Saturday, 20 November 2010

I am Blessed

To have such wonderful friends:) You may remember I was one of the extremely lucky winners of Mylene's blogoversary draw and look what arrived from her today:) Mylene couldn't have picked a better ormament to send me as I absolutely love it! I am on a real LHN ornament kick right now so this is just perfect. Thank you so much Mylene {{{hugs}}} there is an an email on it's way:)

Postie also brought me a surprise from Chris :) Chris just stitched LHN Be Merry- Belle Pepper and saw I had the chart on my wish list so she sent me it:) Thank you so much Chris {{{hugs}}} I really want to start it now but it will have to wait a little while yet! Email on it's way to you too:)

On the stitching front the only thing I have to show you is some secret stitching I have been doing which has now been received by my surrogate sister! Lol! You may be wondering who that is? The other week I'd had a bit of a to do with my sister and I was very upset about the way she had spoken to me and just her general attitude towards me. I was chatting to Lisa on MSN about it and she said she'd be my surrogate sister and I was more than happy to accept her into my family :) Anyway she is a wonderful friend who listens to all my troubles, she makes me laugh when I am low, and she is a special surrogate sis lol! So I decided to stitch a little something up for her just to say thank you and to cheer her up as I know she's been feeling a bit down lately. I know she loves the Cherrywood Design Studios East Sleep Stitch designs so I chose the pincushion to stitch. This was just so lovely to stitch and rather than the corded finish I decided on a beaded egde. Lisa received it today and she loves it :)

Cherrywood Design Studios Eat Sleep Stitch

28 count Silkweaver FOTM Sparkling Cider opalescent Lugana

Started 11th November 2010

Finished 18th November 2010

Gift for Lisa

I have started another secret stitch and have a couple more to do yet so the finishes I can show may well be few and far between for a while!

Shores is going well and I am hoping to get a good evening on it and finish block 10. Hopefully I'll finish LHN Winter Sheep tomorrow evening SAL-ing with Barb and Lesleyanne then Monday it's my Jane night with Barb and that mansion! Lol!

I can hardly wait for the LHN December SAL starting 1st December! Chris and I started this December SAL a couple of years ago and I'm so happy that we are keeping it up. Hopefully I will do better this year and actually finish it in December! This time we have Lesleyanne, Lisa, Claire and Hazel joining us.

Oopps I almost forgot the SB rolls! I couldn't photograph them in the baskets as you just couldn't see them all. I think I need a different way to display them! So I lined them up on a white background and took photos of them that way! So here they all are! I stitched all of these except for the Stitcher's one which I received in an exchange :)

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments that you left for Abi on her birthday. She says thank you sends hugs to you all :)

I really need to get caught up on blogs but will do that another day now as I need to get off my butt and on the Wii Fit Plus! My weight loss appears to be at a standstill and is slowly rising again and I can't let that happen. Someone lent me a Zumba DVD and I tried the "tutorial" bit of that yesterday afternoon. I was so unco-ordinated it was bordering on the ridiculous! I will keep trying though in the hope I get better at it. I was shattered when I'd finished though!

It's going to get rather chilly again here in England so wrap up warm! I hope all my American friends are enjoying Thanksgiving preparations and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday:)




Meadows08 said...

What lovely gifts and beautiful stitching!

Lisa said...

As I said when we chatted earlier, thank you SO much for my gorgeous gift, it's so pretty, I love it and will treasure it always.
I'm so glad you had some nice surprises today as well, the ornament is just you and I know you'll love stitching Belle Pepper.
Your needlerolls are amazing, I can't believe how many you've done!
Hope you do manage to get the block on Shores finished tonight. I've had a fab day learning to use my sewing machine and am very proud of myself if I do say it myself, so will be sitting down with PS later to see if the great day will carry on.

Jane said...

Hi Sally
Lovely gifts came your way for sure. Sorry to hear about your upset with your sister, families ~ I think we all go through it at some time. I only have brothers and they're not much trouble really (wish they could stitch though) I do miss having a sister, how lovely to have a surrogate, Tilly that will have to be you for now, least I know you won't argue back!
The rolls are adorable, so much work but well worth it.
Right, get on with that exercise routine, no more excuses, otherwise you'll end up with rolls you really don't want!!!
Take Care

jane said...

Sally I think a lot of us think that we are blessed to have you as a friend too.
That's a lovely ornament from Mylene and the pincushion you stitched for Lisa is beautiful, no wonder she loves it.
Your needleroll collection is fantastic - I hadn't realised you had stitched so many.

Hazel said...

Beautiful gifts through the post and what a lovely gift for Lisa. I can imagine her absolutley loving getting it. I can't wait for the SAL. I am going to try for a finihs by the end of the month although Dec is a terribly busy month. x

Ranae said...

Ahhh! Nice things you received.
I love the stitch you made for Lisa, it's so pretty
You have quite an awesome needleroll collection

Lesleyanne said...

I agree with the others we are very blessed to "know" you. Your rolls are gorgeous. The gift you stitched for Lisa is gorgeous and I'm sure she will treasure it forever. I know what your mean about familites. The gift from Mylene is stunning. I plan on stitching this sometime lol. Can't wait for our Dec Sal and am looking forward to Sunday's Sal. Best Wishes xx

Michele B. said...

Oh what fun to see all your needlerolls - thank you! They are truly "Stitchyangel's Treasures."

Ellen said...

What a lovely gift from Mylene! Love that pincushion for Lisa too!

The SB needlerolls look wonderful together!


Jackie said...

Mylene is always so generous with her give aways and is a beautiful finisher too. Congrats on your win!

I love the pin cushion you made! Very cute!

Michelle said...

I was only sayin gth eother day where would we be without our on-line stitching friends. Wouldn't it be perfect if we could all meet up someday. We are all blessed for sure. Wonderful stitching Sally. The Needlerolls are stunning. I have stitched a couple also. I use pipe lagging for mine! Michelle x

Brigitte said...

Enjoy all the beautiful gifts that you have received lately. Just as much as your surrogate sister enjoyed yours.
Oh my, Sally, these SB needlerolls are all gorgeous. It's incredible how many of them you stitched. That's truely a great collection.

Barb said...

Oh Sally I have just seen Belle Pepper on Chris' blog it is absolutely lovely. The pin cushion you stitched for lisa I am sure she was delighted with.
You make me dizzy with all your finishes you are one speedy lady!
The rolls look lovely all together I must get a plan to finish mine lol.
The ornie from Mylene is gorgeous too as you said just so YOU.
Take care

Christine said...

What lovely gifts you recieved, Mylene's ornament is so pretty.
I love the pincushion you stitched for Lisa too.
As for your SB rolls (sounds like a sandwich!) they are just stunning

Christina said...

Your Cherrywood Design cushion for Lisa is just gorgeous. What neat beading. Do you stitch a cross stitch border around the design or just do back stitch? I do cross stitch and although it gives such a neat finish I'm finding it very time consuming, particularly on bigger finishes!
I love your SB needle rolls. Despite adoring SB designs I've stitched very few of them. I really must remedy that!

Cindy's Stitching said...

We are all so blessed. What great pieces. all of the rolls are so pretty. How do you display all of them?

BrendaS said...

Your SB needle rolls and just gorgeous. Did you do them all this year?

Your ornament from Mylene is beautiful too. You are a very lucky recipient.

Thanks for sharing

Catherine said...

Lovely gifts - given and received!!

What an amazing collection of rolls!!

Vonna said...

GORGEOUS Sally top to bottom :)
You've not only been LUCKY this year, but you've been extremely PRODUCTIVE!

Sheila said...

The gifts are beautiful as are your finishes. I really like the Eat,Sleep, Stitch finish.
What is your LHN Sal? Can anyone join?

WendyCarole said...

Love your SB rolls

sending hugs

Mylene said...

I am so glad to hear you like what i had picked to send, it was quite difficult on my part, now i am hoping everyone likes what they receive.

I really love your needleroll collections, GORGEOUS!!! i hope one day to stitch some too.

mbroider said...

These rolls look so good together!!

Lovely gifts, both received and sent:)

Julie said...

What a super collection of SB rolls, dont they look fab all together like that.

Lovely ornament from Mylene and chart from Chris. Cute little pincushion for Lisa, a nice surprise.

Elaine said...

Sally you are such a sweet lady and as others have said we are blessed to be your friend.
That is a beautiful ornament from Mylene and what a gorgeous gift you made for Lisa.
Good luck with all your SAL;s they sound like fun.
What an amazing collection of needlrolls, they are all so pretty.

Siobhan said...

Lovely gifts! Gorgeous stitching, too, of course! Your NR collection is fantastic! I think chosen sisters/family members are wonderful. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

j'adore ton travail c'est tres beau

Lizzy said...

Lovely gifties Hun! And my, Oh my! What Lovely Needlerolls, Sally!!! They are all beautiful and I just adore them all! I really am going to learn how to do this... You are sooo talented! :)


Blessings and Love always in stitches...