Friday, 7 January 2011

Second Finish and Some New Starts

Hello my wonderful fellow stitchers from a very dull, dreary East Yorkshire. I am hoping for snow to brighten things up but right now it's raining and so miserable. Thankfully I have my iPod playing Matt Cardle ( the winner of the X Factor for those who didn't see it) which puts smile on my face lol! Of course the fact that I took all the Christmas decorations down yesterday makes things even more dull. I think I need to get some all year fairy lights!

As promised in my last post I'm back with my made-up Little House Needleworks Fa La La. Why is when you plan a finish it just does not go right! Never the less I am happy with the way it turned out and this will now be going into a shoe box waiting for other ornaments I might stitch over the year to join it! The other box I have for stitched ornaments is now full so I'm starting a fresh:)

Little House Needleworks Fa La La

36 count sand linen


Started 5th December 2010

Finished 2nd January 2011

I intend to stitch the other LHN ornaments that I have in my stash over the year as well as maybe getting the odd one of the new ones this year. I think I might need a tree just for my stitched ornaments before I've finished!!!

As I said in my last post I started Shepherd's Bush Emmanuel's Song on Monday evening. Barb, Colleen and I are SAL-ing on an SB piece and I chose this one. I should get this first band finished next Monday all being well :) I am already enjoying this piece.

I am busy stitching gifts as well and thoroughly enjoying what I've chosen to stitch. After those are done I shall making a start on the blogoversary giveaway piece for Ellen. She has been very patient with me and I have decided what I'm going to stitch :)

I couldn't resist starting the Blackbird Designs Anniversaries of the Heart series, my 2011 SAL with Jane and Valerie, even though I haven't finished Shores yet. I decided popping a few stitches into Snow Garden couldn't hurt! Lol! After much deliberation and a check on the GAST I had I decided to stitch it in GAST and DMC as I had what I needed for it and I will stitch each one the same. Snow Garden uses GAST and WDW threads but I don't have WDW so subbed those for DMC. The border part does not show up very well on my fabric ( 36 count rosewood linen) but I think once I get the other stitches in it should look fine. I must say I didn't really want to put this away last night.

So tonight is Shores and I'm hoping for a good session tonight and tomorrow night. This final block doesn't look too bad so hopefully I should soon have it finished.

With some of the money I received for my birthday I treated myself to a wooden storage box with DMC threads in it from Johnson Crafts. It arrived the weekend before Christmas but I forgot to show it. It was half price so a very good buy and I can no longer find it on the website so I am guessing it has sold out. As you can see you can mount a stitched piece in the lid so I am thinking that I might mount The Sampler Girl's Wonderful Life in it. I may have to add some trim at the top and bottom of the design to make it bigger to fit in and if not I'll find something else from my stash!

Thank you for your lovely comments on my first finish of 2011. It was such a nice quick stitch and finish. I hope to have a few of those again this year!

Take care everyone and thank you for your friendships :)

Love & hugs



KarenV said...

Lovely ornament Sally! I love your new starts too and that box is fabulous.

Lois said...

What lovely new starts for 2011 and well done on having an ornament finish already. That box is lovely!

Ginnie said...

I like the wooden box.... I'll have to find me one of those !! I love boxes and tins etc...
Great ornament and some nice new starts.
I don't mind taking the Christmas decs down, it's like a fresh start to the new year for me !

Nicola said...

Lovely finish on the ornament Sally. I keep promising myself I'll get that one but so far haven't. (That's the problem with stitching from stash! LOL)Great work on the WIP and new start. I'm loving your Shores and am looking forward to an update on that.

Michele B. said...

It's a Wonderful Life will look perfect in that box top - I love that design (and watch the movie every Christmas). I'm looking forward to seeing your new starts growing under your fingers. And to more on HRH!

Vonna said...

I love your Fa La La :) Very nicely done! Your Emmanuel's start is pretty fantastic too!! :)
I got sidetracked looking at your lovey family in the sidebar and the darling picture of beautiful you and your handsome husband :)

WendyCarole said...

love your finished piece.
The chart inside your box looks interesting who is it by?

All our deccies down now and we are covered in snow once more

Lesleyanne said...

A lovely finish on Fa La La. Love the new start. Great box - look forward to seeing what to put in the lid. My decorations went down days ago lol but the house does look really bear for a few days.

RuthB said...

Wow -- aren't you the inspiration. Congrats on all the lovely stitching and finishing. And here's wishing you a great SAL and a happy New Year.

Bev said...

It snowed here today in west yorkshire, so it may reach you later today. schools always get bed press for shutting but when were open all the parents came to take them home, so we had a empty school should have took my stitching with me, and my house looks even more bare as i have packed all my pictures and bits up now so i have just got the main things in the house left. Roll On Spring!

jane said...

Lovely ornament Sally, so naughty of you to start on snow Garden but it is looking good!
I saw those wooden boxes and was tempted - it looks very nice, wish I'd got one now!
We had a bit of snow this morning but then it just went back to dull, grey and rainy. I will be glad when it is Spring.

Beth said...

Your new starts look fantastic!! I noticed the wonderful pictures of your family. What a gorgeous clan you have! Your daughters are just beautiful, just like their Mama!

Farm Girl said...

I love how you've finished Fa La La - won't be long and you'll have that shoebox filled too!

Christine said...

Lovely ornaments Sally, and great new starts. I've got Snow Garden in my stash too and it is calling to me!
Love that wooden box

Ranae said...

Sally! I must say you have it going on girl, lol
2 finishes and new starts, more then I can say for myself, lol
Love the box

Clare - Aimetu said...

Love the ornament Sally, good luck with your 2011 stitching :)

Pointed Stitcher said...

I love your finishes and what you've started. Love your stitching!

Anonymous said...

You had a real bargain with the DMC box, it will look great with one of your stitched pieces on it. I'm looking forward to seeing Shores finished!

Michelle said...

Love your photos Sally - we had over an inch of snow here this morning but fortunately it has all gone now. Your new starts are lovely. Love the family photos too x

DonnaTN said...

Fa La La looks fabulous! I love the little embellishments at the corners and middle. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on all your projects.

Brigitte said...

Wow, Sally, you are on the roll finishing things up. Great new ornament.
You have some very lovely WIPs for 2011 and I can fully understand that you have already started on the Anniversaries of the Heart piece. It's so beautiful.

Angela said...

I don't know how you can be so disciplined about your stitching I stitch whatever is shouting liudest, which is maybe why I end up with so many UFO's.

Love your finishes and new starts and that box is adorable.

Jackie said...

What a lovely way to start the new year - with a fully completed finish! Congrats!

Barb said...

Sally the Emmanuels Song looks so delicate really going to enjoy watching this one grow, also the Snow Garden so pretty and delicate.
Love the pics of you and yours in your side bar what a lovely family.

Stitcher said...

So great Sally, So jealous - from someone who should have gone out a few minutes ago. Really missing our chats and the pc, and blogging and blog reading, and reading emails. - Hope to get back to a more normal way of doing things after tomorrow. LOL


Lisa said...

Your Falala ornie is gorgeous Sally, love the way you finished it!
Great start on your SB piece and on your AofTH. Very naughty starting it before finishing Shores hehe, but I really don't blame you lol.
Good luck with your stitching on Shores for the weekend, you'll never believe what I've stitched on the last couple of days lol, but it's actually helping to calm me down and is giving me some comfort for some reason that I can't explain.
What a brilliant idea to put It's A Wonderful Life in the box lid, I'm sure it's going to look stunning. I love my box and will have to choose something really special to stitch for it soon I think.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sally that's a lovely orament finish!

Nice new starts!

Carol said...

Isn't it fun to watch those boxes fill up with finished ornaments, Sally? Sometimes, I'll pull mine out from under the bed and just admire them. It is such a feeling of accomplishment, isn't it?

Love all of your new starts and I look forward to seeing what you stitch to fill the box top.

Julie said...

2 nice new starts and a lovely ornament finish. Love the box!

Great pic of the family

Siobhan said...

Lovely finish, Sally! Your new starts are wonderful, too. Great find on the wooden box, too!

Rhona said...

Your ornament looks great. Love the new starts, but the dmc box....that is something else! I'm off to see if I can find one!! lol

Susan said...

Shores is looking good, Sally - you will be finished with this in no time.

I totally know what you mean about the framing - I got mine framed almost immediately, because it was my reward for putting in all that effort on it, and I very rarely get stuff framed (I think I only paid to have two pieces framed last year).

I hit Hobby Lobby here in the US when they were having a 50% off framing sale. The biggest expense of the framing was actually the mats; one of them was a suede type mat. I think I would have saved in excess of $100 if I had skipped the mats, but I think they added to the beauty of the piece (in my opinion at least) that I wanted to have the 3 mats.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

I pretty much stitch from stash all the time - I don't live near an LNS, so I don't have that constant temptation, and I don't generally order on-line; I'm pretty disciplined that way.

I love the box you purchased - it's really lovely.