Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Wednesday Update and Ramblings!

Well it's Wednesday already and we are all still very tired. More about that later!

First it's time to show a little bit of stitching. I completed part 5 of the Symphony SAL last week but forgot to post pictures. Part 6 is out and I'll be stitching on that later in the week. I did notice when I printed this part out that there were some French Knots on it that I hadn't seen on part 5 and when I looked I'd missed them! I might not add them on as I can't do French Knots very well!

Sunday I stitched on Blackbird Designs Blessings and Kind Wishes but did not get as much done as I would have liked because I was too busy sorting out buying a chart after seeing this on Yuko's blog for my MM&I neighbourhood. Yes it's another Little House Needleworks Winter chart and one which is being sold for a very good cause. I know when I contacted Gigi she did not have many left so I was very lucky to be able to buy one and am eagerly awaiting it's arrival so I can finalise my neighbourhood. Anyway I'm gone off track here so here's my little bit of progress on Blessings and Kind Wishes.

Monday and last night I stitched on Bygone Stitches A Quaker Christmas and would have made more progress than I did had the frog not visited last night! Thankfully I did manage to frog and restitch and do a bit more too. I suppose I shouldn't stitch when this tired but it helps me relax. My aim was to get this page finished but it didn't happen!

I have had some lovely post over the last few days. Monday I received an RAK from Karan. She sent me some lovely green Christmassy fabric that I had been admiring on her blog. I know exactly what I am going to do with it ( well some of it) so watch this space ( it'll be a while yet though!). Thank you so much Karan {{{{hugs}}}}. Today I received the new LHN, Holly and Berries, that I bought from Mary Kathryn for my neighbourhood as well as some lovely scissors ( you'll have seen these on Staci's and Carol's blogs) which I bought off Ebay. These are to go in my stitcher's wallet when I get it made up. I've got all the fabby cut etc but just need to stitch it all up. The seller is rosa0537 if anyone is interested. Lastly Andrea was offering some things up for trade so I traded for Just Nan When Barnabee Met Bella biscornu chart and embellishments and fabric for stitching it on and that also arrived today. Thanks for a great trade Andrea. This will be one of my projects for 2009. I don't feel so bad trading instead of buying!

I now need to get myself sorted with fabric for my neighbourhood and for the BP SAL but I have to get my neighbourhood planned properly first. Once I get the UNICEF LHN chart from Gigi I can get that done properly then decide on fabric. I wasn't going to buy it just yet but I have decided to do so before the credit crunch bites our butts badly then no more buying for me unless it's really needed for something I'm stitching. I will use fabric I have rather than buy after that. I was going to get the tiny pack for the Victoria Sampler design in The Gift of Stitching as I'd love to stitch it one day but decided to sub it all instead. It's getting incredibly scary now with the situation worldwide but we just need to get on and not worry too much and hope there's an upturn soon.

After the neighbour's party on Friday evening we went to bed on Saturday night and all was quiet so we thought we were in for a good night's sleep. Talk about being lulled into a fasle sense of security. I woke up at 3am and there was quite a lot of noise then the loud music started! Yes I did say 3am! Thankfully it wasn't as loud as it was on Friday night but even so it's not on. We did drop off to sleep so I don't think it can have gone on long. I did hear someone shouting of the dogs ( the dogs are another story!) so they must have got out and been wandering the street ( two rottweilers). It's been quiet since so finger's crossed that's it until the next time there's a birthday or something. So I have been really tearful again these past few days and I seem to be listening for the slightest noise. I often think I can hear music but there's nothing! They do sometimes play it loud during the day. I think I am seriously losing it.

I'm way behind on blogs again so my apologies but I will get around to them eventually. Thank you for continuing to visit me and for all your lovely comments.



Angela said...

You have my deepest sympathy for 5 years i lived next door to the neighbours from hell. Loud music at all hours etc it was so nice when we moved to be rid of them. I hope things look up on that front soon.

Julie said...

What a lovely background when i opened up your blog, love it.

Lots of lovely progress on all your WIP's.

Sorry the noise next door is still bothering you.

Maxine said...

Love the Quaker Christmas, you're making fantastic progress on it. I'm sorry to hear your still having problems with the neighbours (been there so know what it's like) hope it all settles soon Sally (((hugs)))

sammyjo said...

The Symphony SAL is so cute! i really like the colours.

A Quaker Christmas looks so huge and pretty i dont think i could have stuck it out!

karenv said...

Noisy neighbours are the worst - you have my deepest sympathy {{{Sally}}}

Lovely progress on everything - you're working on some beautiful pieces!

Michele said...

Your wips are looking great!!!

((((((((sally)))))))) sorry to hear about those neighbors! I'd be cranky too if I lived next door.

Christine said...

Love the storks on "blessings and kind wishes"! I bought the Unicef LHN chart from Gigi too, now if only I could remember where I'd put it...
Sorry your neighbours are causing you problems

Svenja said...

Lovely progress on your WIPs, Quaker Christmas is so beautiful.
I'm sorry about your problems with the neighbours. I have had similar experiences in the past and was also listening for the slightest noise at some point.

Hazel said...

Lovely wips and adore your QC. Sorry you are having a bad time with your Neighbours. You need to phone Environmental Health re noise pollution. xx

Carol said...

Ooh Sally, aren't you doing well on A Quaker Christmas, it's looking gorgeous! I really should make a start on mine! You're making wonderful progress on all your pieces too.

I love those scissors. I had my eye on them for some time before I eventually bought them from a French site last year, along with another pair I also couldn't! We really do have similar tastes, I have When Barnabee Met Bella too, to go with my Barnabee's Bride! I remember you stitched Barnabee's Quest ages ago. I had always intended to stitch it too and should really think about buying them as well now.

I'm sorry to hear about your noisy neighbours, I can imagine how upsetting it must be for you!

Anonymous said...

You doing a great job on your WIP's. Which is more than I can say for my stitching or I should say lack of. I am sorry to hear about your neighbors. We had some that were similar and they moved a year ago and now we have the best neighbors that moved in. Hugs to you.

Anita said...

I love seeing the biscornu and your progress on the inspiring big pieces.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sally your Quaker Christmas is looking just fantastic!

Karan said...

Great progress on all of your WIP's - QC is still my favourite. :0)
Glad you like the fabric - look forward to seeing what you use it for. :0)
Hope the lousy neighbours get kicked out soon (((((hugs))))).