Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Who Let The Frog Out?

Mr Frog came a-visiting on Monday evening so I wasn't a happy bunny! Still it will teach me to line up chart pages properly when working between them and to double check it! So half of what I stitched had to come out but frogging over one is not my favourite past time and I have to say hardanger scissors come in very handy when you can't frog stitches just by pulling them out! Lol! Anyway I'll be stitching on Bygone Stitches A Quaker Christmas for the rest of the week now so I'll get that bit restitched with no mishaps hopefully!

Sunday evening was SAL night with Nic so out came Just Nan Morning Song. Not a lot was done on it I'm afraid and I didn't even get the cockeral band finished as I'd hoped but I am a bit further on than I was so that's better than nothing:) I don't seem to have got a very good photo of it this morning as the cockeral band is blurred.

Last night was SAL night with Karen, again I did not get a lot done but progress is progress and I love the way the motif I'm working on looks. Reminds me of waves breaking on the shore:)

I have finally got The Cat's Whiskers Christmas Candles finished up. I stitched it on a Sassy's Fabrics Jayne's Attic special which was in a grab bag from Christmas 2006 using the Dinky Dyes that came with the chart. I love the way this piece looks although I did make a mistake ( can you spot where?) but left it as it's not that noticable plus I didn't have enough thread left to restitch it.

I decided to sign up for the S&S secret biscornu exchange. I think I must be having a turn as I never sign up for exchanges! My needleroll has arrived safely so I'm relieved about that but where did it go??? You'll have to wait and see:)

I am doing better than I was on Sunday thankfully. Thank you for all your kind thoughts and good wishes. I know many women go through this but it's so damned frustrating and annoying. I am still getting bad cramps but the other thing has slowed down now to normal. I don't think I can stand to go through this everytime but there's not a lot I can do I guess.

Finally you may have noticed my new header of The Mere in blue skies and sunshine! DH has been out again with his camera so I thought I'd share a few more pictures.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and make the most of the lovely sunshine as it looks as though it's going to rain tomorrow:(



Dawn said...

Hopefully, Mr Frog is gone for good! Bad frog!

Ink Circles looks great!

Carol said...

ARGH! Go away froggie!

Kim B said...

The frog is never welcome company! But your stitching looks lovely and your DH's pictures are stunning!

Svenja said...

Beautiful stitching, I love watching your progress on Sea Stars.

And the pictures look great.
I don't think we will have rain tomorrow, I hope not!

BeckySC said...

What great pictures!!

Your WIP's look great-even with Mr. Frog visiting!

Karan said...

Hope the frogs have cleared off now.
Great progress on the JN & SS - love the finish Sally (must dig mine out of my stash soon!)
Lovely pics - make me wish I was down by that water, enjoying the scenery & wildlife. :0)

karenv said...

I think you sent him down here to me! I spent most of yesterday afternoon ripping out over one - I was Not. Happy. LOL!

You're making great progress on your WIPs and I love your Christmas ornament, the colours are very pretty.

Itching To Stitch said...

Your big WIP's look great. I LOVE the ornament you made, it is so cute ;)

Stitchingranny said...

Oh Sally I do wish your pictures were clickable I would so like to see some of them bigger. The ones hubby has taken look so lovely.

Some brilliant wips there and I love your candle ornament, that is not a design I have seen before and its really pretty.

Michelle said...

That little frog has been busy .. I had him last week too! I'm doing a SAL too.. it's a lot of fun!


Joei said...

I hate Mr Frog's visits too. But you're doing great on your wip. I don't see any mistakes in that ornie, it's lovely.

Great pics, I'm so jealous. :)

Julie said...

I didn't send the frog - honest! You still managed lots of stitching which looks great

Great pics, you live in a lovely area

Mylene said...

Frog?? not me as i was visited too a few times this week.
Great pictures shared!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Solstitches said...

Love the new blog header and the other pictures as well.
You're making great progress on your WIPS. I'm really enjoying watching your Seas Stars and I'm sure I have that same Just Nan as a UFO somewhere. I'm sure you'll inspire me to dig it out once I see yours finished.

Susan said...

Sorry about the frogs! :(

Your progress pictures and finishes look great, Sally, as do the pictures your DH took.

stitcherw said...

Hopefully frog is gone now and stays gone. You've certainly been busy stitching it looks like even if he has been hanging out at your place. Your new HAED has a wonderful start on it, and Sea Stars and Morning Song are also both looking lovely. Fun pictures too, love the little baby geese. Hope you're feeling better now, and that soon things will ease up and you won't have quite so many troubles with this aspect of your health on such a recurring basis.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Dear Sally, I'd put a serious ban on the rippits. Is there a vaccine against those things? Loved catching up with you and your blog. I'll be back for more when I'm on my feet better.
Love and hugs, Deb

Sonda in OR said...

Sorry to hear your unwelcome guest was here! All your pieces are lovely and so are hubby's pics.