Sunday, 30 January 2011

Happy Birthday Judy!

Today is my stitchy friend, Judy's, 50th birthday! Judy and I have known each other many years now first meeting on a Delphi forum called Stitchaholics Welcome and have remained friends over the years. I wanted to stitch her something for her birthday and decided on this sweet little design from C Mon Monde. It's a freebie I found but I can't remember where I found it now!

C Mon Monde Joli Bonheur

28 count Bay Leaf linen


Started 18th January 2011

Finished 20th January 2011

Birthday gift for Judy

I finished this as a pinkeep. The postal service on both sides of the pond did an impressive job for a change as I posted this on Monday and it arrived with Judy yesterday and she loves it :)

Stitching has been a little slow this week although I have made a start on Ellen's prize from my blogoversary and hope to finish it this next week if I get the time. I did a little on BBD AotH Snow Garden on Friday evening then was intent on stitching all afternoon and evening on it yesterday BUT I was so tired in the afternoon I had a nap instead. I think I've made good progress though but, again, I had issues with the dye lots of the GAST and my house looks nothing like the one on the cover of the chart! Still I am fairly happy with it. I had hoped to have this one finished this month so I could start the next one straight away in Feb but best laid plans and all that!!!! I am stitching this with Jane and Valerie and Lisa B is also joining us :) She was asking on her blog if anyone wanted to SAL with her so I said she could join us if she would like to :)
Tonight I'm hoping to get at least an hour on the SB ornament Earth's Delight as I am behind!!! Lol! Chris has finished hers and is all ready to start the next one.

Lisa and I are having a new start I think it's the 1st Feb but please do correct me if I'm wrong Lisa :) I know we either said 1st or 2nd but my mind is a bit pre-occuppied with all that has gone on. However I must get my fabby sorted. Lisa is stitching LHN Winter Band Sampler and I'm stitching LHN Belle Pepper, then we're doing a swap:) I'm looking forward to starting Belle Pepper.

I am also hoping to get back to HAED Guardian soon. Lisa suggested we try an hour a week to begin with and see how we get on as she's planning on trying it with Cabin in the Woods so this might just be a good idea to kick start me into enjoying it again and maybe one day I can actually finish it! I must admit I miss stitching on the quick stitches and tiny treasures so once I get going I might start one of the ones I have in my stash.

My postie has brought me some nice post this week:) Barb kindly sent me Country Cottage Needleworks Snowflake Serenade and some Piecemaker needles which are the only needles I use as I love them. She wanted to send me Snowflake Serenade for my birthday but it was continually out of stock where she ordered it from so she promised she would send it when it arrived :) Thank you so much Barb xxxx This is definitely one to stitch sooner rather than later. I do have to admit that one of my favourite things to stitch are wintery designs. Also Sarah ( not blog) and I have done a trade this week:) I sent her the Silver Creek Samplers Sweet Friendship chart and in trade she sent me LHN Home of a Needleworker ( Too!) from my wish list. I am on a LHN kick recently and love this design. Thank you so much Sarah for a brilliant trade xxxx

A HUGE thank you to everyone who commented on my Shores finish. Wow I can't believe that I had over 60 comments; I've never had that many before and they are truly appreciated. I love getting comments and read them all. I'm going to maybe try a different framer this time as there's a new one opened not that long ago. I'll take Shores in and get a quote then save up!

Thank you for all the good wishes for my Dad. This has been another  stressful week for us here as on Tuesday just before 5 pm the doctor my Dad had seen after he'd had his ECG rang me. He'd spoken to the cardiologist and after seeing the ECG he didn't want to wait to see my Dad in the clinic, he wanted him in hospital that evening. Well you can imagine our panic! In a way it was good for my Dad as he didn't have time to think about it too much. When we got him there he wasn't even allowed to walk about and if he needed to go the toilet or anything he had to be taken in a wheelchair. He had his pacemaker fitted late Wednesday afternoon and it went well. He was not very happy though on Thursday when he was told he'd have to stay in until Monday as there are some things that need to be in place at home. He does look better than he has done in a long time now but whether it will stay that way when he gets home I honestly do not know. It is a worry but I can only do my best in trying to get him to accept the help he obviously needs. There are some issues over the care he has been getting at home but I have to get my facts right before I say anything.

I think I'll do a bit of catching up on blog reading and commenting now.

Take care everyone.

Love & hugs




Jackie said...

You've made great progress of AotH. I decided to go ahead and order fabric for this - on piece for it all. I'm hoping the fibers look good with it. Yours look fantastic!

I'm glad to hear your father looks much better and I hope his transition back home is smooth.

jane said...

A lovely stitched gift Sally and your Snow Garden is looking great too. My threads have still not arrived, getting a bit frustrated now.
Looking forward to seeing your LHN SAL piece too,
I'm glad to hear that your dad has his pacemaker fitted, hopefully once you get things sorted for him at home he will be on the road to recovery.

Christine said...

A lovely gift for Judy and your AotH looks beautiful. Great stash too.
Hope your Dad recuperates quickly and is ready to come home soon

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you friend Judy! How very sweet of you to stitch something up for her special day. The pinkeep is gorgeous. Snow Garden is coming along nicely. I hope your Dad continues to do well with his pacemaker and recovery. (((Hugs)))

Julie said...

Nice gift. AotH is looking lovely.

Hope all goes well for dad when he comes home tomorrow.

Barb said...

I have that in my stash the Home of a needleworker 2 so maybe give me a shout when you decide to do it.
Nice design for your friend.
Hope things are better for you this week, will see you at the airport later LOL.

Lesleyanne said...

A lovely gift for Judy. Lovely progress on your AotH. Great that your Dad was seen so quickly. I hope you get things sorted quickly with the other issues with him. Lucky you - I love snowflake serenade - hoping to treat myself later in the year. Looking forward to seeing your SAL with Lisa. I have both of these charts and hope to stitch them sometime later in the year.

Lisa said...

What a lovely gift you stitched for Judy, I'm sure you'll have made her day.
Snow Garden is looking wonderful, even if you have had dyelot difficulties.
I'm looking forward to our new SAL as well, hoping to finish page 5 of PS first, then I can enjoy it guilt free lol.
I hope doing an hour each a week on Guardian/Cabin works for us too. I'd really love to get back into it again.
Lovely gifts you received, glad they helped brighten your week.

Catherine said...

Great stitchy goodies!

Thoughts and prayers for you and your father. Hopefully he'll settle in at home easily!

valerie said...

Great progress on your AotH. It looks great!

I'm glad your dad got his pacemaker and seems to be doing better. I hope he has a fast recovery.

Elaine said...

The pinkeep for Judy is beautiful Sally and great progress on Snow Garden, it;s such a beautiful design.
I;m hoping to do Home of a Needleworker sometime this year too.
Glad your Dad is doing better and you were able to get time to relax and de-stress a bit this week-end. Hugs!

Beth said...

That was a darling birthday present you sent Judy! I can hardly keep up with all you talk about stitching much less, stitch all of that - amazing.

Glad your Dad got his pacemaker. People I have known who have gotten them have been much better off afterwards!

Ellen said...

Love your gift for Judy, it's lovely!
Great progress with AotH, love your colors.

Glad that your dad got his pacemaker and is looking much better.


Dani - tkdchick said...

What a beautiful and special gift you stitched up for your friend's b-day!

Patty C. said...

I really enjoyed home of a needleworker when I stitched it - It is a beautiful pattern

Lovely gift for your friend :)

Best wishes for you dad !!!!

TeresaB said...

Love how your AotH is coming along. I finally got the house finished yesterday night. I've had the same issue with the thread dye lots and ended up switching one of the colors so it would look better on my fabric. And your friend is lucky to receive such an adorable pinkeep!

So glad to hear your dad is doing better. Hopefully he'll get along well at home and continue to recuperate.

Susan said...

I'm always on a LHN/CCN kick - I love both of the charts you received.

The gift you stitched for Judy is lovely - I have my significant birthday coming up toward the end of the year - I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.

I'm glad that your dad is doing better - I hope he can get used to the the regime at home.

Siobhan said...

Wonderful stitching, Sally! I love the gift that you made for your friend, too.

I hope your father continues to improve. Hang in there!