Friday, 18 December 2009

A Christmas Happy Dance!

Wahooooo!!! Come dance with me as I have a Christmas finish! Lizzie*Kate Merry Christmas By The Letter is all finished up, buttons are sewn on and it's ready to made up. I'm planning on just doing a simple bell pull finish as I haven'tr eally got time to do anything else with it now as I'd like it up on the wall as soon as possible :) Sorry the piccie isn't a very good one but it's really dull here today and it keeps trying to snow :)
Lizzie*Kate Merry Christmas By The Letter

36 count flax linen

DMC threads

Started 7th July 2009
Finished 17th December 2009

Another finish for me is an ornament. Chris and I decided to do an ornament exchange like we did last year and after much contemplation I decided on Milady's Needle A Spot of Christmas from this year's JCS ornament mag and I am ver happy to say that Chris loves it. I decided to finish it as a pinkeep and used a twisted ribbon finish as I really like how this looks.

Milady's Needle A Spot of Christmas

32 count fabric

DMC threads

Stitched for Chris.

Finally my December SAL with Chris. It's a little slow going as I will admit I am spending too much time online chatting lol but I am enjoying this piece so much. This will be my sole WIP other than a needleroll until Christmas so, hopefully, I will get more done.

Thank you so much for all your birthday wishes :) Seems hard to believe my birthday was nearly a week ago. Time is flying so fast. I received a lovely card and gift from Karan this week. Karan handmakes her cards and just look at the beauty she sent me. Isn't it gorgeous? The chart she sent me is a JBW Sweet Nothings called A Single Rose and I love it. Roses were one of my Mum's favourite flowers and my Dad always used to have a lovey display in his front garden so this design is so perfect. And the silk thread is so soft. Thank you so much Karan xx

Well onto other stuff now. Tuesday was my follow-up appointment at the ENT clinic and this time I saw the head consultant. He was so nice, checked me over and decided to do a scan. He did say that just because he was sending me for a scan it didn't mean he thought there was anything wrong and is using it more as a screening scan ( ?) so we shall see once I've had that done. Also I started with toothache on Sunday! Now I so rarely get toothache but it was very painful so Monday I rang my dentist to see if I could get an appointment and went Wednesday just before lunch. I ended up having a tooth out while I was there! I didn't expect to get it done there and then but now I have no more pain other than a bit of discomfort from having it out and I'm now £45 lighter in the bank for it! Lol! Wonder if that's everything now???

I hope everyone is keeping nice and warm as it's bitterly cold here in the UK at the moment. We've had out first snow of the winter and where I live we had very high winds last night which was really scary. Thankfully it's dropped a little today but it's still very windy.

I'm off to catch up on blog reading and commenting now before lunch then I'll see if I can my L*K made up to hang :)

Have a great weekend everyone!





WendyCarole said...

Love the completed piece you must be pleased. Th eornament is great too and your WIP.

Glad your hospital appointment went well and that you got your tooth sorted quickly.

We have snow here now than I expected

Hazel said...

Wow congrats on that amazing finish! Glad your dentist managed to fit you in before Christmas. You can't have toothache at Christmas. It's just not allowed!Sending shivering hugs. xx

Rachael said...

Well done that looks fabulous, so does the ornament!!

Barb said...

Hey Well done Sally , up on the wall by Christmas it is lovely. I also like your Peppermint twist and I love the way you have finished the pinkeep for Chris (may have to try that idea).Lets hope the scan will prove something is causing the problem at least then you will have got to the bottom of it ,but nothing serious!Nothing worse than toothache either but better now than next week.Hope you have a lovely christmas with your family.

Kim B said...

I love a good happy dance! Beautiful! Congrats!!

Berit said...

What a wonderful finish!!

Well, 2 wonderful finishes! I wish you'd show a tutorial for your pinkeep edging! :D

Also, Happy Belated Birthday!

Karan said...

That is another fab finish Sally.
Lovely ornie too - lucky Chris. Good progress on your SAL piece too - I really like how this is coming together.
Glad you liked them. Now I know why that chart just shouted your name as soon as I picked it up. :0) Have just discovered those threads & so love the feel of them I'm planning on buying more to stitch some monochrome designs.
Glad the appointment went well. Hope all goes well with the scan - am sure you will be fine.
Ouch! At least the tooth won't pain you anymore, once you've healed (((((((((hugs))))))))).
Stay warm. :0)

Julie said...

L*K is a wonderful finish and just in time too. Nice ornie for Chris and nice pressie from Karan.

Hope the scan goes well. WE had snow yesterday and more today, its so cold here too

DonnaTN said...

Congratulations on the Lizzie Kate finish! It looks great and I can't wait to see the bell pull!

Natasha said...

WooHoo Can you see me happy dancing with you? What a great job you did Sally can't wait to it all finished up.

You think your going to lunch and you come out one tooth less At least you wont be in pain anylonger. I only dread the dentist if there is work to be done, the sound of a drill sets me on edge.

Stay warm

doris said...

Great finishes! Hope you're staying cozy warm in the cold.

Christine said...

Great stitching as always Sally. Hope your tooth (or lack of it) is less painful now

Mylene said...

Happy dancing here for you Sally! A great finish and the ornament looks lovely.

Have a happy weekend.

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness - wonderful stitching. Michelle x

Lesleyanne said...

Another two beautiful finishes, Sally. Congratulations on your happy dance. I love your peppermin twist progress - another one I like. Glad your feeling better.

Lindsay said...

Gorgeous finish, Congrats.

We've not any snow here apart from a really, really, really light spattering Friday evening but it was -2 at 8pm last night when I got home from shopping

Lee said...

Congrats on the LK finish! It looks wonderful and festive and fun! Cute pinkeep, too.

Maxine said...

Belated Birthday wishes Sally. I love your L*K finish and just in time to have it up on the wall :) You are making good progress on Peppermint Twist too. Wishing you a great christmas and a lots of good wishes for you and your family for the new year (((hugs)))

Ranae said...

Oh my! What a awesome LK finish.
Having a toothsche is no fun, esp. with the holiday coming up, Now you can eat all the swwets you want, lol! JK
Merry Christmas!!

Mary Ann said...

Such lovely finishes, Sally!!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sally, congratulations on all of your beautiful finishes!!!

Happy Belated Birthday! Also a Merry Christmas!

Susimac said...

Wonderful finishes.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.