Saturday, 25 October 2008

Beautiful PIF From Monique

I have no stitching of my own to share today but I just had to do a blog post and show this gorgeous PIF gift I received yesterday:)

I signed up for Monique's PIF not that long ago and yesterday I received the most gorgeous project bag from her. I absolutely LOVE it, will treasure it and use it ever so gently. Monique stitched a Quaker design and stitched the initials of me, my DH and my two daughers on it:) It is so beautifully stitched and finished. Thank you so much Monique.{{{{hugs}}}} It was a pleasure being one of your PIF victims recipients. I hope you received the email I sent yesterday.

I started a breast cancer awareness freebie for the S&S Otober SAL challenge yesterday then found out I have until tomorrow to finish it and make it up! I thought I had another week! Duh! Oh well I might get it finished today then make it up in the morning maybe. I'm not going to tell you what I'm stitching but it's a lovely design:)

I finished up a little The Sampler Girl freebie but I can't show it yet. I need to finish it off and send it to it's new home before then. It was a fun stitch.

My JCS ornament magazine was posted to me yesterday and I'm so miffed to find that postie hasn't brought it today. Some of the ladies have got theirs today so I am saying " Stupid Royal Mail" in my best Homer Simpson sulky voice! I was so looking forward to relaxing with a cuppa and reading it. Something to look forward to in the post maybe on Monday but I won't hold my breath. I guess that's what you get for living in a rural area although sone finishing fabric I bought on Ebay yesterday has arrived!

Thank you for all your good wishes for Abi. She still isn't 100% and looks so washed out and tired. We are hoping she'll be feeling a lot better in a few days as it's half term here next week. We got some work for her from school and she was disgusted to see the amount of Maths she had. She got Maths, Chemistry and English. She did the chemistry and Maths on Thursday morning then at lunchtime Jess came home with more Maths for her as the stuff she'd been sent the day before was the wrong one! As you can imagine she was not very happy!

I am going to go see if I can finish my BCA freebie now! It's cold and miserable here so a good time to stitch!

Take care everyone!



Yuko said...

What a beautiful PIF gift you received!
This is so lovely, lucky you Sally! :D
Thank you so much for your comment on my blog, you always make me happy!

Tracy said...

Beautiful PIF Sally, I know what you mean about the weather, I'm just about to make a cuppa and start making a list for christmas stuff to stitch

karenv said...

What a beautiful project bag! Such a great idea.

Sorry you didn't get your magazine, I hope it comes on Monday for you.

Hazel said...

Beautiful pif!! Sorry you didn't get your mag today. I got mine woohoo and it is very fabtastic. Yikes has the month flown or what. I chose the design for the monthly challenge but no where near getting it started. Definitely want to do it though. x

Ranae said...

Lucky you! What a gorgeous bag.
Hope you get the mag soon

Karan said...

Such a gorgeous PIF gift. :0)
Oh dear - I thought we had another week too. Doh!
Hope the mag arrives on Monday Sally.
Glad Abi is feeling a little better - hope she continues to improve. :0)

Lisa said...

What a gorgeous PIF Sally, you deserve it.
Glad that Abi is feeling a little better, hopefully half term will see her fully recovered.

Julie said...

A lovely PIF gift.
I'll whisper quietly that my JCS arrived this morning!

Olenka's Stitches said...

Your new project bag looks fantastic! Lucky you!

Chiloe said...

Amazing PIF ;)

Christine said...

Sally your PIF is gorgeous! Hope your JCS comes on Monday my postman didn't come until VERY late yesterday and I was getting quite twitchy ;D
Poor Abi, fancy doing all that maths for nothing! Hope she gets well soon

Lizzy said...

OH, my what a lovely, lovely PIF from Monique, Sally! It's just gorgeous and I love it! The fabby and colours are so pretty... :-)

I'm sorry your JCS ornie mag didn't arrive yesterday... Hopefully, it will be in Monday's Post! Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you, Hun! :-)

Happy to hear Abi is feeling a bit better... Sending lots of warm, healing {{{Hugs}}} her way!

And sending you lots of Love and {{{Hugs}}} Sweetie...

Elisa said...

A fabulous gift...lucky girl!!
Glad to hear Abi is improving....r&r always do the trick.

Michele said...

what a lovely PIF from Monique! It's so special when someone stitches for you :)

Sonda in OR said...

That is beautiful! What a wonderful finish for that design!