lol! I personalised this with mine and DH's names, the initials of our daughters, the year we were married and the initial of our surname. Jane and I are almost ready to swap our first 3 charts so I'm not sure which one I will do next but I'm looking forward to starting another one.

On Saturday evening I completed my piece for the Spooky SAL for Lisa Roswell. As I said in my last post I hadn't picked this up for a while but I stayed up until 11.30 and finished it! I really like this but not sure how I'll finish it as yet. Probably a pinkeep or a pin cushion so that I can display it on my black tree:)

The Primitive Needle By the Light of the Moon ( freebie)

Unknown fabric ( won on Lee's blog ages ago)


Started 3rd March 2011

Finished 30th April 2011

Yesterday I'd had a good vac round downstairs, cleaned and re- protected our sofas and done some washing so I decided an afternoon stitching was a nice idea. I picked up Silver Creek Samplers Dandy Dreams and after the afternoon and evening stitching sessions it was almost another finish! Once I get started on this I just don't want to put it down but had to tear myself away from it as I was so tired. The frog visited so I had to rip out some of the big leaf and restitch it so I might have got further on it than I did. Still when you consider where I left it last I did not do a bad job! I am hoping to get this finished when I pick it up again, probably tomorrow, evening so look out for a giveaway as I will passing the chart on ( I won it from Christine)

It's SB night with Barb and Colleen tonight. Do I start the sheep row or finish the other row that I left?????

Thank you for the lovely comments on my last post. I had to laugh at Anne's comment on my DH's glasses!

Angela and I have been emailing each other about the design for the stitcher's box that I won in her giveaway ( I still can't believe it) and , although I have given her some ideas, it is going to be a surprise which I absolutely LOVE. Come on who doesn't love nice surprises!  I am so excited!  

After my scare last week I decided I needed a wee stash treat but I had bother deciding what to get! Now I'd seen KarenV's gorgeous BOAF Sally Spencer Sampler finish and fell in love with it straight away so I emailed Thread Bear at the weekend to see if they had it in stock ( they had it on their website) but they haven't so they are going to get it for me. I am keeping my fingers crossed as it is still listed on Hoffmandis but is it right that BOAF are no longer designing cross stitch? I intend to dye some fabric to stitch this one; as much as I would like to get some nice hand dyed to stitch this on it's a bit too expensive for me these days! So I'll have to experiment I think but can anyone suggest what to use to dye a piece a similar shade to the one Karen used for hers??? Would tea and coffee work?

DH is back at work tomorrow then Abi is back at school on Wednesday. I'm not looking forward to being on my own as it's been a bit of a stressful couple of weeks and last Friday I hit such an awful low but I have to try and be positive and hope that in a few months time I might just start to learn to like myself and deal with all these issues through the help of the counselling. I really should start another blog to get everything down rather than talk about it here.

Right time to go and maybe pick up my stitching or I might just see if Abi would like me to join her for a game of Mario Kart on the Wii. I love playing that with her but not played it in ages.

Have a wonderful week.

Love & hugs



Margaret said...

Mario Kart makes me carsick. lol! But I used to love playing it with my kids too! Love your stitchy finishes --they're both wonderful! Love your Dandy Dreams too. You're so close to a finish there!

Lelia said...

Awesome stitching!!! What fun to have finishes to share ; )

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Your stitched finishes are fabulous and Dandy Dreams is awesome too - looks about done to me!

You're right, BOAF are no longer designing. Bummer.

Anonymous said...

I love what you did with BBD. I think it's great you personalized it. Gorgeous as ever.

Spooky SAL is awesome. Dandy Dreams is a cute one. Glad the frog left you.

On the SB I say do the row that you feel like doing. It will get done one way or another. :)

Have no fear as we are here for you. Good idea on starting another blog. You can put a tab at the top of this blog and when you have updates you can let us know.

Have a great week!

jane said...

Great finishes Sally, I will be ready to swap very soon! I like the way you have personalised PHM. I'm looking forward to stitching that one.
I love that BOAF sampler - hope you can get hold of the chart.

Karen said...

Some very nice finishes and near finishes. Love your bus comment.... and it seems to be so true!

Good luck with the BOAF... I love Sally Spencer too and hope you can get it.

happy stitching...

Vonna said...

Oh goodness, I don't know where to start! I love your "By the light of the Moon" finish, so cute ;)
And your Dandelion Sampler..this one is so darling!
You are a lucky girl for winning Angela's giveaway too!

Mouse said...

OOOO well done on the finish :) love the BBD charts just got one and two atm .. I have just done some ta and coffe dyeing .. go looksie on my blog :) love mouse xxx

Catherine said...

Great finishes!! I need to get some finished to share soon too!

mdgtjulie said...

Wow, lots of stuff in this blog entry. First off, congrats on the finish. I love the colors in this too. They're superb. And grats on your progresses. I like the dandelion one. It's cute! Can't wait to see what your box surprise is, and glad you're getting a new chart. You have to have a pick me up sometimes, especially after a bad day (or week, or month, or year, lol). Keep your chin up, and keep on stitching!!

KarenV said...

Great finishes Sally! The fabric you used for Lisa's freebie is wonderful. Nice progress on Dandy Dreams too!

If you want to try tea/coffee, I would go with tea to start with, as it gives a more orange tone than coffee. I've got a scrap left over, which I can send to you so that you can try to colour match, if you want.

valerie said...

Beautiful finishes! I'm not sure about the fabric dying and if the tea/coffee will be dark/gold enough. Maybe a combo or some tan rit dye. You can practice on a little scrap and if it doesn't come out, use it for an ornie.

Christine said...

Your AotH finish is beautiful. Not far to go on Dandy Dreams now!

Karen said...

Those are two beautiful finishes, Sally, and the dandelion project is adorable!

Lesleyanne said...

Your finishes are gorgeous Sally. Not far to go on Dandy. Hope you manage to get the chart you want. Can't wait to see what Angela stitches for you. Have a lovely week.

Mylene said...

What gorgeous finishes, Sally. Well done!!

Ellen said...

Gorgeous finishes especially PHM.

Congrats on winning Angela's giveaway!


Peg said...

Beautiful finish as always Sally, I saw your link and bought your daughters book. Sally I'm sure you're rightfully very proud of her, I downloaded it and read it in bed. I couldn't put it down and wished for more when I got to the end. Please pass on my congratulations and a huge thank you for a great read.

I do hope you're feeling better soon, life is good at throwing curve balls at us. If you feel writing another blog would help then you go for it.

Big hugs to you sweetie

Peg xx

Gabi said...

I love your finishes. Both look great. Sally Spencer is a lovely sampler, crossing fingers that your LNS will be able to get it for you.
Hopefully you'll feel better soon

Jackie said...

Lovely finishes and it looks like you'll have another one soon!

Sharon said...

Beautiful finishes Sally! The royal wedding was awesome and I think Will and Kate will make it because they really seem to care for each other!

♥marylin♥ said...

oh c'est absolument adorable !
j'aime beaucoup la maison

bisous bisous

Carol said...

Such great finishes, Sally--and so very different. I especially like the witch one--great fabric choice :)

Julie said...

Beautiful pics of your wedding day. th ehotel you celebrated your silver anniversary looks lovely, how cool to sleep in a 4 poster!

Lovely fishes, you have been busy

Congrats on your win, can't wait to see your surprise stitched box

Solstitches said...

Love your latest finishes Sally and what a lovely saying on your latest WIP.
Looks as though you will have a third finish very soon.


Siobhan said...

What fantastic finishes!! your WIPs are wonderful, too.

Lisa said...

Well done on your two new finishes, they are lovely. I keep thinking I've found a new fav of the AotH, then you stitch another and that becomes my fav lol. Dandy Dreams is looking wonderful as well.

Kate said...

Great finishes Sally - love the AoTH.
Looking forward to seeing what arrives from Angela.

Stitcher said...

Great finishes I love them. And I am really liking Dandy dreams.

Beth said...

Both your finishes are wonderful! I had not been a Primitive fan, but I really liked the way her fans decided to do the SAL in her honor!! Good luck getting the chart you want.

Mario Kart is one of my fabvorites! However my 11 yo DGS used to beat me badly at it. I have been practicing though, so maybe I can do better - LOL!

Lois said...

Great finishes Sally! Seeing your finished 'By the Light of the Moon' makes me realise I really do need to stitch this one this year. Love the fabric you used for it.

Suzanne said...

Great finishes!

It's a shame that BOAF are no longer designing. I have managed to pick up a few designs on eBay when I find them.