Friday, 9 January 2009

Back to Normal! ( Whatever That Is!)

Yes we can well and truly say now that the Christmas season is over and it's back to normal:( The girls are back at school, DH is back at work and I'm on my own again! Lol! Although I hate it at first once I get used to it again I am semi-OK! No TV on during the day so I can play music! It's the first time I've had chance to listen to the CDs I got for Christmas properly!

And now that everything is back to normal I am getting back into some sort of rotation with my stitching. Monday evening was supposed to be my BP SAL evening but a few stitches in I had to put it down and ended up not picking it up again. Long, boring story so I won't go into it but problem stopping me stitching was resolved on Tuesday morning leaving one relieved Mum ( it was my fault!) and a very happy Abi! So BP stitching was resumed Tuesday evening and here's my little bit of progress.Wednesday evening I was back to my SAL with the HAED forum ( QS, TT, etc) of HAED Tiny Treasures Sampler Letter J. It was so good to get back to this and I am determined to finish it as soon as I can. Once she is finished I think I shall pick up QS Girly Gothic again and try and finish her before starting another.

I did a bit of finishing yesterday although my head wasn't really in finishing mode. One I can show but the other I can't as it's secret for now. The one I can show is The Sampler Girl's freebie New Year's Bird. I only finished it simply and it's now hung on some artificial flowers I have.

I have also finished stitching a PIF which I am so pleased about. I am hoping to make it up this afternoon and get it in the post next week.

Writing of PIFs thank you to everyone who wanted to join my latest PIF. I was quite taken aback as I've never had this many wanting to take part before. I am leaving it open until Sunday then will pick the three victims!

Jess has exams over the next few weeks so has been revising a lot over the Christmas holidays and also this week at school. Abi has settled back at school well and has to choose her options for year 10 soon. We went to a meeting last night about it and it made things a little clearer. Things have changed quite a lot since Jess chose hers.

That's all my stitchy and other news for now. I'm not feeling terribly chatty today I'm afraid.

Take care everyone.



WendyCarole said...

Stitching is looking good. Hope you are not too lonely during the day.

Good luck to the girls for exams and option choosing

Thanks for all your comments on my blog postings

Happy New year

Nicola said...

Good progress on your WIP's Sally. Love the colour you are stitching BP in. New Years Bird is lovely.

fireflydreams said...

Your stitching is looking lovely Sally and I love your finish.

Good luck to Jess with her exams and Abi for the difficult option choices she'll have to make.

Hope you're well.

Christine said...

Great start on the Beatrix Potter.
Hope Abi can take the combination of subjects she wants.

Laura said...

Your Beatrix Potter start is lovely! The color is especially nice. Ahd I like your Sampler Girl freebie finish also!

Best wishes for your family!

karenv said...

Your BP sampler is looking gorgeous Sally! I get to stitch on mine again tonight and I'm really looking forward to it.

The HAED letter is coming along great and your finish is really sweet :)

Lisa said...

Gorgeous stitching as usual Sally. Love the colour of BP, your TT letter is really coming along, and your ornament is lovely.
Hope you're getting used to being home alone, I know how that feels now lol.

Brigitte said...

That's a very nice finish on Tanya's freebie. And two great progress pictures!

Robin said...

Love the Sampler Girl ornie; I just printed her "baby was born" and want to stitch it this year.
good job!

Karan said...

Lovely WIP's & love the cute finish.
I love having my two on holiday but admit to feeling relief when they go back: I can please myself what I do & when & the "me" time helps to recharge my batteries. :0)

Tracy said...

Sally your BP and HAED look great and your little finish is really cute

Ginnie said...

Your BP start looks good... I fancied doing the Sampler Girl freebie - you have finished it really nicely.

Redwitch said...

Your BP progress is great, I hope to get to mine tomorrow.

Your HAED progress and Sampler Girl finish are great too :)

Good luck to the girls!

Sonda in OR said...

Hope you're really and truly feeling back to normal soon!!! I like the New Year's piece and am looking forward to seeing your progress on the BP.

Cindy F. said...

As soon as Mr. Right's knee is well enough to get him back to work, I can get back to a routine!
I feel like all I do is cook and make tea!! Well, I have stitched 3 straight days on my HAED piece, so not complaining.

Great progress on your BP Sampler and your HAED piece!! and your ornie is adorable! Great finish!
I'm trying to get in the mood to finish some ornies...I've never done one before, so I'm dreading it:(

Sam said...

What a gorgeous colour you're using for BP Sally! Is it a silk? You're making great progress on 'J' as well - I'm sure you'll have it finished very soon.

Julie said...

BP looks great - still not started mine!

J is comgin along nicely too, that wont take long to complete.

Good Luck Jess with the exams

Angela said...

The SAL and ornie looks great.

stitcherw said...

Very cute finish, and Letter J and your BP piece are looking lovely as well. It looks like J will be done soon, it will be fun to see Gothic Girly again in your rotation. Have fun listening to your CD's, and good luck to Jess on her exams.

Kajsa said...

Everything looks just beautiful!

Lizzy said...

Oh, they are all so lovely, Sweetie! You are really coming along beautifully with your BP Quaker! I love the Victorian Motto Antique Rose! I'm not familiar with those threads.

Your HAED is stunning! It won't be long and you'll be finished with her! :-)

And I love how you've finished Tanya's New Year birdie! Just lovely, Hun!

Good luck to Jess with her exams and to Abi in her choices for year 10!

Hope you are feeling better, Sweetie... Sending you lots of love and warm cosy cuddles!

Karen said...

great start on your BP, nice orni finish

staci said...

All of your stitching looks wonderful :) Amazing how much things at school can change in just a few years isn't it???

Vonna said...

I'm trying to catch up on everyone's blogs...I've been terrible lately :(
I just started BBD Blessings and Kind Wishes and I love how yours turned out all framed up...gorgoeus! Love your Tournicot finish too...aren't those sweet designs?
Your HAED is coming right along...almost finished! And BP is looking great!!

Michele said...

Love your wips :) Can't wait to see "J" finished!

glad things are back to "normal" lol :)

mollycaff said...

I love the Beatrix Potter Sampler Sally, it's going to the top of my wish list I think!

geeky Heather said...

Beautiful progress pictures!! I'm looking forward to seeing more of the Beatrix Potter sampler. And your "J" is just stunning!