Monday, 13 September 2010

More Halloween Ornaments

It seems my black tree is now going to have at least 4 Halloween ornaments on it this year!! Lol. With about 6 weeks to go until Halloween it will, hopefully, have more. I stitched up 2 more since my last blog post and, to top that, all 4 are actually finished off ready to hang! I seem to finish things and leave them for a while before actually finishing them to display so I have now decided that I should finish each piece as soon as I can ( if finishing supplies are readily available either in my stash or from a local shop. If not then they will have to wait a while :)

So here's my 4 ornaments all finished up.

Homespun Elegance Boo Freebie

SMF Howling at the Moon 28 count fabric


The felt is even all the way around on this. It just looks as though it isn't with the angle of the photo!

Casey Buonaugurio Designs

Jack O Lantern

unknown fabby, possibly a Jayne's Attic.


Finally two you've already seen when they weren't finished up!

I have been managing to stay off the PC in the early evening, in fact I've hardly been on the PC in an evening at all, just last Thursday to chat to my friend Louise. So I have got quite a good bit done on my WIPs and hope to carry on that way. I have two gifts to get going and time is running out so I really need to knuckle down! Lol! Anyway block 8 on Shores is coming along and I have just have the sea to finish filling in ( and lots of it!!!) plus the swirly bit on the right to match the left. I am not feeling despondant anymore with this. Lisa and I have been chatting and she is trying to get back into her stitching and really wants to get her L*K ABCs finished so I said what if she stitched on it two nights a week like I did Shores and she liked that idea so she is now stitching along with me on a Friday and Saturday with the promise that we'll keep each other motivated ( lots of butt kicking if needs be!!!!). So Lisa, as you asked ( just a day late!!!!)  here's my proof that I stitched on Shores:) How are you doing with ABCs??

I stitched a little on Little House Needleworks Holly and Berries last week and am really enjoying it. It stitches up quite quickly. I may try my hand at a flat fold finish for this but I'll see how big it is when I'm finished first.

Last night was my Blackbird Designs Their Song night. I sat down quite early on last night determined to get on and get plenty stitched. Before I knew where I was it 10pm and this is what I'd achieved. It's amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it!

It's JA SAL night with Barb tonight so I'm really looking forward to that. I promised Barb that I would do better this week and do better I will!!!

I had word from Susan at Hanging by a Thread that the JCS ornament issue was in last Friday so I paid for it and am now eagerly awaiting it arriving with me. I had hoped it might come today but I don't know if she has sent it yet.

Last week I received Little House Needleworks Singing the Blues and some of the gorgeous daisy trim she used on her Cherry Wood Stitches finish in trade from Michelle. Thank you so much Michelle. Once I have finished The Sampler Girl Jane Austen Sampler Stocking I am sending her the chart in trade and also stitching her something for the LHN and the Cherry Wood Studios chart she sent me the week before:) Michelle and I seem to have very similar tastes!

Jess has finally got internet access so I was chatting her on Facebook for a bit this morning:) She was trying to get into her uni email and portal so she could register online but couldn't get it to load. I asked her for the addy so I could try it but it wouldn't load for me either but Mum does have brains ( even though my girls sometimes think I don't!!!) and put it in a search engine and tried a link from there and it worked!!! So Jess has the proper link saved and I left her to get on with registering! She sounded well but had had a bit of a to do on Saturday. It was the Freedom Festival in Hull and she and two friends had decided to go see McFly. They had to wait in a queue to get to the stage and she said it was very crowded and everyone was pushing and shoving. Well she doesn't do too well in crowds like that  and she was near to tears and had to ask her friends if they could leave and when they got out she realised her legs were shaking. Bless her.

Abi starts her role as a school ambassador this week. She has two duties and will also be asked to help out at parents evenings and other activities. If she does well at it she will become a permanant ambassador later in the year.

I am still feeling out of sorts and every day now for several days I just get this uncontrollable feeling and the tears come. I really don't know what's wrong me. I haven't felt this way for such a long time and really wish I didn't now. I am sure it will pass soon but my stitching certainly helps me.

Well time I went and got some dreaded housework done! Thank you for all your wonderful comments:)

Take care everyone.




BeckySC said...

All I can say is WOW!!!!! Each and every piece is perfect!

Jane said...

Lovely stitching Sally, can't wait to see the decorated Halloween Tree! I like your decision to finish things as soon as you've completed them, I always have every intention to do so but somehow they go into 'that' draw and wait a long time before they ever see daylight again!
It's lovely to hear you have so many stitchy friends who can all push each other along - the world of blogging has so many great advantages doesn't it?

Julie said...

Four lovely new additions to your halloween tree.

Nice you found a crochet book - have a go at it, its really easy and definately better than stitching if you are having a bad day, it grows faster! Lots of u tube stitch diagrams on the web to watch of each stitch if you dont get it from the book and dont forget Attic 24, her diagrams are fab.

Berit said...

How gorgeous it all is! A lot of times those things with moods being off as the seasons change can be alleviated with vitamins or minerals; you should speak to your doc about it--I find that liquid magnesium is really good!

Lesleyanne said...

Your 4 halloween ornaments are gorgeous. Can't wait to see them on your tree. Lovely progress on your WIPs. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Michelle said...

Lovely stitching Sally. Now I know for sure we have similar tastes as I have stitched two of the four you had on display and I am currently half way through the Boo freebie from Homespun Elegance! Glad to hear that you are able to talk to your daughter now - isn't the internet a wonderful thing. Sometimes I think how rich my life is with all my on-line stitching friends. Hope you feel better soon and I can relate to how you are feeling as I am off work with the same thing at the moment! Michelle x

valerie said...

Wow, you've been busy! I love your Halloween ornies! I can't wait to see your feather tree all decorated. Great progress on Their Song and Shores as well.

Deborah said...

All your ornies came out wonderful.

KarenV said...

You've got a great start on your Halloween decorations Sally, everything looks great! I've started finishing things off as soon as possible (with a couple of exceptions) and it's made a big difference. Much easier to do them as you go along, rather than having to do a huge pile at once :)

Susie said...

Never thought of a Halloween tree, but good idea. lovely finished ornaments too.

Barb said...

Hello sweetie, I love the latest Hallowe'en ornie, good work on Shores, so pleased to hear you will have been speeding along with Jane tonight.I have got some more done after updating the blog which shows last weeks progress.
Poor Jess i dont like crowds either so know how she feels.Hope Abi enjoys her ambassador role.
Oh do hope you will feel better again soon, perhaps in a couple of days you will feel brighter.
If you master the crochet will you come and give me a lesson? Don't know why but I am cackhanded as my mother used to call it ,just dont seem to be able to get my brain to not think knit.
Take care and many hugs

Jules said...

Super stitching!!! Those ornies will look great for your tree.

Vonna said...

What a gorgeous bunch of ornaments you have there Sally! LOVE THEM ALL!
And all your WIPS look gorgeous too :)

Carol said...

Love your Halloween ornaments, Sally--your little tree will look mighty spooky :)

Christine said...

I honestly don't know where you find the time to fit it all in!
Great halloween ornies. I love the ruffled ribbon edge on the owl.
Sorry to hear you are feeling down, maybe you need a little more time to adjust to Jess being away

Beth said...

I love your four ornaments, and your Their Song is coming along fantastic!

Hope you feel better soon!

Christina said...

I've tried to leave a comment a couple of times Sally, but blogger seems to be playing up for me at the mo! I hope you don't get this comment in duplicate!
I just wanted to say I love your 4 Halloween ornaments - my favourite is the Jack-o-Lantern, I can't wait to stitch it myself. Although, I do really like the trim you've used on Boo Whooo.

Kajsa said...

Lovely ornament finishes! I really like the HE freebie. Hope you feel better soon.

Lelia said...

they all look GREAT!

Lisa said...

Love you ornaments, especially the Jack O Lantern!
You are doing great with your wips and I'm sure you'll get Shores done before the end of the year.

jane said...

Lovely ornaments Sally, you are so clever at finishing - wish I could finish mine so prettily.
Shores is looking great and I am getting back to mine at the weekend ( promise)I have a good feeling about it now.
Poor Jess - It's a horrible feeling when you get overwhelmed like that in a crowd.
Hope you are feeling better now, be very kind to yourself until you get used to the new things going on.
Have a go at the crochet - I find it very soothing and do it on the days when I just can't be bothered with stitching or my eyes are feeling their

Ellen said...

Love your Halloween ornaments! I have stitched some but yet to do the finishing. I always procrastinate when it come to finishing.

Always love to follow the progress on your wips. It's great to SAL with friends, we cheer and push each other along.


Michele said...

Love your Halloween finishes! I just finished stitching the Boo freebie. Fun little stitch :)

Love all your wips too!

Hugs Sweetie :)

Anonymous said...

Such lovely stitching Sally, and your finishes are always so perfect - you really do have such a talent. Poor Jess, I can completely sympathise with her, I'm not good in crowds either. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Suzanne said...

Love your ornaments, they will make a lovely display.

My PC is my big problem. Since getting the new PC, I am spending way too much time on it and not enough time doing anything else.