Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Winter Sheep

Sunday evening saw me stitching furiously away on my LHN Winter Sheep ornament in the hope of getting it fnished but, alas, I ended up putting the final few stitches in it on Monday afternoon. Yesterday morning I got all the supplies out that I needed for finishing it ready to hang on the Christmas tree and here it is :) Not quite how I wanted it to look but, nevertheless, I love it!

Little House Needleworks Winter Sheep

36 count Sand linen


Started 14th November 2010

Finished 22nd November 2010

Not sure which one to start next. I've kitted up Snowy Pines and Fa La La but then remembered I have Red House in Winter and Merry Skater!

I have been stitching on another ornament but can't show that until it has been received as I'm not sure if the recipient reads my blog or not!

Last Friday and Saturday I had two good sessions on CHS Shores of Hawk Run Hollow and actually got block 10 finished! Fingers firmly crossed that I can manage to finish the next two blocks before the end of the year! Luckily I stayed up later than I usually would ( Abi had been out for a meal with two friends and they came back here) otherwise I wouldn't have got it done!

Finally Barb and I joined each other with brick laying on Monday evening on The Sampler Girl Jane Austen Sampler Stocking. Unfortunately I didn't manage  to put any windows or a door in so it's still rather draughty for the tenants, that is if they have moved in yet! I need to get a move on before more snow starts falling!

Speaking of snow the weather forecast says to expect snow down the north east coast tomorrow so we'll see if we get any. It is certainly chilly! I have got chilled right through and I cannot for the life of me get warm!

Yesterday I received another surprise through the post, this time from Sarah ( no blog). Sarah and I got to know each other through the HAED forum a few years ago. She very kindly sent me Little House Needleworks Sarah Street- Faithfulness from my wish list. As I said in my last post I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends. Thank you so much Sarah. I will think of you when I stitch this {{{hugs}}}

I'm going to pick up stitching now I think and try and get warm. I hope I'm not going down with something!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!

Now I have a wee favour to ask :) Please could you send some positive thoughts/ prayers our way. My DH will soon be finding out whether his job is safe or not. Apparently they are due to find out Friday next week but my DH will be off so won't find out until he returns to work the following Monday. The funny thing is I am feeling quite laid back about it at the moment when normally I would be in a right panic so I don't know if this is a good thing or not! Anyway we would really appreciate your positive thoughts/prayers. Thank you {{{hugs}}} I know there are so many people out there facing the same thing all over the world.

Have a wonderful week; stay safe and warm.




Patty C. said...

Winter sheep is Wonderful - It will look so lovely on your tree :)

Cindy's Stitching said...

You have been busy. All of the pieces are so pretty. Hawk run is coming along great.

Jane said...

Gorgeous little sheep Sally, he's probably warmer in his woolly coat than the rest of us here in a very cold England! Great finish too, he'll look lovely in his place on the tree.
I only have Snowy Pines in my stash but can see how hard it is to choose which one next, they're all lovely designs.
I have everything crossed for you and DH, my bro faced the same situation last Christmas but was fortunate enough to find another job soon after in the New Year.
Not a nice time of year for anyone to face news like that - my thoughts are with you both for good news.

Jackie said...

I love the way you've finished your ornie!

My thoughts will be with your and your DH. I hope his job is safe.

Nicola said...

Lovely finish Sally. Love that block on "Shores".

Fingers are firmly crossed for your husbands job!

Julie said...

Winter sheep will look lovely on your tree.

I love Shores, cant wait to start mine in Jan with Hazel, Tina and Barb

Hope all goes well for DH!

Christine said...

Love your little sheep ornament, and Hawk Run Hollow is flying along now.
Sending positive thoughts for your DH's job

Lisa said...

Well done on finishing your cute sheep, I love the way you've finished him up, will have to remember that.
Shores and the stocking look great as well, you're making such good progress.
You know I've got everything crossed for Carl, but I hope you won't need it.

Michelle said...

Love the way you finished your ornament its lovely. Your WIP's are all really coming along nicely. Big hugs to you and your DH - hope all goes well. Love Michelle x

Farm Girl said...

Your Winter Sheep is fabulous, I love the felt finish you've chosen.

Lots of good wishes for your DH's job news. Fingers are crossed for you. :-)

pat said...

fantastic ornament !

jane said...

Lovely ornament Sally, I really need to get some of these stitched. Great progress on Shores too.
I'm hoping the snow doesn't make it over the
I do hope you hear good news about DHs job, will keep everything crossed for you

Hazel said...

It is good to be lad back about it as worrying won't change the outcome. I'll be thinking of you. Love the wips. Winter sheep looks fab. HRH beautiful.xx

Elaine said...

Your sheep finish is just adorable Sally. Both wips are also looking great.
Sending positive thoughts and hugs to you and Carl ,hope his job is safe. Hugs!

Lesleyanne said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that your husband's job is safe. I love your winter sheep. Congratulations on finishing block 10. Lovely progress on JA.

Lesleyanne said...

Forgot to say can't wait to see your sarah street faithfullness. This is on my wishlist.

Rachael said...

I do like that ornie, not made any yet this year.I hope all goes well with Hubby's job ((Hugs))

Ellen said...

Winter Sheep is lovely!

Sending positive thoughts your way! Hope all goes well!


Anonymous said...

Love the sheep, he's very cute! Definitely sending good thoughts for your DH's job.

Catherine said...

Thoughts your way for you and your DH!

Your ornament looks wonderful as do all of your stitchy goodies!

Little Rabbit Miniatures said...

The ornament has a wonderful finish! Great stitching!

Susan said...

Sending positive thoughts for your DH. Please keep us posted.

ohiofarmgirl said...

When my dh lost his job last year it was a scary time...but God was there keeping us safe. He did find something after about months and we were so thankful. Blessings to your family. Dianntha

Anonymous said...

love your winter sheep finish, i really need to start making my ornies up, love your other stitching too
keep my fingers crossed for the safety of your hubby's job, my DH is in the same position they've been keeping them in the dark for months now, it's a frightening time

valerie said...

Great finishes! I hope that all ends up well with your DH and his job. Best of luck!