Wednesday, 8 September 2010


I have another finish to show you today. Just a small one that was an RAK for someone who is not only a wonderful stitching buddy but someone who has become a very dear friend to me. As you know Barb and I have been stitchingalong together on The Sampler Girl's Jane Austen inspired designs for while now. We started with At Home With, then did Return to the Sea With and now, after a small design in between, we are stitching the Jane Austen Sampler Stocking. Barb very kindly lent me A Sweet View to stitch as my in between piece so I decided that I wanted to stitch her up a little something to show my appreciation and as a wee pick-me-up for her. This is what I decided on as it just screamed Barb at me with the wee sheep and the little saying. She received it yesterday and loves it :)

Little House Needleworks Thankful

36 count flax linen


RAK for Barb

I finished it as a little pillow/ cushion and I tried stitching up the opening using ladder stitch ( I used it on the casket) and it worked perfectly.

I have made so many wonderful friends in the stitching community be it on message boards or through blogs and I wish I could stitch something for all of you. I cherish you all very much.

Speaking of being thankful, thank you for all your wonderful comments on my casket and accessories finish:) This one was such a big deal for me as I never thought I'd be able to finish something like this and as it actually looks as it should that is a huge bonus and boost for me! Now I've done one I'd love to do more so who knows what I'll do in the future! Would just like to say to those of you who think like I did that you'll never be able to do anything like it or are afraid to try new finishes; give it a go! It's not as difficult as it seems :)

My stitching on my WIPs seems to be a little slow at the moment but I am sure that will change soon. I've been feeling a little out of sorts somehow so have been spending time on the PC for an hour or so in the early evening when I would usually be stitching so tonight I am not going near it!!! I still haven't finished block 8 on Shores and feel a little despondant with it. However if it takes me until the end of September it does not bother me as there is no rush. I would have liked to have to finished the whole thing by the end of the year but if I don't I won't sulk lol!

The most I have done on a piece all week so far was on Blackbird Designs Their Song on Sunday evening. I love this piece so much and, for all I'm not using the threads the model was stitched in, I love the the colours. I chose to use DMC to make it cheaper for me. I'm all for trying to economise a little these days ( as I'm sure we all are) so no buying the special threads!!

Mondays, as always, are my SAL nights with Barb. Again not much done. I finished the first row and made a teeny start on the alphabet. I have promised Barb that I will do better next week:) I actually can't wait to get to the sheep on this! Those who know me well will know I love sheep since we holidayed in Cumbria about 8 years ago!

I fancied a small new start so last week I just put a few stitches into Little House Needleworks Holly and Berries then last night I picked it up again and put a few more in. Not sure whether to stitch on this again tonight or do a Halloween ornament! I have one printed out. It's a freebie  from Sandra at Homespun Elegance and you can find it on her blog

And before Mr Stick starts shouting at me I did add more beads to Chatelaine Spring Morning yesterday afteroon! I have beaded the top part, the over one flower part and the lily of the valley and made a start on the big square. Fingers crossed for a finish on this before the end of September then I can move onto another UFO!

Final picture is stash! I had some pennies saved up from Ebay and private sales of charts etc that I'd finished with so I ordered the first 4 Blackbird Designs Anniversaries of the Heart charts from Wasatch Needlecraft. It's so nice not to feel guilty about buying with me having the money saved up. They arrived on Saturday. It's the first time I've ordered from Karen and she is wonderful to deal with and very helpful and friendly. Also in the picture is Cherrywood Design Studios Eat Sleep Stitch which I traded with Michelle. Thank you so much for trading Michelle :)

I fancy trying my hand at knitting a hat! I haven't done any knitting for many years but I saw a hat someone had knitted and really liked it. I went to have a look at Ravelry and downloaded a few free patterns from there so think I might have a go. I still have my knitting needles in a cupboard somewhere so all I need to do is get some wool. No idea when I'm going to make the time though as I spend my spare time stitching!

Abi went back to school yesterday and I have never known her so nervous, bless her. It is her final year so lots going on what with work experience, GCSEs and the year 11 ball so it'll be quite a year for her. Jess seems to have settled into her student house now and whenever she rings she is full of it. Monday she rang to see if her cocktail shaker was in the kitchen as they were having some friends round and wanted to use it! No doubt she will get the jitters again when the new semester starts!

I better get off now as I'm making a chicken casserole for tea with the leftovers from the carcass. It's simmering away in the oven in lots of water so I need to go get all the meat off and add some vegetables.

Take care everyone.




Cindy's Stitching said...

Thankful for Ewe is so pretty. They will love the piece. You have been busy stitching.

Jackie said...

I'm glad to read your daughter is getting settled in!; I'm sure that is a relief to you.

Nice finish on the pillow. I love how you finished it.

Lisa said...

Gorgeous wips as always Sally. You will finish Shores by the end of the year, I'll make sure of it! lol I'm so excited about us SAL'ing together. I won't be able to do any Friday as it's our anniversary and we're going out for a meal, but hopefully going to do some tonight and tomorrow instead, and then on Saturday. Hoping to get another letter finished this week.
Lovely new stash as well, especially the Live, Eat, Stitch!

Julie said...

Beautiful gift for Barb, i've stitched that for a friend who is a sheep lover too!

Nice new stash, those Blackbird Houses are lovely

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely progress on your WIPs. Your stitched piece for Barb is gorgeous. I'm glad your daughter is settling in well now. I'm sure you will get shores finished by the end of the year. Love the new stash and Holly and Berries is on my to do list too so looking forward to seeing that grow.

Hazel said...

What a beautiful finish for Barb! Superb. Oh my I love your new stash. I think they were recent additions to my wishlist. Enjoy stitching them. x

Vonna said...

A beautiful gift for your friend :) IT is just gorgeous!
And I love all your WIPS, you just have the most lovely things :)

KarenV said...

What a sweet finish Sally! You did a great job, it's really pretty :)

Christine said...

The pillow you made for Barb is adorable!
Your WIPs are looking good too.
Nice stash haul, Karen is great to deal with.
Glad to hear Jess has settled in now

Christina said...

Snap! We had chicken casserole too! Gone are the days of b-b-qs and salads.
I'm so jealous of your stash. I haven't bought any of the BBD Anniversaries of the heart - I know that if I buy one I'll have to have ALL of them!
Hollies & Berries is one of my favourite LHN charts - can't wait to see it finished.

Michelle said...

Lovely stitching Sally - what a wonderful gift to stitch for Barb. Its so pretty. Glad to hear that your daughter is now settling in - bless her. Holly & Berries is on my wish list (which just keeps on growing!). Take care Michelle x

Catherine said...

What a lovely gift for your friend! I too love sheep!

All your WIP's look wonderful.

Berit said...

Lookin' good--Holly and Berries is one of the few LHNs on my wish list.

Farm Girl said...

Your Thankful for Ewe is lovely. Love the new LHN start too, they are one of my faves. Gorgeous new stash, those Anniversaries designs are beautiful, looking forward to seeing your start on those, are you going to do them all as one piece?

Beth said...

For someone who hasn't stitched much this week, you have gotten alot done - congratulations. I really love the Thankful for Ewe. I am going to have to get this because I have a good friend who is a sheep lover.

Glad your family is getting accustomed to their new lives. That will make it easier for you to do the same!

Ellen said...

Gorgeous pin cushion for your friend!
Love your wips, great to follow your progress.


mbroider said...

The RAK you made for Barb is very pretty... Glad to read Jess is fine now!!

Brigitte said...

That's a great little gift for Barb, and you finished it so beautifully. All your WIPs are coming along great. I also change the threads into DMC from time to time, particularly when there's a conversion given. I love my DMCs and I've never been disappointed with them.

Barb said...

Just seen your post Sally, and YES I love my sheep, it looks just like me short and round lol. Mutual admiration here Sally I think as I count you as a dear friend too .
I loved stitching the Blackbird Their Song too, it is hanging on my Birdie wall. It looks good in the threads you have chosen, I think DMC threads are the best really,just- sometimes- its nice to have the ones asked for. As you say though dmc do the job just as well.
Well done on progress on the stocking, hopefully I will get to updating blog by the weekend as I have a little finish to share.
Shores is just so lovely , an incredible piece of work keep at it girl -I need to see it in all its glory lol.
Will be in touch soon
Hugs Barb

An itch to cross stitch.. said...

Well done on all your stitching, it all looks great!
Good luck with the knitting, my Mum bought me a baby hat knitting kit to knit for my baby who will arrive in January next year as she thought it was adorable. I can't wait to start it but have no idea where to start, so let me know how you go. :-)

Mylene said...

You sure been busy stitching, your WIP's are looking gorgeous.
Such a lovely finish for your friend, Barb. I am sure she loves it.

Tina said...

wow,you've been busy this week,the sheep pillow for Barb is gorgeous such lovely finishing.
I have got shores in my stash...maybe next year!!!
Glad to hear DD has settled in well,looking forward to seeing more of the stocking

Anonymous said...

i love your thankful for ewe finish, it is gorgeous. I love how your bbd design is coming along, i'm stitching this one too, I will be posting a pic of mine later
your other wips are lovely too.
Glad your Daughter is settling in, my elldest son has just moved into the halls at uni last week

Andrea said...

A lovely finish and great WIPs. Nice stash too!

jane said...

Lovely finish on your RAK for Barb, I bet she loved it. Your other WIPs are looking great.
I look forward to seeing your knitting - it's nice to do something a little different for a change.

jane said...

lovely RAK for Barb, I can see why she loved it. Your WIP are looking great too, look foward to seeing the knitting. Please don't get discouraged with Shores, perhaps you just need to take a little break from it?

Carol said...

What a darling gift for Barb, Sally--you finished it perfectly!

Hope your daughters have excellent years in school :)

Siobhan said...

What a great job on Thankful for Ewe! Love your WIPs, too. I'm glad your daughter is settling in well at university.

Suzanne said...

Lovely work on Thankful Ewe, it's a pretty finish. Nice WIP's.