Thursday, 10 December 2009

Oh Dear!

Yes it's oh dear as there seems to be a distinct lack of blogging and blog reading going on in my house! Last week was one of those of weeks I really do not want to repeat in a hurry but a bit more of that after my stitchy updates.

Yes stitchy updates. That thing I do with needle and thread which I just about remember how to do! Although last week it was well and truly my sanctuary.
Chris and I started Blue Ribbon Designs Peppermint Twist and here's how far I've got. This is stitched on my own tea dyed fabby using DMC

My other piece of stitching is Lizzie*Kate Merry Christmas By The Letter which has come along quite nicely and is quite close to being finished. It has been such a fun design to stitch and I look forward to getting this on the wall for Christmas Day.
I'm hoping to get a needleroll done this month but HAED Guardian is probably going to be on hold until after Christmas now. I'd like to get Peppermnt Twist finished this month but I have my doubts that will happen! Lol!

Our start to December was not a good one as my Dad rang at 7.45 am to say he'd fallen getting out of bed and couldn't get up. He has severe arthritis in his right knee so I am assuming his knee gave out on him but he doesn't know what happened so we cannot be sure. He had smacked his nose on the wardrobe door and didn't know if he'd hurt his arm or not. I took one look at him, knew I wasn't going to be able to get him up and called an ambulance. The paramedics were there in no time and were so good. They couldn't decide if he'd broken his arm or dislocated his shoulder but it was clear that he'd done something by the shape of it. To cut a long story short he had dislocated his shoulder and cut his nose so had four stitches in that. The most annoying thing was that had intermidiate care been able to see him the same day and arrange carers to go into his home he'd have been back home the same day. As it was the hospital deemed him fit to come home the following day which distressed me greatly as he clearly wasn't. Anyway regardless of how I felt about it he came home with his arm in a sling, unsteady on his feet and he lives on his own. Not good. He has carers three times a day plus he now has the Lifeline/ telecare system installed so that if he should fall again he can get help by pressing a button. So last week was very stressful for all of us but my Dad is feeling more settled with the help he's had from intermediate care and with the lifeline in.

Anyway that's all from me for now. Not sure when normal blog reading/ commenting service will resume as I, as I am sure everyone else is, busy preparing for Christmas.

Take care everyone.




Barb said...

Peppermint twist is looking good Sally and the Lizzie Kate one is almost there another Happy Dance in the offing.
Oh how worrying for you about your dad, what a week you have had. Hope you feel more settled now too.Big Hugs((()))to you

valerie said...

Great progress on your wips! Sorry to hear about your father but it's good that he wasn't more seriously hurt and that he is on the mend!

Rachael said...

Gorgeous stitching as usual Sally
I hope your Dad's health improves
Oh and Happy birthday for Saturday!!

Christine said...

Oh dear! I hope your Dad is feeling better.
Great stitching by the way

jane said...

hope your Dad is feeling better now Sally, these things are very worrying aren't they. Peppermint Twist is looking lovely.

stitcherw said...

Both your pieces look wonderful, I especially love Peppermint Twist. So sorry to hear about your dad. Glad to hear that it turned out ok even though there was the aggrevation with the carers. Hopefully he's totally recovered by now.

Julie said...

Nice new starts and LK looks like it will definately be finished in time for Christmas.

I hope dad is soon feeling better

Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

Karan said...

Your poor Dad & poor you - can imagine how stressful it has been for all concerned (((((((((hugs))))))))). Hope your Dad feels much better soon. Glad everything is in place for him now - must be a big weight off your mind.
Love the two WIP's. :0)

Kim B said...

That's terrible about your father! Prayers for him. What a stressful thing for you. Your stitching beautiful though. So at least there's good things to report!