Saturday, 26 June 2010

Another Spot!

Thank you for all your wonderful comments on my first mattress pinkeep:) I cannot believe how wonderfully easy it was to make ( thanks to Vonna again) and I can't wait to make up this one:) Yes I started Drawn Thread Spot of Summer and was enjoying it so much I just had to keep going until it was finished!

The Drawn Thread A Spot of Summer

28 count evenweave

DMC and Carrie Creations

Started 17th June 2010

Finished 24th June 2010

I don't have any other finishes this week just my usual WIPs! First up is CHS Shores of Hawk Run Hollow and I am making, what I consider, to be relatively good progress on block 6 and 7. For all it's a double block it is going really well and I think I might just get it finished before the end of July ( I'm trying to do a block a month and seen as this is a double block I'm giving myself June and July!!! Lol!)

I am still plucking up the courage to start making up the casket of my JAT Sampler Garden piece but in the meantime I stitched a bit more on the needleroll ( I think!) which is one of the accessories that will go in the casket:) As you can see I've just started stitching the cat.

I actually got loads stitched on Chatelaine Spring Morning on Monday and Tuesday partly because it was such a nice afternoon on Tuesday I decided to sit out in the garden and those green vines just seemed to fly by!!! I do love how this is looking.

Finally HAED Guardian came out on Wednesday, again I sat out in the garden for a couple of hours, but when it came to stitching in the evening I just didn't seem to be in the mood somehow although I did make myself stitch on it for an hour before I put it away. I made a start on page 5 which is my 7th page. It's not a full page so, hopefully, it will go quicker!

I am really pleased with all the stitching I've done this month ( can you believe it's nearly July?!) and I feel I am finally back on track after spending way too much time on the PC over the last few months. I got too into the games on Facebook and now I've got rid of the ones that were taking up too much time which means I can now see posts from my family and stitchy friends!  It also means less time on the PC and more stitchy time! I feel the happiest I have in many months in most aspects of my life.

Anyway next month Barb and I starting another SAL. It's another The Sampler Girl design and it's Return to the Sea With Jane Austen, which I am really looking forward to starting :) If anyone would like to join us please feel free to do so:)

I am really looking forward to visiting Chris for the day one day next month:) We're going to have a making a box day lol!!! I can't wait as I've never made one before:)

That's all my stitchy news for now:) I will be stitching on Shores this evening whilst watching Dr Who!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I'm hoping to sit out in the garden again tomorrow and stitch so keep your fingers crossed that the lovely weather we're having here continues:)

Take care.




Heather said...

Wonderful finish Sally. All your WIP's are looking stunning.

I don't have that Sampler Girl chart, I only have Mrs Darcy of Derbyshire. I'll get round to it one day.

Barb said...

Another !! lovely finish Sally,I cannot beleive how much you have got done. I am desperate to finish a little gift for someone and cannot settle to anything else until it is done,but almost there. Got fabby for JA so all set to go on the 6th.
So pleased to hear you feel more positive about things. Speak again soon.

staci said...

Beautiful finish Sally! As always, I'm so impressed at your progress and diligence!!!

KarenV said...

You should be OK for decent weather tomorrow - it's been lovely here all week :)

Congratulations on your finish, these DT spots are lovely pieces! Glad to hear that things are better for you too.

jane said...

It's good to hear you sounding so positive Sally and you have been busy with your stitching. Your "spot" is lovely as is Shores. Look forward to seeing your SAL with Barb - I'm thinking I could get addicted to those Sampler Girl charts!!

Missy aka Birdy said...

As always such beautiful stitching.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Elaine said...

Glad to hear you are feeling so good Sally.
More beautiful wips and a gorgeous finish!
Fingers crossed this good weather is going to last, enjoy the rest of your week-end. Hugs!

WendyCarole said...

love it all

Solstitches said...

Wow Sally, another lovely finish and yet more progress on your WIPS.
You are an inspiration.
Beautiful work as always.

Dianne said...

You are continuing to make such excellent progress on your shores! I guess if I had fewer hobbies, then I could work on mine... Oh well :)

Mylene said...

Congrats on a lovely finish, Sally.

Happy weekend!!

Susan said...

Nice progress on Shores, Sally! Like you, I've been trying to work on one block a month, so you're right - you should give yourself two months for that middle block, as it is 2 blocks.

I love your Drawn Thread "spot" finish - I love that series.

FIONA said...

A really lovely finish Sally. I really love what you have done and thanks for visit my blog!

Jackie said...

You've made great progress on all your WIPs. I'll be watching your progress on Shores as it was partially because of you that I purchased the chart.

Michelle said...

Lovely work Sally - thank you for sharing your lovely photos with us. Michelle x

Deb said...

Your Drawn Thread piece is wonderful Sally. And you've made so much progress on Shores! You're going to inspire me on that piece to pull mine out again!

Carol said...

It always amazes me how many projects you have going at one time, Sally!! And I love your newest finish--just so sweet :)

Sharon said...

Such a pretty finish and your other projects looking good as always!

Michele B. said...

Sally, I had to laugh at myself - when I saw your Spot of Summer I wondered why the designers put the letters SAW in the design - took me a moment to realize those are your initials! It looks lovely - will you finish it as a mattress pinkeep too? I'm glad you are feeling happier without so much PC time - it certainly shows in your stitching!

Karan said...

Another lovely finish there Sally... & lots of progress. Great to read such a positive post. :0)

Rachael said...

It's great to get in a quick fun stitch now and again

Siobhan said...

Congratulations on your Spot finish! There's something timeless about DT designs--they are so pretty. Lovely WIPs, too1

Patty C. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

I'm believing the weather will be just wonderful

Suzanne said...

Lovely finish on Spot Of Summer. You are making good progress on all your other WIP's.

Julie said...

Another lovely 'spot'.

There is always lots of nice progress to see on here, enjoy your weekend, nice to read you are feeling better than you have for months.... long may it last!

stitcherw said...

Summer is such a cute piece, and your WIP's are all looking great. Expecially your Angel, I can't get over all the detail in that piece. I don't have any of the Hawk Hollow designs, but I keep thinking I should pick up Autumn, I'm such a fall/Halloween nut and that fits into that theme so well.